Taste The Rainbow!

Honey, I’m home.

I am back from my long exam break. I actually finished my exams mid June but I was doing things non-stop since, which made it hard to sit down to think and write a post. I’ve done a lot in such a short amount of time: took the night bus for the first time and saw a woman snorting cocaine on her boyfriends lap (I thought they were doing something else ngl) and literally hanky pankying later, as well as another guy smoking a joint a few seats in front of me. I also got punched in the boob by a boy I used to chat to in a club, climbed the O2 and led the group down, saw Callum from Love Island on the Northern line. And all of that happened on the same day.

And on my little adventures I’ve been having, running around Central London, I’ve been noticing a lot of rainbow flags and signs, etc. It’s pride day in London, today, so I thought it would be relevant to share something important today in this post. It’s a little secret I’ve been keeping which I’m ready to spill. And I assure you, you’re going to need some ice for this piping hot tea. 🐸☕️



All these rainbows everywhere reminded me for my love for them! They’re basically chocolate skittles and I would love to taste their rainbow at any point in the day.  I could eat those rainbow chocolate balls all day long. Who doesn’t love a good old chocolate ball?


Every penny I make goes into investing in those little packets of diabetes. I don’t even care that every one of those sweet beads will end up as a bead on my face. #adultacne 🤙🏽🤙🏽


I love every single colour to exist of them because I don’t discriminate because I’m not RaCisT! And they just had to whip out all the different fillings too. Peanut, peanut butter, crispy, chocolate. Fuck me up! You’re doing it to my skin and thighs anyway. 🤪


I  know I sound crazy but I feel so relieved coming out with my little M&M secret! I hope you’re understanding and accepting.


oh also I’m kinda queer.




Solar Eclipse.

Let’s get one thing straight before I start: a solar eclipse is pretty rare because it only happens around every fifteen years, I believe.

Since I am a millennium baby and was born in 2000, I’ve never lived through a solar eclipse before.

Unfortunately living in London, it is always cloudy and the sky is literally always a pure white or dull grey.

So at 9:10 am, our physics teacher took us out onto the fields to watch the solar eclipse happen.CAh4jfcWgAAXhuc Lots of people were saying that it’s too cloudy and we’ll only see a small glimpse of it. I had hope, though. I thought that I would see it enough to take a good picture of it. But living in London, the only thing we felt from the solar eclipse happening was the drop in temperature. The sky was still pure white and we saw nothing. NOTHING! The sky was absolutely covered in clouds.

Totally worth it.

In fact the most interesting thing that happened in that thirty minutes of waiting and staring at the sky was a long worm, with half of its body in the ground and the rest outside.

It was quite disappointing but at least I was there at the time it happened.

It might have just been the area we were in so I’m just speaking from where we were.

It wasn’t a total waste of our time. Some good came out of it…like we got to take our phones out without any of the teachers confiscating it or yelling at us and we also got to miss what would’ve been a Physics revision lesson on the birth and death of a star.

I’ll just have to wait another fifteen years for the next one.

Of course, I’ll try not to be in London the next time. XD

Apart from the disappointment from that, it’s now Spring! Even Google is celebrating it…and they’re also celebrating the solar eclipse but let’s not talk much more about that…

Did any of you see the solar eclipse?