Within our Universe!

So we live on Earth. You already knew that… I hope.

Earth is within the Solar System.

The Solar System is in the Milky Way, which is the name of our galaxy.

Our solar system is literally a dot in comparison to how big our galaxy is.


There are galaxies that make the Milky Way look like a dot, such as IC 1011, which is the name of another galaxy, which is 6,000,000 light years wide! Considering that our galaxy is already huge, imagine what could be inside IC 1011!

And I cannot believe for a second that in our whole universe, with all these huge galaxies, all these solar systems, and all these planets and stars, that we are the only living creatures inside it all.


There is actually proof that there are parallel universes. So as I am writing this post and as you are reading it, there are many versions of ourselves doing the exact same thing but in the parallel universe. It would take me too long to go through the scientific evidence and mainstream theories of parallel universes but you can click here to look at an article about it.

In addition to this, there are a lot of conspiracy theories that state parallel universes exist. For example, the Berenstein bears. Or should I say Berenstain bears. There are so many people who remembered it with an E in not an A. Some believe that a parallel universe travelled through our own universe and there was a slight glitch, I guess you could say, and it changed the spelling. It’s a crazy idea, I know. XD This is actually called the Mandela Effect. It strangely makes sense, though, and there is a huge amount of people, who agree with this.

Black holes could be like tunnels into the different universes.


To what extent do you agree with this idea/theory?


I know I used to post a lot of deep sided posts and scientific, extravagant ideas like this and then I kind of stopped because my head is so full of them, that it’s just so hard to put into words. But, I think I might start doing that again because I love reading things like that and I know for sure I am not to only one! 🙂




More Theories!

More theories….


So it’s Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th Birthday today!!! When I was about ten and all the kids were watching Adventure Time and Disney Channel, I was playing it old school and was watching Little House On The Prairie! Yeah…I was a weird kid. Eventually I got back into reality and became obsessed with Disney Channel so that’s where my life got messed up! XD

Anyways, I have another theory!
I was in my physics lesson, yesterday and my teacher was talking about how we’ll never be able to find the centre of the universe because it’s expanding and it all looks the same. She demonstrated with the room and said imagine there is an ant walking around the room. The ant will see all the tables and will go around it, like with planets. Because it’s so small, it won’t know where the centre of the room is, even if we know, because to him (yes, the ant will be a boy) it looks the same.

That got me thinking! image

What if there is something bigger than us, a whole other species watching over us? Like we were with the ant. What if they know where the centre of the universe is? There’s not much logic but it could be slightly possible. Maybe. Maybe the universe is like a sea. It’s just a small section of the other specie’s world. To them, we could be sea creatures. Of course, they would probably call it something else. We could even be their bacteria! Maybe we’re that small!

I have so many theories floating around in my head and I just don’t know which one to express in this post right now!!! Argh!!!

What if a black hole sucked in the whole universe? What would be left?

Just black?

Why do I have deep thoughts all the time?

I’m sorry! You’re either really bored or really intrigued or really annoyed because I might sound stupid…

But it can’t be that stupid because they’re just theories! 🙂

You can re-blog this if you want and write in your own thoughts because I really love hearing people’s theories!!! Like, I seriously do!




Since a few of the past posts have been slightly scientific, psychological and philosophical, I thought…why shove that vibe out the way, when we can write another post like the others! And because of how geeky I can be, I’m OBSESSED with Space and planets and I thought this post might be quite interesting to some of you, maybe enough for you to post your own opinion so I can see what your thoughts are towards this subject!

Warning: The following content may explode your mind with thoughts or kill you from boredom. Read at your own risk.

You thought our sun – The Sun – was big (not the newspaper), well rethink that. Firstly, however, before I hop into anything, I’m going to state the facts:

The Sun is a mighty 1.4 million km across (870,000 miles). The Sun accounts for 99.9% of all the matter in our Solar System. In fact, you could fit one million planet Earths inside the Sun.

Yeah, well…

VY Canis Majoris (it means greater dog in Latin) is actually the largest star known to man kind, in the Universe!

This red hypergiant star is by far the largest known. It has an estimated radius between 1800 and 2100 times the radius of our Sun. With this size it would reach nearly to the orbit of Saturn if placed in our solar system. The star is located roughly 4,900 light-years from Earth in the constellation Canis Majoris, where Sirius, the brightest star known, is situated.

Imagine if it exploded, which will happen.

That would cause such a HUGE devastation to Earth.

Sounds cool now until it actually happens and there’s absolutely no escape…

Another thing that I thought was quite cool was that there are at least a billion galaxies in the Universe, which includes ours. You might not agree with me on this because it isn’t factual but I just find it really cool and mysterious! Out of all the galaxies, a whole billion of them (plus) might I add, there has to be at least one other galaxy with a planet that contains life. We can’t be the only planet with life on it! Say Kepler, the planet they just discovered that holds water and resouces that could contain life. There’s hope there, right? But what I find weird is, what if the life on the planet doesn’t need water to live. What if it’s only us. We’re talking about a whole other planet’s life form, not an Earth’s animal species. But I wouldn’t know…maybe I’m just being stupid…

But still… 🙂

And did you know that tides only occur because the magnetic field around earth and the moon tug?

I’m getting way to excited with this!

I need to stop…

Have you ever had thoughts like these? Have you ever seen a shooting star or an eclipse?

By the way, the next solar eclipse, which will be a Total Eclipse, is on March 20th 2015, visible in Iceland, Europe, North Africa and Northern Asia so keep an eye out for it!!!



Brain Power Response

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

So, the average human only uses 10% (so they say) of their brain and even before this post, a few years ago, I kept thinking about the other 90%!!!

I actually wrote a speech/essay that was never heard by anyone else but me and I think it’s kind of time to let it out.

Say the supernatural was a common thing. Everyone calls it supernatural…but why? I understand that they think it’s more than natural, that it’s more powerful but imagine humans used the whole 100% of their brains. That would mean we would be a lot more intelligent, our brains could function in a way to make our reflexes better, to make our awareness, strength, speed, etc, more overpowered. Would the “supernatural” be supernatural then?

lost_in_my_thoughtsSome people don’t believe in psychics and to be honest, I’m not sure if I do or not, but what if they’re just people who use a bit more or even a lot more of their brain than the average human does. Maybe they use  40% of their brain or maybe even 50% or 60%. Maybe people who get déjà vu a lot are actually using a bit more than just 10% of their brain.

Or I could just be talking nonsense and should shut up anytime soon.

But if humans used 100% of their brains, would it be harder to get a job?. Would their be less hope? Would our world be suffering global warming? So much could change if we did use 100% of our brains. Think about it.

What do you think?