My First Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Galentine’s, or Palentine’s, whatever you like to call it. I’m all inclusive.

This Valentine’s Day was my first Valentine’s Day not because I was born less than a year ago like “Baby’s First Birthday” but because this is the first year I’ve been in a proper exclusive relationship. I’m really happy and content and since it’s the perfect day to celebrate it, I thought I’d share and articulate my feelings and emotions about them and my experience of being in a relationship.


I met you in a coffee shop. Cheesy and old school, I know, but I guess life just happens. I wasn’t looking for a commitment, and to be honest, I wouldn’t normally go for someone like you but I gave it a go.

Fortunately for me, you turned out to be quirky and vibrant, but sweet, soft and warm on the inside. And I love the way you smell. I love your rosy complexion and creamy white quiff and your curves and how cute you look as you just sit quietly. I can sit with you all night, wondering about the possibilities of the Universe, our future lives, things to put on our bucket lists, how weird it is we pretend to be asleep to fall asleep. You know, the usual.

But I know our relationship has an expiration date. My parents keep telling me you’re not good for me but you make me feel better when I’m stressed and depressed. I get excited knowing I’ll get to see you at the end of the hard days. We’re unconventional and untraditional but come on, it’s 2019! We can be free with our feelings. Who cares what people think? People can date whoever they want!

You make me feel really good. Especially inside me. 

You were really yummy, my little Red Velvet Muffin. ❤️



“I Love You.”

The are three types of people in this world:

  1. The people who say I love you without hesitation.
  2. The people who barely say I love you.
  3. And the people who flee as soon as they even hear the word “I…”

And maybe those who fit into all three.

Sometimes I fit into each one, depending on my mood of the day and the person I’m saying it too.


I don’t say “I love you” very frequently. In fact, it’s very rare you’ll ever hear me say it in real life. However, when I do say it, I mean it. I don’t think I’ve ever said the phrase to anyone I know, personally, without meaning it. There are still some friends, that I love to the moon and back, I haven’t said it to. I know that sounds bad but I usually show it in different ways or will slip it into conversations or texts like “Hahah, I love you.” XD I just find it awkward, especially the quiet or blushing after. I’d even go to the extent of saying along the lines of “I really don’t hate you at all” Instead of saying the words “I love you”. To be honest, that’s probably a problem.


I’ve heard so many people in my life throw the phrase “I love you” around as if it’s just saying “Hi” and I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because it shows you’re a cheerful, loveable person, but after a while, it loses it’s meaning. And I don’t want the phrase to lose it’s meaning because when I say it, it must mean I really do love you.

But what does “I love you” really mean?

In my opinion, I think it’s a strong phrase to say and probably a milestone. It’s not just a phrase to tell someone so that they know you like them more than you did before but I think it means a lot more, for example:

  • Your commitment to them
  • The support you have for them
  • The respect you give them
  • Protection and comfort
  • The fact you probably think about them a lot
  • And that you appreciate them inside and out


Do you think “I love you” is really a meaningful phrase?



Single Pringle, Too Awkward to Mingle!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


How was my day, you ask? It was great. You know, I just bumped into my first best friend, which I made when I was about five, who I haven’t seen in a very long time, and she didn’t even recognize me and literally just had a conversation about GCSEs with my mum in WHSmiths. I do believe, however, that I said, “Hi! I didn’t recognize you!” Or I could’ve even said something along the lines of “skjdkgcbdnflddsahjhwnkd.”

Also, I was ranting to my mum for about half an hour about how pointless some school topics are and she just kept telling me all the stuff she used to love in maths like simultaneous equations and Pythagoras, of which I absolutely hate.


valentines day

But anyways, I couldn’t miss this chance to make a post around the theme of Valentine’s Day but at the same time, I didn’t have much to talk about…. because I’m single. And I always have been. XD

Don’t judge! I’m living the life!

Also, you should watch Bitch on the Move Ep. 3. I absolutely love the series, partly because I adore Michelle Khare but still! It’s Valentine’s Day related so…


So I decided to talk about the best parts about being single (comparing it to friends and people I know, who aren’t single, because I can’t really base it off my own experiences….)


You are as free as a bird! You don’t have to always worry about where the significant other is or what they could be doing! You’re independent and are free to do whatever you like! You don’t have to depend on your partner! You are a strong independent woman! You are Beyoncé. (Unless you’re of the male sex. Eh, you can still be Beyoncé.)


Your food is yours! People already steal my food, which I hate. -_- But I’m pretty sure that would happen if you weren’t single, even more, so there’s a plus! 😀 All those chips are yours and yours only!


You don’t have to try and look good for the other person! Shaving your legs and looking for cute outfits aren’t your priority. We live the life in leggings, pyjamas and scruffy hair. 🙂 But…I suppose you can also do that when you’re in a relationship, knowing you don’t have to impress anyone because you already have that ‘one’, if you know what I mean. 😉


You don’t need to stress over plans! You can do whatever you want without having to check schedules and making room for someone else. You’re free (again) to choose when and where you want to do things.


You can hang out with other people, without your partner getting jealous! And you can call other people good looking and fit, without making the other person upset or angry. 😉


Even with that being said, I’m sure being in a relationship is great!

And I hope all you love birds had a great day! And I hope all you single people had a great day too. 🙂

Valentine’s day is just my excuse to stuff myself with chocolate. Lol, who am I even kidding? I do that anyway! 😀


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3



What is love?


A quote I love, from Winnie the Pooh is “Sometimes people care to much. I think it’s called love.” Maybe caring to much leads to love. That’s probably why people, who always slouch and say I don’t care and act cool are usually the kind of people, who stay in a relationship for a day or two. I’m just talking about the people I know, anyway.


I’ve talked about a range of things, on this blog, from fear to the future and school to stories and music to science. I haven’t talked about love that much and it’s a subject that most bloggers are good at. Something we all have experienced, whether it’s a romance to a friendship or even something like a book, I guess.


I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything like that. The loves I have in my life are literally just friends and family. And by family, I don’t mean just by blood relation. I consider pets as family.

There is a thin line between pain and love. Sometimes we just care to much and when things go wrong, it effects us too much. For example, you grow to love somebody, that you’ve spent a good few or many years with. You’ve grown attached to them. Then suddenly, they move away or fall really ill or maybe even pass away. It hurts. Just because of love. Love, fear, hate and passion are very complicated emotions. It’s hard to control them.


Most people, so I’ve heard, tend to say “you only make mistakes once”. I try to stick to that. It doesn’t always work. I’ve made the mistake of growing attached to somebody. They died. Before I go on, this somebody is a cat. Still, at the time she died, I was already going through a stressful, lonely, hard time, so it was basically a depressing year. Anyways, I cried for ages about my cat. She felt like my only friend, even though she probably had no idea what was going on. I have a hamster now. Quite an irritating one. I really really don’t want to get attached to her because even though I know that at the time of my cat’s death, I was a really sensitive and weak, I don’t want to go through the grieving again.


Another thing along the lines of love…do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t. I think that “love at first sight” is basically, “you look really attractive! Let’s go out!” You can’t possible know what they’re like if it’s love at first sight, unless you were blind and you only saw your partner after a surgery  or something. I just don’t think you can fall in love with someone just by their looks, unless you were really shallow. I can understand love at first meet because at least there is a possibility you can find out a little more about the person.


Do you believe in love at first sight?



The Walking Dead!

Recently, I started watching The Walking Dead and even before that, I was obsessed with zombie apocalyptic movies and things like that so I knew that I would love The Walking Dead.

However, it made me look at the world and what it means to be living on earth (anywhere really), differently.

At the end of the day, everything is survival. The Walking Dead emphasises on that more and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable because, technically, education isn’t our top priority. Survival is. And it has also made me realise that at the end of the day, no matter what authority or how superior you are, you are still human. Celebrities, politicians, teachers, parents, teenagers, everybody, really, are the same. We just have different skills, personalities and appearances.

We’re all humans with around the same needs.


Another things The Walking Dead has taught me is that when the world faces terrible problems, people come together. No matter who you are, you’re some what closer yet still tearing apart.

A zombie apocalypse could literally let me accomplish the things I want to do before I die:

  • Go on a road trip with friends or family
  • Travel a lot
  • Meet new people

That’s not everything I want to do before I die, of course, but it’s a few and I know you might think I’m crazy. I now that we would be on the run from murderous creatures but push that aside and think about the positives.

There are positives.

I mean…if it actually happened, I think I would be psyched and shocked and almost excited forthe walking dead about a week or two and then realise that it’s actually real life and I’m probably going to die…

But…BUT, I’ve watched enough zombie movies to know that you hit them in the head, keep quiet, stick with a group if you’re weak, travel to the countryside, cover yourself in dead people’s flesh and blood if near a lot of zombies and don’t shoot a gun unless there are loads of them.

It’s probably accurate. At least the country side thing and hitting them in the head/brain is right.

Oh…and know how to shoot a gun 🙂


Do any of you watch The Walking Dead? If so, whose your favourite characters???

Mine’s Maggie and Glenn…hehe!