Planet Shay’s Fourth Anniversary!

Planet Shay Just Turned Four!!


This time in 2015, Planet Shay was created.

It was a boring January evening. My mum and sister sat in the living room watching TV and I was on the family computer, bored. January was always an awful month, to me. Miserable weather, nothing excited to look forward to, Christmas was so far away. With that in mind, I decided to create a blog. A thoughts blog where I could just talk about anything I wanted to and help other people out with problems, etc. I was already familiar with WordPress so it wasn’t difficult getting started. And Planet Shay was born.


Geekaline was born.

Cringe factor 100% I know!

The idea was combining the word ‘Geek’ (because I was into ‘geeky’ things and a few people called me that so why not just embrace it?) and ‘Coraline’ (because I loved Coraline).


My first few posts, apart from the introduction, were my new year resolutions, a post about siblings, and phobias. All those years ago, I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I am now, obviously, since we learn as we age, so many of my posts were a load of BS and some very negative and ‘ranty’ because I wasn’t in a good place and was always very sad and gloomy. But after four years, I’m happy with this blog. I feel like I’ve talked about topics and issues I’m passionate about and I feel like it has a much more positive atmosphere. I have also learnt a lot from it and from doing it.


I can’t believe it’s been four years! FOUR! And four is my lucky number so maybe a bit more luck this year and with my posts? XD


Thank you everyone who reads, likes and comments on my posts. It really does motivate me to carry on blogging! I know I haven’t been active lately and I haven’t been really good with catching up on other bloggers’ posts but I am very thankful for you, yes you, reading! 😀


Here’s to another year! 🥂




Pinch punch, first of the best month!


I LOVE October. It’s the best month. Not debatable.

And the reasons as to why it’s my favourite month is nothing like those of a typical white girl, with their pumpkin spice lattes. No.


October is my birthday month. And although I don’t really get excited for my birthday anymore, it’s just fun waiting and building up towards it. Also I get money and my sister is forced to be nice to me. I’m turning 18 this year, which I am actually dreading but I’m looking forward to the birthday celebrations withy my friends and family and their presents. Presence, I mean.


I love Halloween. I know a lot of people and possibly a lot of you do not celebrate it, some with the belief it’s a celebration of the devil (which it wasn’t created for) but I love the vibe of it. I like the orange colours and pumpkins and the Halloween house parties and horror movies and dressing up. It’s fun. And it’s fun to be scared every once in a way. Get that adrenaline pumping. Keeps you alive!


October is also in Autumn and that means cosy dark evenings and nights, drinking tea (I’m so British) and watching Netflix films, feeling guilty about not doing more revision and schoolwork, which eventually leads to a mental breakdown. Its’ really all good fun. And I find that I light a lot of candles, too. And I like the feeling of coming from the cold inside into a warm house and shower. Basically, it’s a really cosy season.


October is before November. (Call me a genius.) But November is the lead up to Christmas, which I also love. And also Christmas things start popping up in shops around October, and that makes me happy even though I know it makes a lot of people annoyed. Seeing people annoyed is also kind of funny.


As much as I love October, I hate the spiders. October seemed too good to be true, and then there was a giant spider running around my doorway. Don’t even try to say “it’s more scared of you than you are of it” because they come to me. I don’t go looking for them. THEY. COME. TO. ME.


However, despite all these things, which are the general reasons as to why I love October so much, this month, particularly this year, I am:

  • Getting my life together. I’ve actually started revision early and almost finished all my biology revision posters. And I’m doing my homework the day I get it. I deserve a glittery sticker.
  • Catching up on The Flash. I stopped watching it sometime last year because I was so busy with school and felt too guilty to watch TV. Now that I’m on top of everything and actually not slacking, I feel like I can treat myself.
  • One of my work colleagues motivated me to continue to write my story, which I intend to do this autumn, especially with NaNoWriMo coming up. If I find the time, of course.
  • Planning on posting a lot of Halloween related posts as well as a depressing post on why I don’t want to turn 18.
  • Going to more science related lectures at Universities (I usually go during autumn/winter).


I also want to mention that I know I haven’t been so active lately and haven’t been going through my reader as much as I used to. I’m in my last year of sixth form and let me tell you, it’s hard. I have to stay on top of revision (AS and new A2 content) and stay on top of the mountains of homework I get a week and write my personal statement for Uni (which is so scary) and volunteering and work. It’s a lot and when I do have free time, I tend to be too tired to write or use my laptop. So I’m genuinely sorry but I have to prioritise those things for the sake of my education.

But I’m in a good mood because it’s finally October. XD


What’s your favourite month?




I was just checking my notifications, when I saw one pop up saying that someone had followed me, making it to 400 (actually 401 💁….) followers!

I honestly didn’t imagine getting this many followers so thank you to anybody and everyone for clicking that follow button! It means a lot to me. But that poor follow button…being pressed 400 times. 😂

There are so many people that I want to individually thank but that’ll take forever and I’ll miss a lot of people out but if you’re a frequent commenter and liker and general friend, you know who you are! ❤

I also want to mention that I won’t be here from tomorrow morning until Monday evening. I’m doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Practise Expedition, which requires me to walk eight hours every day in this thing called nature for three days and sleep in this thing called a tent while I’m. On. My. Period. I might as well freebleed and lead a trail like Hansel and Gretel so I’ll always know how to get back. TMI? 😂

It’s supposed to rain, too, and in my Bronze Expedition, I literally got stuck in the mud. My tight walking boots came off and I couldn’t get out. I had a couple of bugs trapped in my shoes and I hadn’t washed those boots out of fear for TWO YEARS! I’m pretty sure there were a family of inbred bugs after that… My friend also pushed me in cow poo on the last trip… I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it!!!!



Anyways, I’ll probably post and reply to comments again on Tuesday or Wednesday, if I make it out alive.


Again, thank you all so much for 400 freaking followers!!! 😀



Quick Notice!

This is just a temporary post but I wanted to notify anyone reading this that I am currently doing exams. I’m sure a lot of you know that already since a lot of you are also doing exams right now. It’s exam season, the best time of year! Whoop. 😦

But anyway, with that means that I won’t be as active on here (that doesn’t mean I won’t be active). My exams end at the beginning of June so that’s when you’ll see more posts from me.


For the past week, I have been mainly posting pre written posts from before, as well as posts I wrote in the little free time I had (which is usually the half an hour breaks I have between revision sessions. I’m currently writing this in one of my breaks XD ). However, from now until possibly half term, which is the 28th I think, I will not be releasing ‘new’ posts. They’ll be new to you of course, but they’re just pre written. So if anyone’s nominated me for awards (specifically the two people who nominated me XD ), I’m not ignoring or not doing those awards, it’s just because I don’t have time to write them up. They’ll be up in June! 🙂


That’s it for now.

To anyone, who are currently doing exams, good luck! 😀