I was just checking my notifications, when I saw one pop up saying that someone had followed me, making it to 400 (actually 401 💁….) followers!

I honestly didn’t imagine getting this many followers so thank you to anybody and everyone for clicking that follow button! It means a lot to me. But that poor follow button…being pressed 400 times. 😂

There are so many people that I want to individually thank but that’ll take forever and I’ll miss a lot of people out but if you’re a frequent commenter and liker and general friend, you know who you are! ❤

I also want to mention that I won’t be here from tomorrow morning until Monday evening. I’m doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Practise Expedition, which requires me to walk eight hours every day in this thing called nature for three days and sleep in this thing called a tent while I’m. On. My. Period. I might as well freebleed and lead a trail like Hansel and Gretel so I’ll always know how to get back. TMI? 😂

It’s supposed to rain, too, and in my Bronze Expedition, I literally got stuck in the mud. My tight walking boots came off and I couldn’t get out. I had a couple of bugs trapped in my shoes and I hadn’t washed those boots out of fear for TWO YEARS! I’m pretty sure there were a family of inbred bugs after that… My friend also pushed me in cow poo on the last trip… I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it!!!!



Anyways, I’ll probably post and reply to comments again on Tuesday or Wednesday, if I make it out alive.


Again, thank you all so much for 400 freaking followers!!! 😀




Gosh, I have no idea how to start this. XD


I reached 100 followers!!!!

I still can’t take in that 100 people cared enough to actually click the follow button on my blog!


I had no idea I would reach 100 followers, even before the year ended. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d even get past 50.

I can’t even state how happy and amazed I feel!

100 followers is a lot to me, even though it might not be to you.


I want to thank every single one of you!!!! Literally, every single one of you are a part of this achievement! And you’ve been such a great support to me!!!  Knowing that people read my blog, from all around the world, makes me feel so amazed and proud to have this blog. It’s also made me a lot more confident in expressing my thoughts and opinions and that’s what I hoped for when I began this blog.


It’s like a one week early birthday present. 🙂


Once again, thank you so much!!!!! I wish I could link all your blogs in this post but it would take me a while!


However, special thanks to:

TheAmbivert (for being a great friend)

Good Music Speaks (for all the support and nice comments)

Miss Book Thief (Being a great blogger friend and for the support)

Miss Twisted Sense of Humour (for nominating me for an award)

Tosin Mercy (for nominating me for an award)

Rhea Reads Words (for nominating me for an award)

tmmusic32 (for nominating me for an award)

typicalbritishgirl98 (for being such a great blogger friend)

Lifeasapotpourri (for commenting and for being such a nice person)

lukaszwlodarczyk85 (for the nice comments)

Fitzbants (for being my 100th follower and a cool person to talk to)

monsters inc

I don’t know what else to say but THANK YOOOOOU!!!!! 😀


(Don’t judge my choice of picture. I thought it was cute and I love Monsters Inc. XD)