More Crazy Things I Believed as a Child!

I previously made a post about the crazy, absurd things I believed when I was younger and since a lot of people enjoyed reading about how abnormal my head worked, I thought I’d make a part two!


How Babies Are Made

I used to think that if two people kiss for a long amount of time, there would be a high chance the female in the couple would become pregnant. I would always wonder when watching films, where people kissed, why they weren’t worried that they would make a baby. I was also scared to ever kiss anyone. I never got the birds and the bees talk. I ended up realising kissing didn’t cause a sperm to fertilise an egg, in year five sex ed lessons.


Car Lights

I think this is a common one but I used to think, because of my mum, that it was illegal to turn on the lights inside the car. Surprise, it isn’t! I’m not gonna lie, though, I used to flick it on and off just to scare my mum since I thought it was against the law. I was an edgy kid. 🤙🏽


Jeepers Creepers

One of the first horror films I ever watched was Jeeper Creepers. I watched it when I was about four to five. I have great parents. It didn’t traumatise me as much as you might think. I’m okay. I only go to therapy once a month now. 🙂

My guy, Jeeper Creepers

However, for a long long time, I was convinced one day Jeepers Creepers, this scarecrow moth demon thing, was going to get me and at one point, I had accepted it. I accepted my fate. Also, now I hate corn fields. Don’t watch the film, it’s actually really stupid.

I think I finally stopped being scared and watching my back constantly when going into dark areas at around eight. Again, it didn’t traumatise me as much as you might think.


Ants and Spiders

My mum once told me that if you left food out, ants and spiders and bugs would come along and surround the area. This is technically true but my little mind interpreted it wrong. I thought she meant by leaving food out, it would cause spiders and ants to just spawn in that exact spot.

One day, in reception, we were all sitting down after break or lunch. Someone had left some sort of food out on the floor and I whispered to the girl next to me about what my mum had said. The rest of that day, I was staring at the floor, waiting in fear for the ants and spiders to erupt from the ground. They never did. But who really knows…


Holding Your Breath

I thought that holding your breath would stop your lungs and heart working for a short time. So, I assumed when I held my breath, my pulse would stop too. I never checked the theory and went along with it as if it was legit factual information. It was also one of those things you never think about properly so for a long time, I just believed that holding your breath would also hold your heartbeat.


Spiderman Theme Tune

I never properly knew the Spiderman theme tune. There must have been a point where I did know it considering he’s always been my favourite Marvel superhero since I was about five or six (I used to pretend he followed me around and that he was my boyfriend –  don’t judge). Over the years, I have always sung the theme tune differently and for a while, this is the one I’ve stuck to:

Spiderman, Spiderman

Does whatever a Spiderman does

Is he too cool for school?

No he’s not cause he’s an alpaca

Watch out, Spidey’s coming for you!


It seems abooout right…



Babybel is this brand of snack cheese. It’s basically circular cheese encased in this red waxy rubber covering. And everyone brought them in their pack lunches in primary school. So one day, when me and mum went food shopping, I begged her to get babybel cheese because I wanted to bring it to school to basically fit in. Screw being unique! That’s not how you make friends in primary school! My mum told me that I wouldn’t like  it and then she went on to say that it was disgusting and it really put me off it. I would see loads of my friends eating it and I would just sit there thinking, Shay, it’s gross and it doesn’t even look like real cheese. It’s not your loss for not having it, it’s really a gain. I talk to myself a lot

That’s the reason I’ve never even licked one of the babybel cheese snacks. I still continue to think its gross. Maybe I’ll put it on my bucket list to eat one, along with participating in an orgy. I’m just kidding! 😂 I would never eat babybel cheese.


Those are some more stupid things my dumb head believed when I was little (and maybe when I got older too… 😅)

Please share any silly things you believed! It’ll help my self esteem. 😊



Is Toddlers And Tiaras Okay? 

If you’ve never heard of Toddlers And Tiaras, it’s a TV show about little girls entering beauty pageants. And I don’t mean that they’re just filming their first time entering a beauty pageant, most of these girls, around ages four, have entered around thirty/forty times.


Their parents sexulaize and force them to do things just so they can win. And most of the time, kxxi5Zmthe parents just want their kids to win because it will satisfy themselves not the child. I remember watching a clip about one little girl, whose mum was trying to force her to face her fear of heights so she could perform on a high cage.

Another clip I watched showed that a little girl was crying over makeup being put on her face and another didn’t want to wear a heavy dress, that her mum was making her wear. This might not seem so bad, but when it comes to the point where the child is actually getting harmed and abused, it’s serious. One little girl had burnt herself before, from some sort of heat treatment (forgot what it was) and she didn’t want to use it again but she was forced down, crying, and wasn’t listened to.


I’m not saying that the entire TV show is terrible. I just think that some of the children shouldn’t been treated like this. It makes them spoilt, bratty and unlikeable and most of them expect to get whatever they want. And it’s sexist and demeaning!

The little girls are made to wear inappropriate clothes and made to do inappropriate performances, in front of so many people.

Some of them are bribed by their own parents so they try their hardest!


Some are made to wear:

  1. Fake eyelashes
  2. Spray tan
  3. Striper outfits
  4. hair extension
  5. Heavy foundation
  6. Fake teeth
  7. Masses of accessories


All the little girls on the show seem to be obsessed about winning the pageants. Almost like winning the ‘Ultimate Supreme’ is all they want in life.

Some of the kids and parents are fine and they may be obsessed with the idea but it’s not as bad. You’d have to watch some of it to see. Just type in Toddlers And Tiaras on YouTube and it should come up!


I know this is a short post but I just thought that this was worth a small rant.

But, really, it is crazy to see how obsessed and spoilt and inappropriate it is. These kids are literally being abused.


Do you think it’s okay?



Things Parents Do:

I used to have a blog, with similar posts like the ones I post here, except it was quite limited.

I remember writing a post about parents and the funny, crazy and annoying things they do. Actually, that post was the reason I deleted the site. But we don’t have to talk about that!

However, after I posted the post on my old blog, someone commented, who actually had special machines to type for him since he was blind (i thought that was interesting). He said that the post made him smile because his mum usually did the things that I said my parents did.

So I want to write a post like that again.

Something funny that usually happens with my parents is they usually lecture me about how I need to eat healthy foods and how I should go out more instead of staying indoors all the time. But whenever my grandma comes to stay, she usually lectures my parents about that. Well…my dad, anyway, since my grandma is his mum and my mum’s parents live far far away.

They’re also quite hypocritical, which can be annoying but funny. At the time, it was annoying but now it’s just funny.

They lie too because they think it’ll “protect” you like saying:

  • “Chocolate will give you acne.”
  • “If you make a rude face and the wind changes direction, it will stay like that.”
  • “If you watch the TV for too long, it will set on fire.”




I remember when my sister’s tooth came out, she put it under her pillow but my dad forgot to parentsreplace it with a coin. So in the morning, he snuck into my room, which I had shared with my sister, and took the tooth and put a one pound coin under he pillow. I was up already and we thought my sister was too until she opened her eyes and was really confused and angry. I’m not totally sure she still believes in the tooth fairy anymore.


I was reading BuzzFeed and I read some crazy funny stuff! I read that the writer’s parents said that his mum told him that if he touched anything in the store, a kitten would die. He also said that his dad said: “My dad told me people only get 10,000 words per month. If you reach the limit, you can’t physically speak until the new month begins. Anytime I was especially talkative, dad would say, ‘Careful, you’re over 9,000 by now.’”

And he said that his dad told him that the animals on the side of the road were only sleeping because it was warm there.


What are some funny things your parents told you?