Imagine If…

I thought about this last night and I thought it would make a great post! 🙂


Imagine if…

  • …Time travelling was real, right now. Would life be really messed up?
  • …You were born a day later or earlier. I strongly believe in the butterfly effect so I think things could be different.
  • …You forgot your yesterdays as easily as dreams. So basically, imagine if there was an absence of norepinephrine, which is something that plays a key role in memory, every day! Imagine if our days were blurry and hard to remember, basically.
  • …All the space stuff, that we learn about, isn’t real. Very unlikely but possible. It could all be a lie.
  • …Our generation was actually more prepared for two hours without electricity than a zombie apocalypse.
  • …Benjamin Franklin was never born.
  • …There was no continental drift or the land split differently.
  • …Earth didn’t have a moon. I’m pretty sure we would be dead or wouldn’t even exist.
  • …You could travel to the different planets, on holiday, as easily as travelling to a different country.
  • …WordPress didn’t exist!
  • …People could have natural crazy coloured hair like natural blue or pink or green or purple imaginationhair, etc.
  • …You could just wipe off your spots in the morning, if you have any, like that magical makeup wiping towel thing.
Those are just some things you can think about. 😉
Comment any more you have!
Go on an adventure.
-Shay :3