Pokémon Go!

Hello my name is Shay.

July 2016, I was diagnosed with an additction to Pokémon Go. I’ve been suffering ever since and it’s been a hard journey. I know 😥


Honestly though, I wouldn’t say I’m addicted because TRUST ME, I KNOOOW ADDICTED. (I don’t do drugs.) But I do like the concept of Pokémon Go and the excitement that comes with it.

Also, I feel like the hype about it all has gone down a bit but I thought this beautiful creation was worth talking about. ❤


pokemon go graph1

As you can see above, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster with Pokémon Go, as shown through my well constructed graph from Paint.

As you can see, it started off fairly good, the hype coming from my friends talking about it and which starter pokemon they chose.

This hype soon decelerated due to my inability to get the app. Oh stupid phone storage.

Then the hype went up when I deleted all my pictures after safely exporting them to my laptop but you didn’t really need to know that. 🙂

However, my excitement went down again when the servers weren’t working because of the millions of people using it.

THEN…the hype was up again as I had made a pokemon trainer club account and could finally use the app…however on my father’s phone.


And then I kept getting stupid pidgeys and rattatas. -.-pikachu

And then I caught a Drowzee and levelled up to level 5, making the decision to chose Team Mystic! and #proud of it

Then I just got bored. XD

And then I got my new phone so I could use that (also didn’t need to know that) and…wait for it. I CAUGHT A MOTHER FRIGGING EEVEE ❤ ❤ ❤

My favourite Pokémon, since I was a youngling, has been Eevee. However, back when I was young I only liked Eevee because I didn’t know many pokemon and I thought she was really cute. But my main love for her now is because of all the pokemon she can evolve into! 😀 Also because she’s cute.eeveeeeee


So yeah, I’m pretty pro at this game now. I’m at like a solid level 8.

I’ve evolved like a whole three pidgeys and I’m 0.01 km away from hatching my first egg. I know, I’m so experienced. XD

Time for me to stop!


Tell me in the comments if you’ve been playing Pokémon Go and what your favourite pokemon is! Also tell me what team you’re on! I WILL NOT FIGHT YOU. 🙂


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3