Single Pringle, Too Awkward to Mingle!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


How was my day, you ask? It was great. You know, I just bumped into my first best friend, which I made when I was about five, who I haven’t seen in a very long time, and she didn’t even recognize me and literally just had a conversation about GCSEs with my mum in WHSmiths. I do believe, however, that I said, “Hi! I didn’t recognize you!” Or I could’ve even said something along the lines of “skjdkgcbdnflddsahjhwnkd.”

Also, I was ranting to my mum for about half an hour about how pointless some school topics are and she just kept telling me all the stuff she used to love in maths like simultaneous equations and Pythagoras, of which I absolutely hate.


valentines day

But anyways, I couldn’t miss this chance to make a post around the theme of Valentine’s Day but at the same time, I didn’t have much to talk about…. because I’m single. And I always have been. XD

Don’t judge! I’m living the life!

Also, you should watch Bitch on the Move Ep. 3. I absolutely love the series, partly because I adore Michelle Khare but still! It’s Valentine’s Day related so…


So I decided to talk about the best parts about being single (comparing it to friends and people I know, who aren’t single, because I can’t really base it off my own experiences….)


You are as free as a bird! You don’t have to always worry about where the significant other is or what they could be doing! You’re independent and are free to do whatever you like! You don’t have to depend on your partner! You are a strong independent woman! You are Beyoncé. (Unless you’re of the male sex. Eh, you can still be Beyoncé.)


Your food is yours! People already steal my food, which I hate. -_- But I’m pretty sure that would happen if you weren’t single, even more, so there’s a plus! 😀 All those chips are yours and yours only!


You don’t have to try and look good for the other person! Shaving your legs and looking for cute outfits aren’t your priority. We live the life in leggings, pyjamas and scruffy hair. 🙂 But…I suppose you can also do that when you’re in a relationship, knowing you don’t have to impress anyone because you already have that ‘one’, if you know what I mean. 😉


You don’t need to stress over plans! You can do whatever you want without having to check schedules and making room for someone else. You’re free (again) to choose when and where you want to do things.


You can hang out with other people, without your partner getting jealous! And you can call other people good looking and fit, without making the other person upset or angry. 😉


Even with that being said, I’m sure being in a relationship is great!

And I hope all you love birds had a great day! And I hope all you single people had a great day too. 🙂

Valentine’s day is just my excuse to stuff myself with chocolate. Lol, who am I even kidding? I do that anyway! 😀


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3