The Flash 3×22 | Did Iris Die?

It’s no secret that I love The Flash. But Season 3, Episode 22 was crazy! And I don’t have very long before I need to start revising again so here’s my theory on what happened! If you also watch The Flash, please leave ideas what on you think happened. There are also spoilers!


Ever since around the beginning of the season, or at least a few episodes after finding out Iris was going to die and coming to the conclusion they needed to alter the course of the future, Barry was very sure that Kid Flash, Wally, was going to be the one to save Iris. That might not have meant directly saving her by running towards Savitar as he stabbed her.


HR unintentionally leaked to Savitar, who he thought was Barry, that Iris was currently on Earth 2 with Harry and Joe. Obviously, he felt extremely guilty and bad and after his conversation with Cisco about being useless to the group and never giving back even after all the good things they did for him, he says “’til next time”. Could this imply that HR decided he was going to sacrifice himself to finally feel like he was contributing to Team Flash? Right after he says this, he looks over to Savitar’s blade, which was previously used by Jesse Quick to locate Savitar.


But how could HR have sacrificed himself? Early on in the season. HR uses a device that altered his appearance to make him look like someone else. Earlier on in the 22nd episode, Barry unnecessarily used the same device to appear as Lyla but it became useless to them just minutes after so what was the point of putting it in the episode? Maybe to plant the seed that the device is going to be key?


In the final minutes until Iris’ death, Barry uses Tracy’s bazooka to try and put Savitar in the speed force, which distracts us from what’s going on with Iris, tossed to the side. I thought it was a little unnecessary too for Savitar to be racing from one place to another, even though he knew the Philosopher’s Stone he was holding would prevent him from being trapped in the speed force. Could this have solely been used as a distraction and to hide what was going on? Maybe Wally, Kid Flash, could’ve ended up speeding to Iris and doing a switch between HR, using the device, and the real Iris. Seconds before Iris, or possibly HR, does die, she only says “Barry” whereas in the vibe, earlier on in the season, Barry and Cisco witness her saying “Barry, I love you.” On the rooftop, Joe is also replaced by HR, who was initially there on the rooftop in the vibe.


On top of that, although I’m not completely sure if this is true (although I won’t know if any of the theory is true until the finale), HR proposes that Tracy should join Team Flash. With very very similar personalities, it would be hard to keep both characters on and still have them having things to do on the show without their characters focusing on different things since each character on the show are different and have different goals and morals, etc. Also, there has been three seasons with three different Harrison Wells so it wouldn’t be crazy if another fourth longterm one were to appear. I’m not very sure with that but it’s possible.

I also feel like Gypsy and maybe maybe Julian had some sort of part in it or will as they are both important, useful characters, that weren’t involved in the recent episodes…

And in addition, did everything happen in that season really happen for no reason because it was all for the sake of saving Iris, mostly!


But on the other hand, Iris really did set a sad tone for her death so it’s possible she really did die AND hasn’t had much of a role to drive the show anymore since she is with Barry so there isn’t any drama revolving around their love situation (which was her starting position as Barry’s love interest) and she has no science background, if that makes sense.


I just don’t think and also don’t want to think that Iris could really die. XD



The Walking Dead!

Recently, I started watching The Walking Dead and even before that, I was obsessed with zombie apocalyptic movies and things like that so I knew that I would love The Walking Dead.

However, it made me look at the world and what it means to be living on earth (anywhere really), differently.

At the end of the day, everything is survival. The Walking Dead emphasises on that more and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable because, technically, education isn’t our top priority. Survival is. And it has also made me realise that at the end of the day, no matter what authority or how superior you are, you are still human. Celebrities, politicians, teachers, parents, teenagers, everybody, really, are the same. We just have different skills, personalities and appearances.

We’re all humans with around the same needs.


Another things The Walking Dead has taught me is that when the world faces terrible problems, people come together. No matter who you are, you’re some what closer yet still tearing apart.

A zombie apocalypse could literally let me accomplish the things I want to do before I die:

  • Go on a road trip with friends or family
  • Travel a lot
  • Meet new people

That’s not everything I want to do before I die, of course, but it’s a few and I know you might think I’m crazy. I now that we would be on the run from murderous creatures but push that aside and think about the positives.

There are positives.

I mean…if it actually happened, I think I would be psyched and shocked and almost excited forthe walking dead about a week or two and then realise that it’s actually real life and I’m probably going to die…

But…BUT, I’ve watched enough zombie movies to know that you hit them in the head, keep quiet, stick with a group if you’re weak, travel to the countryside, cover yourself in dead people’s flesh and blood if near a lot of zombies and don’t shoot a gun unless there are loads of them.

It’s probably accurate. At least the country side thing and hitting them in the head/brain is right.

Oh…and know how to shoot a gun 🙂


Do any of you watch The Walking Dead? If so, whose your favourite characters???

Mine’s Maggie and Glenn…hehe!