100 Days Of Rejection Challenge?

Zoey 101 rejected - TV Fanatic

The 100 Days Rejection Challenge is a challenge in which you basically seek out rejection for 100 days! And this means REJECTION! You have to sought out situations which could likely result in  rejection such as asking a stranger for £100 or asking for a free room at a hotel.

The creator of this challenge is Jia Jiang, who gave a TedTalk about it. His goal was to desensitise himself from the pain of rejection and overcome fear.


At first, it sounded very silly and kind of scary to me but upon further thought, I actually think it’s brilliant. So many people fear rejection, to the point where they won’t put themselves in any situations that could potentially result in rejection like telling someone you like them or going for a job opportunity.

I, personally, don’t really fear rejection, but nonetheless, this challenge will 100% build confidence and install a warrior within you because 100 days of rejection makes a person resilient and fearless.


Of course, 100 days is a lot and starting from avoiding rejection to going 100 days with rejection is a big leap so even if you can’t manage the full 100 days, don’t be afraid to face rejection in you day to day life. You have nothing to lose. You only have one life and you’ll have regrets if you don’t take opportunities or take control of your own life. Take rejection one step at a time.


Take this post as a sign to apply for that job or ask someone out or do whatever it is you’re fearing because of rejection. Just give it a go, for me. 🥺


“Sometimes rejection in life is redirection.”


Three Day Quote Challenge #2 – Day Three

This is the last day of the quote challenge and I wanted to leave it off on a good yet deep note.



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The Quote

“What’s the day without a little night?”

-Logic & Alessia Cara, 1-800-273-8255

I love both Logic and Alessia Cara as individuals, but I loved them even more when they united to collaborate on this song, 1-800-273-8255 (also the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), that has such a powerful message and meaning, shedding light onto a topic that is deemed as shameful and a taboo to society. The quote implies that you need a little darkness in your life for there to be good and happiness, and that positivity will come out of a bad situation, even if your situation seems to be going on forever. You will at some point in your life be stuck in a place of darkness, some more than others, but there’s always a safe way out.

More on this song and mental illness in a later post.


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Three Day Quote Challenge #2 – Day Two

So here’s the second day of the quote challenge. Today’s quote is very meaningful and something to really treasure and keep safe down in the depths of your heart. But first…



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The Quote

“Forget boys, get PAID!”

-Raven, Teen Titans Go!

Enough said.


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Yeo Ye Hang





Three Day Quote Challenge #2 – Day One

I was nominated by the lovely and hilarious Wamby for the three day quote challenge! I have done the three day quote challenge before (a while ago) and all I remember was finding it really difficult to pick quotes because I’m indecisive and me being indecisive has not changed whatsoever so the next few days are going to be stressful. Thanks Wamby. 😅



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The Quote

“Life beats you up. You can either curl up in a ball and die, or you can stand up and say ‘we’re different, and you can’t break us!'”

-Kimmy Schmidt, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’ll be saying this quote throughout exam season. My grade D in Chemistry can’t break me. 😬

Also I think Ellie Kemper is adorable!


My Nominees

The Unknown Wiki

Miss Millenial

Jerrod (for when you start posting again)



Three Day Quote Challenge #1 – Day Three

So I forgot to do this yesterday for the final day but to be fair, it didn’t necessarily imply that it had to be three days in a row so it’s all good!



“When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package.”


This quote is from Beth from The Walking Dead. She was such a strong character since she experienced such bad events in the time we saw her that usually what she said was meaningful and true to her.


So that’s the last day! I can’t be bothered to find people to nominate so if you’re reading this, go ahead and give this a go! 🙂




Three Day Quote Challenge #1 – Day Two

So the day has come for me to do the three day quote challenge thingy day two!



“Smile, the worst is yet to come!”

This quote is from one of my favourite songs: Smile by Mikky Ekko.

People usually say “the best is yet to come” but the fact that the song says “worst” shows that your should live in the moment rather than waiting to be happy and that you should appreciate every step or moment along the way before something can ruin it for you.

I nominate Arielle Iridessa, Books and Bookmarks and Good Music Speaks to do this and of course, you don’t have to do it but here’s a nomination if you’re interested!


Three Day Quote Challenge #1 – Day One

I was nominated by TheAmbivert! She writes great poems, that you should check out and perhaps if you like them as much as I do (which, of course you will) you should follow her!! 😀

So I have to post a quote every day until day three, I assume, and I have to nominate three other people every day!



“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

This quote is clearly from Inception.

Have I ever mentioned that it’s my favourite movie? XD

The quote is a lot more than to dream bigger. You literally have to think on the obvious side of it. It literally means dream bigger within your dreams so that you don’t have limits.

And if you noticed, I used it for my little tagline thing! 😉

I nominate Miss Book Theif, FitzBants and ateenagediaryonline to do this challenge!

Can’t wait to see your quotes, if you do do it! 🙂