The Hustler Blogger Award!

The Hustler Blogger Award was created by Mark Anthony (go check out his blog RIGHT NOW I DEMAND YOU!) The reason he called it “Hustler Blogger Award” is because “I aim to give it to virtual space users out there who really keeps pushing not just for self-progress, but also to inspire other people through their website content”.




The Rules

  1. Make sure the award banner (above) is in the award post!
  2. Be sure to give Mark Anthony ( pingback on your post, so he will be able to read them.
  3. Nominate bloggers (more than five!)
  4. Answer these questions :
    ° Why did you start a blog?° What/who inspired you to do it?° What motivates you to keep pushing and creating content and make your site alive?° Who are your fave bloggers? And how do they urge you to grow as well?

    ° What lesson/s have you learned through your experience?

    ° Has blogging brought an impact to you as a person? If yes, what are these?

    ° Not everyone is confident enough to start a blog. What advice can you give ’em?

    ° Give 3 facts about you as a blogger (strengths or flaws)

    ° Drop down your blog post which you are most proud of (together with the link so we can read it)




The Questions

Why did you start a blog?

I started my blog out of pure boredom on a January evening in 2015. I HATE the beginning of the years (I don’t now as much) so I wanted to start something exciting that I could get passionate about so I wouldn’t feel bored and down. And so I created this blog 🙂 I also wanted it to be a place I could write out my thoughts and possibly help someone who was like me.


What/who inspired you to do it?

As much as I cringe to say it, I had just finished Girl Online by Zoella and thought that creating a blog would be a fun thing to do to help me through my own struggles.


What motivates you to keep pushing and creating content and make your site alive?

I’m not going to lie, motivation to keep this blog running is quite difficult for me. I like doing it because it’s a place for me to express my own opinions and articulate myself, as well as a place where I can write, which I love to do. If anything motivates me at all, it’s the fact that I can spread awareness and my thoughts on certain topics and also possibly helping people.


Who are your fave bloggers? And how do they urge you to grow as well?

I’ve had so many favourite bloggers over the years, ones who I have become friends with too! Having friends to blog with is encouraging and helps me to grow because it pushes me to put out better content like them. Some of these people include Elm, who I used to blog with AGES ago, Josh Gross, who has been a massive support on this blog, Mia (who used to be known as Crystals and Curls), who creates amazing content that motivates me. There’s loads more!


What lesson/s have you learned through your experience?

The main lesson I think is REREAD WHAT I WROTE! I used to make SOOOOOO many spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes in my posts so I have learnt to reread and reread my work! Apart from that, I have learnt a lot about the things I write about too since they require research! This blog has made me way smarter than I used to be. I feel a lot more knowledgeable about certain things and less ignorant.


Has blogging brought an impact to you as a person? If yes, what are these?

As I said, it’s made me less ignorant. I have done a lot of research about different things like racism and sexism and mental health and that has changed me as a person and changed my perspective and opinions. I’m so glad that this blog has done that because it has also made me feel like a better person! It has also improved my writing skills! 🙂


Not everyone is confident enough to start a blog. What advice can you give them?

I would say just give it a go! Try it out for three months and if you decide it’s not for you, then you can just delete it. It’s nerve racking sharing yourself online like that, I understand, because I have been there, but you will soon get used to it and comfortable with it and it creates a therapeutic escape I think! Like everything in life, give it a chance. Don’t pressure yourself into obtaining 100 followers by a month, or posting everyday, etc. Blogging is a lot more than just about the numbers!


Give 3 facts about you as a blogger (strengths or flaws)

  • I would say I’m quite dedicated to my posts. I will do a lot of research about something I am writing about such as my previous post about Death Celebrations, etc. I enjoy researching too because it means I learn a lot from it.
  • My motivation fluctuates. Sometimes I will post loads and sometimes I’ll take months away from blogging because I’m not motivated or I’m busy with other things like Uni and work. I’m trying to get better at that though! 😅
  • I LOVE reading other people’s posts and engaging with other people in the blogosphere. I always love finding new blogs too! If there are any cool bloggers you know, please link them in the comments.


Drop down your blog post which you are most proud of (together with the link so we can read it)

This is super hard because I’m not really sure which one I am most proud of. I’m usually a very self critical person about things I create but with this blog, I am surprisingly proud of a lot of it. Dark Skin is one I am proud of because it was the first time, on this blog, I talked about my insecurities with my skin colour and I felt proud that I reached a point where I could openly talk about it and not just that, use it as a way to discuss white privilege and problems with racism and my own experiences. It definitely could have been written better but it was a while ago and it was the start of me discussing racism and the media on this blog, which is very important to me.




My Nominees

Mark Anthony – even though you created this award, you deserve to be nominated to do it yourself 🙂

Happy Panda



Arabella Says So

Yeo Ye Hang


Thank you again, Mark, for the nomination. I can’t wait to see other people’s posts on this! Please make sure to link me or notify me so I can read them!



Qualifying DofE Gold Expedition | Story Time

If you read My Crazy DofE Adventure, you’ll know I’m currently doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and I recently came back from the real four day expedition!


We left by coach on Sunday the 15th and arrived at Princetown in Dartmoor, where we stayed at a bunkhouse for the night. We were made to edit our map route and we had to relocate our campsites, which weren’t really campsites. They were just areas in the wilderness that the teachers told us were good for camping in and I guess were okay to pee in without getting shot by a farmer. 🙂

Princetown was basically the last time we’d see civilisation for a long long long time. Well, for about four days.


Monday 16th July

This was the first day of the expedition. We set off with our 20kg bags on our backs. As a group, we agreed to maintain positive attitudes since we realised from the practise expedition, complaining and being negative really made hiking seem worse than it was and it was just tiring to listen to. Also the three most slowest people in our group from the practise didn’t come on the real one so that was kind of a plus, in the least rude way possible. 😬

The first day hike was very easy. For the most part, it was flat. I told a story about a Jessi Vee video I watched about Lyme Disease and I warned everyone about ticks but everybody thought I was overreacting.


Quick Rant: Why is there very little talk about Lyme disease?? Do you know the amount of pills you have to take a day if you get diagnosed late? There’s like thirty. I can’t even take two paracetamol pills without having trouble swallowing. And you can get meningitis and strokes and facial paralysis and heart disorders from Lyme disease! What kind of quality of life is that. All from an ugly tick bite.



Watching the sun set

Our campsite ended up being on a hill, about a thousand feet above sea level, but the walk up was fairly okay. I stayed at the front so that I didn’t feel the need to speed up or so I didn’t feel like a burden to the group. The hike was about four hours when it was supposed to take eight hours. We got to the campsite early, unaware we actually weren’t allowed to arrive early.

We ran out of water so after setting up camp, we ventured down to the reservoir to get water to purify. It was disgusting. There was this cream foam on the edges of the reservoir. It looked like yeast. We went back up to the campsite and the teachers eventually found us after we continuously tried to contact them to tell them we had no water. You know…one

The Sheep

of the most basic and important human needs. They also let  us off for arriving early that day with a warning.


This was the best day, personally. The campsite was beautiful. There was a reservoir at the bottom of the mountain with forests and at one point, a herd of horses trotted near to our tents. There was also this horned sheep that kept staring at us and stood on this rock, watching over us all like God. There was also this cave, which I sat on top of to watch the sun set as the rest of my group climbed higher up to the very top of the hill/mountain.



Tuesday 17th July

I woke up early in the morning.

When we packed up our tent, my friend got stung on the wrist by a wasp, which was really what she needed to hike for eight hours. I, therefore, took charge of leading the way with the map, which I was scared about doing at first because it meant I had to actually know what I was doing but I ended up managing the role really well. Until the very end. I had to figure out which of two gates, which were next to each other, we had to go through. It was like an episode of Dora the Explorer. If I still had my Lord Farquaard haircut, it really would have been. I chose the wrong gate, which led us to a wall. There was the rope blocking us from going over the wall. I put my ear close to it to check whether it was an electric fence but I heard no buzzing. My friends said it was just a rope fence so a girl, I’ll call Robin (inside joke) tapped it. Nothing happened. She then grabbed it and let go, screaming. Turns out it was electric. My bad for taking the wrong way. I found our way back to the right path and to the campsite.


The walk was easy but double the length of the first day.

We also saw some cows mating. It can’t be unseen.


At one point, we reached waterpoint, where the teachers would fill our bottles with water. As we were leaving the school bus, back to the rest of our group, we encountered a few dogs. There was a car with the boot wide open, where a dog sat. There were two more dogs behind a fence barking and running up and down along the fence. There was also another brown dog behind the gate we had to get through. A boy in my group looked down and walked straight through, as

Second Campsite

fast as possible, stating he “doesn’t f*** with dogs”. I was about to follow him when the dog in the boot jumped out and started running around barking. In that moment, I knew that some serious stuff was gonna go down. It began to run along the fence, biting at the dogs behind it. Robin began to tell it to sit and stay. I strongly believe she’s a dog whisperer. This other girl, I’ll name Diko (also an inside joke), grabbed both my arms and used me as a shield, as she began to scream. The barking dog ran up to us and Diko pushed me towards it. I ran up onto this hill and Robin grabbed the dog’s collar. Diko followed me to the hill and kept screaming. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so chaotic. The boy, who was with us, was long gone. Robin told us to run through the gate as she had the dog by its collar but then it tried to bite her. She let go and the dog ran to the dogs behind the fence again and started barking. It then ran to us and Diko began to scream and cry. Through laughter, I told her it was going to be okay and she started to cry laugh. She bolted to the gate and Robin, Diko and I went through. The brown dog behind the gate was calm and basically watched us get attacked the entire time. I think Diko trying to sacrifice me to the dogs has got to be the highlight of 2018 for me.


We later walked up a hill and this giant matte black helicopter, that looked like a flying submarine, flew over a hill and very close to us. It was about to land on this field and then flew back over the hill.

Rope Swing

Eventually we arrived at the campsite and all the hiking groups were staying there that night (we arrived there first). We actually had a toilet and a tap to fill our water bottles. Robin, Diko and I went exploring and we found this river. There was a rope swing like the one from The Bridge to Terabithia. I kept joking someone was gonna end up like the girl did in the film. I swung on it but I was too short to get down. I managed to get one leg off the wooden bar. I then took off the other, knowing full well that the only thing that would be keeping me up was my hands tight around the rope. I then fell. My back hit a rock and my hat fell into the river and my foot stepped into a little rock pool. I never went on that swing again. Turns out I was the ‘someone’ that would end up like the girl from The Bridge to Terabithia.

In the evening, the whole group went to the rope swing and I sat with Robin on a rock and we watched the river flow down and the flies surround us. We all then walked down a road to this island in the middle of a wide part of the river. We skipped and threw rocks until it was dark.


Wednesday 18th July

The next day was hell. Most of it was uphill and it was a long journey. I’m pretty sure a snake jumped up at me.

About 3/4 of the journey, me and my best friend went insane. We put on Texas accents and played these weird characters and sung really badly to songs blasting out our speaker. We did that for the rest of the journey and the rest of the group got really annoyed but it actually helped

Blurry Image of Me (yellow raincoat) and Some Bones

us to pull through the pain.


We finally got to the “campsite”, which was one of the ones that was relocated for us by our DofE leader. It was a hill, with no flat land. There were giant rocks in the ground. And, here’s the cherry on top: there were at least six full dead sheep rotting with bones and skulls everywhere!

We walked for about twenty minutes into our next day walk so we could find a suitable place to sleep. We chose to sleep near spider dens and a forest. It was the closest flat area. There was a great view too – a lovely fresh cow pat right in front of our tent door.


I couldn’t sleep that night. I think I must have fallen asleep at about midnight.


Thursday 19th July

We ran out of water early that day. We hiked to a public toilet, where we were told that “the tap water is like the drinking water at home”. We filled our water bottles and found it was slightly yellow. Nothing is better than a hint of urine in your water. It’s basically like squash. Everyone poured their bottles out but I, for some reason, decided to use a purifying tablet to clear any bacteria. The water tasted like chlorine. It was worse than pool water and I know that because I’ve downed tons of pool water before. Me and three others walked to a house to ask for water. I heard someone in the house but they didn’t come to the door. We then bumped into a mountain rescuer, who helped us out with our water predicament.


The hike was a hard start and I got tired very early. It was so hot and the SPF I was wearing melted into my eyeballs. I also, stupidly, wore mascara that day (and it was the only day I wore makeup) so I was basically blinded by melting SPF and mascara. My eyes kept tearing up and my nose was running a lot so we ended up sitting at the top of the hill for about an hour. Everyone was tired from the heat.


After all the this, we had to go down the hill. If you remember from my practise expedition post, I told you about this hardcore girl, which led us down a mountain. That girl was Robin and on this day, I ended up being the “hardcore Robin”. Since I chose to be at the front,  I led everyone down the hill of fern and giant rocks. The fern were taller than me so my friend, behind me, had to tell me the direction to aim for. We all travelled down in single file and Diko slipped. We all stopped and turned back to her. She didn’t move for a while and in my head, I thought, well this is it, this is the day I may be responsible for someone’s death. Fortunately, she got up and said her butt hurt.


As we reached water point, we saw a lot of pregnant horses. A lot. They must have had a wild

Some Horses


We made it back to the bunkhouse and we all showered and ate pizza. Me and Diko went a little crazy but that’s another story to tell for another day.

We drove home on Friday.


Although, during the hikes, I hated it, overall, it was an amazing experience. I came back toned and I think my body is used to the extreme amount of exercise we did because my body doesn’t hurt and I’m able to do a lot that would have made me tired quickly, before. I also came back with my skin glowing.

And I realised how mentally strong and positive of a person I can be, which was a nice self discovery.


I hope I didn’t get Lyme Disease though.



My Writing Style?

This is a different post! I wanted to get your opinion on my writing style. The following are just two small extracts of something I wrote. I know it’s bad (I haven’t edited it that much) and out of context, for you, but try to look past that and instead, criticise the way that I write. 😂 I’m open to opinions, don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings. I’m literally begging you to insult (or compliment 😏) my writing. Would you read a book that had this writing style? Is it difficult to read? What’s something that you would change about it? Etc, etc…

Here we go…


Extract One

There were faint murmurings and flinched faces before the explosive bang.

In Lili’s perspective – earphones plugged in, nonchalant about the bang snaps and hyena shrieking infant minded boys.


The autumn leaves crunched under the smooth wheels of Lili’s bike. The wind whistled through her hair, sun spotlights beating against her rich caramel skin. That’s how Lili wanted to picture it anyway. Instead, her squeaky bike meandered through the cliques and milling students, their faces as dismal as the God forsaken misty morning. Although, it was hard to really see what was going on from her oversized beanie, fringing over her eyes. It looked like the finishing result of a bored grandma with a knitting kit, watching the Discovery Channel on pandas. It didn’t help that Lili’s hand made regular disappearances into her pocket and slid back out with a handful of fruit loops, which only made her bike wobble more. She, however, wasn’t the least bit bothered by it.

Nonetheless, that one face, always that one face, was stormy and electrified enough to show they were bothered by it. Riah – the human menstrual cramp. With a chalky, exasperated face, she darted Lili a murderous look as she cruised on her bike towards her. With her everchanging My Little Pony hair and, today, a dark ‘Team Guy Who Almost Hit Bella With A Car’ T-shirt, Lili could easily spot her and her uninviting expression.

“Look where you’re going, Pisslord!” Her raspy voice blurted out.

“Woah. Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, Riri?” Lili smiled, anxiously, swerving around Riah.

“Call me that again and I’ll shove a cactus down your throat.”

Lili’s nervous twinkle were now clenched teeth, her eyes grown and twitching. She pedalled, with all the power she could rake up, down the path as far from the girl, glancing back every now and again in precaution of what seemed like inevitable death. “I love high school.”


Wandering down the school paths on campus, with a regain of tranquillity – as close as you could get to it in high school – it was normal for Lili to disregard the hanging Converses on the trees and the tie dye kids strumming strings and singing Kumbaya. Even the differences that created big divisions between groups didn’t bother her anymore. Everyone seemed to be in clusters: from the cheerleaders, who were flashing much more than just bright pom-poms, to the I’m-Not-Your-Ordinary-Teenager outcasts, who never fit into anything. It didn’t even dawn on her how there were still people crying over not having the Charizard Pokémon card yet also people on the second trimester of their unwanted pregnancies.

What did linger in her mind, though, was whether there would be any spaces on the cycle stands left for her.


And this extract…


Extract Two

One minute she was just a white lab coat and curiosity.

The next, she was plunged into regret, pleading for her life. Scintillating spots of colour blinked in her blurred vision like out of focus fairy lights, as her neck jerked side to side. Crowd to crowd. Phone flashes streaked through the late-night darkness. She could see flushed faces yet fiery eyes. Eyes fixed on her. More white showing than usual.

There were several metres between her and the circling congregation like it was a wall of safety. Or segregation. She felt the world caving in on her; the buildings, the traffic lights, the streetlamps, the stars, edging their way closer and closer to her.

The icy air spiked at her chalked cheeks and fingers, but nothing was more merciless than the excruciating crushing in her head. Her palms struck against her temples, eyes fastened shut. “Help me.” The words whistled with the biting breeze. “Help.” She bearded more force this time as the words caught in her dry throat. But it wasn’t enough. They heard, but they didn’t listen.

Staggering forward, the wide road rumbled as if there were a beast awakening underground. Ready to break free. A series of screams wailed out whilst people stumbled back, but it was still all muffled and fuzzy to her. Reality felt like a whirl of flickering lights and murmuring noise. Questions darted back and forth in her mind, racing. Nothing was slow enough to pin down, nothing made sense as her mind twirled into knots and tangles. That’s when she heard the alarmed bellow.

“Hold your fire.”

It was in that moment she felt grounded to Earth. Red and blue engulfed her, and she could sense guns all aimed in her direction. Despite the uniformed man, stretching one arm out while the other told her to stay still, all her pupils could fixate on was somebody else. Him. He was the centre of her tunnel vision, lingering within the ignorance and crave of everybody else. They hooked gaze, the amber streetlights glinting in their vanquished eyes. Sorry.


What do you think?



Eight Year Old Me’s Writing Journal!

I recently found an orange notebook, hidden within the pig sty that is my room, entitled (my full name)’s Writing Journal. At first I was curious and excited, since I had completely forgotten about writing in it and what I had written in it. And now, having read it, I feel very nostalgic but also a little amused so I thought I’d share eight year old Shay’s thoughts with you.

(Everything I write in italics is exactly how I wrote it when I was eight. I can say, with confidence, I have improved in writing since then.)


The Shooting Star

On a dark dark night with the moonlight shining so bright like dimonds twinkleing and also the stars. One day a girl called Henna went outside because she couldn’t go to sleep. “Wow”, she had just saw something amazing.

“It’s a shooting star.” she said. Woosh she zoomed towards her house and told everyone but they didn’t belive her so she went outside. Suddenly she saw the shooting star fall on the floor. She went to pick it up. 


And that’s it. I didn’t write anymore. I clearly thought the story out.


What Animal I Would Rather Be

I would rather be cat because you can walk around by yourself but dogs you have to walk with your owner and dogs have to be wet when they bath but cats don’t have to be wet when you bath.

I also wrote another reason why being a cat would be better but very badly attempted to cross out:

I would also want to be a cat because you won’t look scary but dogs look very scary sometimes.



Snow makes me feel delighted becaus you can make snowmen and snowangles. Snow sometimes makes me feel annoyed Because of this my feet and fingers hurt. alot.



I would go to bunny land, which I made up on a peice of paper, because I made it up and when I drew it it looked so colourful and magical I just wanted to go into it. I also want to go there because I love bunnies and sometimes I dream of being in bunnyland. There are shops filled with toys and treats including glorious fruit and veg. There are even competitions and the prizes is money. My adventure in bunnyland would be trying all the competitions. But if I get lost it would be a big adventure.


What I Would Do If I Saw An Alien

If I saw an alien in the school playground, I would ask him alot of questions about him and his planet then take photos and put it on the news paper and write what he said to me. 


Apparently, I was a corrupt child.


Where I’d Rather Live

I would rather live in the sea because there are so many animals and mermaids with water fairies I also want to live in the sea because I love to swim. And once I went on a boat with a hole under it so I could see loads of sea creatures.


If you’re wondering, I was talking about a glass-bottom boat not an actual boat with a hole.


When I Grow Up

When I grow up I would like to be an Author and an Illistrater because I love to write books about me and my favorite things. I love to draw especially people and animals because they are hard to draw and it’s challenging.


If I Was On A Deserted Island 

I would bring food, water and my DSi.

Food will make me full of energy.

Water will keep me cool and not hot.

A game won’t make me bored.

So that is why I would take my 3 items.

If I did not have these items I would starve and be very thirsty and I will even get ill.


Seems legit.


If I Was A Pirate

If I was a pirate the best thing would be is to find treasure and be rich because I could spend it on anything.

The worste thing would be is that other pirates would bomb and shoot at us and we can get hurt.

I wouldn’t like to be a pirate because it is dangerous even if there is treasure someone could die or get hurt and you may sink while sharks attack. 


So those are most of the ramblings I made in my journal. The rest of the journal is just an accumulation of my thoughts and feelings on family and friends and also people’s phone numbers. There’s also drawings with captions underneath or arrows leading off them saying ‘this is bad’ or ‘this is ugly’. Self confidence issues since day one!


Did you write in a journal when you were younger?










You see that small window,

We could escape.

If we were thinner,



They’ve never understood,

Because they’re ignorant.

Trapped in their ‘reality’,

Refusing to see us.


Everything has its reasons,

But they’re too scared to listen.

We’re smarter,

That’s why they don’t understand.


You can see the moon now,

Shining in the darkness.

The clouds swirling,

In the mystery of the sky.


They can see it too,

But they do nothing but look.

They’re lost souls,

Obsessed with their meaningless lives.


We could escape,

but what’s worse?


or there?



Public Speaking!

I’m terrible at public speaking. Not because I’m bad at speaking or because I mumble or because what I say is pointless.


speakingIt’s because when you speak to a public audience, it’s human nature for the audience to judge you based on looks. I blame the media, since the media is the one who created “what is the right look” and stereotypes. In addition to this, I am better at writing than I am speaking because no one can see what I look like. They can only judge me by what I say and my opinions and I think if anyone is to be judged, it should be based on their opinions, what they have to express, and their thoughts, because that’s what matters.

So there’s a reason why I’m a blogger not a podcaster or YouTuber. In fact, a podcaster wouldn’t be so bad because the worst that can happen is that you base your thoughts on me by my voice and I don’t feel that self conscious about how I sound. XD


I know this might sound very weird, but I am most productive in terms of coming up with speeches, story ideas, poems and posts, while I’m showering. (Also at night) And I’ve come up with SOOOOOO many ideas for speeches, that it’s a shame that I can’t be confident enough in saying them to people. Instead, I change some things to suit a blog post and then I post them. 🙂 So there’s a plus side, I guess.


I know this is a fairly short post but I didn’t have a whole lot to say! But do care to comment anything I could add! 🙂



The Voice.

 Since it’s the spooky month, October, I decided to post a few “horror” stories and pieces of writing.

I wrote this story a long while ago, along with a few others. They’re based on real life articles, that I took and turned into a short story/few paragraphs. XD

It’s not the best piece of writing I’ve done but I did do it a long time ago so bare with me! 🙂


We were there, lying like a normal couple. Me and him, my boyfriend. We laid on the sheets of the bed, in darkness, just thinking. Not so normal, I suppose, but we did that often because we felt in touch when we just sat (in this case we laid) and thought about things. About us. He rolled over and hugged me tight but it felt like there was a cold feeling between us. Like evil. Regardless, of the feeling, I hugged him back, tight but I could still feel the evil, cold feeling in the room. As if it was the devil’s work. Then it came to a point where it freaked me out. I asked him if he could feel it too-the evil feeling. He agreed.


He called his friend, Matt, who was studying to be a youth pastor, and told him about the horrible coldness and feeling bombarding the room and us. So my boyfriend put the phone on speaker and placed it on the coffee table. We sat in front of it, closing our eyes, trembling in utter silence as Matt prayed for us. It was a fact-coming from Matt anyway-that praying would get rid of any bad spiritual work and that we would be okay. He prayed and prayed and we sat there, still freaked out but still quiet.


Soon, he was finished and sounded a little disrupted like we were carless that he helped us get rid of ‘it’.


“Were you talking while I was praying? You were supposed to stay silent.” Matt said, a little aggravated.

“No! Why would we do that?” I answered, confused.

“Someone was saying stop to me while I was praying for you.” He said.


In seconds, my boyfriend clicked with fright, and drove straight home.



Atlantis the Palm, Dubai!

[I know this is a very late post since it’s not Summer anymore but here are the reasons it’s a late post: I forgot and when I remembered, I kept postponing it…I’m so unreliable.]


Over the Summer Holidays, my parents, my sister and I went to Dubai! We stayed on the Palm island, which is a manmade island, which I found incredible. The hotel we stayed in was called the Atlantis the Palm.


From London, we had a six hour flight to Doha. Doha airport was outstanding. It was so clean and quite quiet and there were cleaners cleaning 24/7. There was this huge area, with a giant yellow teddy bear statue, with tons of shops and even that looked incredible. The flight from Doha to Dubai was about an hour.

Dubai’s airport was very different to England’s and Doha’s. It was terrible. We stood in a queue for an hour for passport control and then another hour trying to find our bags in baggage claim. In baggage claim, there was luggage all over the floor. There was even two boxes of trout on the floor. People were just throwing other people’s bag onto the floor and that led to many complaints and lost luggage. I heard an Australian lady tell one of the staff that she had been waiting about two hours for her bags and that another member of staff said they’ll find it. The man she was talking to just said something like, “it’ll be here by tomorrow”.  I hated it. I was so stressed. It was so busy. Our taxi driver had to wait more than two hours because our plane was delayed, too. It was tiring.

As we walked out the airport, it felt like we were walking into an oven. This was at night, too, so we were worried about what daytime would feel like. We were actually in the second hottest country of the world, on that week. Crazy, huh?


The hotel was fantastic, though. They took our luggage on one of those fancy red and gold IMG_2918trolleys and led us into the hotel. The air con was so nice. I miss the air conditioning, a lot. There was this giant colourful statue thing that was in the middle on the room. It had a fountain surrounding it and little soft seats too. The ceiling was covered with art inspired by the ocean and it looked beautiful. After checking in, we went to our room. The room was amazing, too. The TV had a message for us under our own name and we had a balcony looking over the beach and the pool. The huge beds were the comfiest thing in the world but I had to share with my sister. It was okay but she kicks people in her sleeps so that was great…


The next day, which was Friday, we went to the beach. We had a short swim in the sea, which got quite deep even though it was IMG_2926near the shore. There were tons of little dark fish in it, too, which were swimming in between my legs. There were also crabs. After that, we went to the pool, which we all agreed we preferred. The sea was quite warm and the pool was IMG_2932cooler. We also went to the aquarium, in the hotel. There was also a huge aquarium of rays and sharks and fish, that you could see from the restaurant, we had breakfast in. However, there was another aquarium that had other creatures like jellyfish and alligators.

IMG_2958We saw eels swimming out and into tubes and clown fish and dory fish (I don’t know the actual name XD). There was also a section with baby albino alligators. Even though they were babies, theIMG_2963 information guide man told us it could still kill us.

Later that day, we took a taxi to the mall of Emirates. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. It basically had all designer clothes, that you could find in England, so we just bought some milkshakes and headed back to our hotel.


On Saturday, we went to the water park. I refused to go on any of the rides because they all had huge drops…well, so I thought, so we just went on the mini slides and went on a river ride. The IMG_3014river ride was fun because there were these “rapid” sections, where the water ran really fast. I was in a double rubber ring with my sister, who keep screaming at the rapid bits. She gets scared, easily. But she’s nine so who cares! In the evening, we visited the Dubai Mall. It was so so so incredible. I’ve said incredible a lot now. You could buy anything in it. There were so many floors, each with IMG_3001a huge number of shops. In fact, they even has an ice rink and zoo in it. That’s how big it was. We didn’t buy anything but we had a good look around. Then we went outside the mall, where there were dancing fountains. Every half hour, music would come on and the water would start dancing to the music. From the fountain, we could also see the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. It looked so tall. Looking at it made you lose balance.

We went to the market, near the mall and one of the shop owners gave us a discount since we were tourists. We bought a few things there for people back home. Then, we went back home and watched Wild Hogs and Meet Bill.


On Sunday, we went back to the Dubai Mall and paid for the explorer package, which meant we got to go through the aquarium tunnel, have a glass bottom boat ride, and visit the zoo.

IMG_3023The tunnel was so cool. There was loads of sharks swimming above and IMG_3038around us. The glass bottom boat road was cool too. We saw loads of different types of rays and the man told us they had to feed the sharks IMG_3046earlier so they won’t eat the other fish in the tank. The zoo was the best bit. We saw an otter, hiding behind a log and piranhas. We saw huge crabs and cute turtles.

IMG_3051Then we saw one of the biggest crocodiles in the world (so they said). It was huge. There were loads of birds in the crocodiles’ enclosure, as well. We saw penguins, opposite the crocodiles and they were adorable. The last time I saw IMG_3047penguins, in real life, was a long time ago, when I was little so it was great to see them again. After looking at those animals, we walked on a “jungle” bridge to the forest section. There was an enclosure of bats and another of hedgehogs. There were also two owls in another. We also saw a small pretend campsite with a IMG_3058cameleon in and another with cheeseman’s gerbils in. They were sleeping altogether and I had a cute-attack looking at them. We went to the toy shop, which was huge and so fun. You were allowed to play with the toys and I saw a boy riding a scooter around the store. The staff were demonstrating remote control cars and magic sets and ball games. Then we bought frozen yoghurt, which was the best thing ever. There were so many flavours and toppings!


The next day, we went on a safari in the desert. As we were travelling in the jeep, I  thought to IMG_3071myself, this safari is going to be nice. Little did I know it was going to be a bumpy ride. A VERY bumpy ride! We went on top of TALL sand hill and dropped, really fast, down them. Our jeep went on its sides as we drove on top of the hills. My sister was clutching onto my mum’s arm the whole time, squealing with terror. My dad asked our driver how long he IMG_3073had been doing this and the man replied saying it was his first day. My dad laughed, knowing it was joke but I just stared at him, horrified. The safari was terrifying. No one ever told me it was going to be like this. I loved it though. Our driver kept saying “yeep” every time we went down a big hill. When the drive was over, we were let out to walk on the desert and look at the sun set. It was so hard walking up the sand hills. I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was. After, we were driven to this little camp.

Me and my sister went onto one camel and my mum and dad went on another. We had a short camel ride and it was also very bumpy but fun. Getting off was the scary part. When the camel sits, it sits down unexpectedly and quickly so it feels like you’re going to get flung right off. Then we had a barbeque dinner and watched a woman belly dance.


On Tuesday, we went to the water park again. This time, me and my mum went on one of the rides twice. It was the one with the smallest queue and the staff said it didn’t have any big drops. I gained a lot of courage from the safari ride. If you can do the safari ride, I think you can go on any roller coaster ride. Maybe. The water ride went through a tunnel that went round and round and round and you couldn’t see a thing. It was pitch black. Then after a long time in the dark, we splashed through into a glass tunnel, surrounded by fish and sharks and rays. My sister was in front of the tank, that the tunnel was in and she waved at us. As we reached the end, we dropped into a small pool, where one of the staff, turned the float, we were on, upside down. I was not expecting that. I was stuck under that float, under water for a while, trying to swim out. My mum found it funny, though. On the next go, I jumped out before he tipped us. XD After ten minutes of looking for my dad, who went on a scarier ride, we bought slushies and then headed to the pool in the hotel.


Wednesday was our last full day in Dubai so my dad insisted we go visit the “old Dubai”. So we went to Deira market. It was alright but I couldn’t stand the heat. There were also a lot of shop keepers yelling at us to come in and one even said to us to take it. After the market, we went back to Dubai Mall. We got another frozen yogurt each and the owner recognized us from the last time we came so we had a small chat with her.


On Thursday, we had breakfast, got ready and left the hotel. The six hour flight from Doha to England was nice. I had a window seat and looked out onto all the countries we passed. In fact, for four IMG_3097hours, you could see the sun set because our plane was catching up with the sun. I listened to music on my phone for the last two hours and watched the world below us. It was good to be back in England and not have to share a bed with my sister but I did really enjoy Dubai!




Fire and Ice.


I am of a crackling nature,

Destruction has always been a goal,

Eradicating obstacles in my path,

Conjuring embers and flames.

The snapping branches,

And burnt down leaves,

Become stranded sediments of my past,

And victims of my suffering rampage.

Ashes fly by until I see,

The beauty of my opposite nature,

Many soft flakes, all unique,

The admired features of snow.

Only minutes to spare,

I spread my joy,

Trying to melt the blanket of softened ice,

Dying of my frozen surroundings.

Ice has won this battle,

Leaving me alone,

So many humans look rejoiced,

As I, fire, am ashes.


I wrote this a while back and just found it, recently. Some of it is a bit weird and I guess I was just anxious to finish writing the poem so it’s not the best but I liked the concept. 🙂 And it has a deeper meaning 😉





Voodoo Doll.





Your lips are stitched,

Otherwise you’d have lots to say,

Your button eyes glisten,

In the bright  light of day,

Made of tattered fabric,

Sometimes I feel sorry for you,

But that’s when I forget that,

Bringing pain is all you do,

You sit on that shelf,

A pin through your tiny heart,

You’re used to it now,

Since you were like that from the start,

You cannot escape,

From the wicked evil you contain,

All around you, things are falling

Like an unexpected shower of rain,

Stuck as you are,

You wish you could run away,

Immortal and torn apart,

A voodoo doll, you will stay.


This is terrible but I gave it my best shot XD!