Qualifying DofE Gold Expedition | Story Time

If you read My Crazy DofE Adventure, you’ll know I’m currently doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and I recently came back from the real four day expedition!


We left by coach on Sunday the 15th and arrived at Princetown in Dartmoor, where we stayed at a bunkhouse for the night. We were made to edit our map route and we had to relocate our campsites, which weren’t really campsites. They were just areas in the wilderness that the teachers told us were good for camping in and I guess were okay to pee in without getting shot by a farmer. 🙂

Princetown was basically the last time we’d see civilisation for a long long long time. Well, for about four days.


Monday 16th July

This was the first day of the expedition. We set off with our 20kg bags on our backs. As a group, we agreed to maintain positive attitudes since we realised from the practise expedition, complaining and being negative really made hiking seem worse than it was and it was just tiring to listen to. Also the three most slowest people in our group from the practise didn’t come on the real one so that was kind of a plus, in the least rude way possible. 😬

The first day hike was very easy. For the most part, it was flat. I told a story about a Jessi Vee video I watched about Lyme Disease and I warned everyone about ticks but everybody thought I was overreacting.


Quick Rant: Why is there very little talk about Lyme disease?? Do you know the amount of pills you have to take a day if you get diagnosed late? There’s like thirty. I can’t even take two paracetamol pills without having trouble swallowing. And you can get meningitis and strokes and facial paralysis and heart disorders from Lyme disease! What kind of quality of life is that. All from an ugly tick bite.



Watching the sun set

Our campsite ended up being on a hill, about a thousand feet above sea level, but the walk up was fairly okay. I stayed at the front so that I didn’t feel the need to speed up or so I didn’t feel like a burden to the group. The hike was about four hours when it was supposed to take eight hours. We got to the campsite early, unaware we actually weren’t allowed to arrive early.

We ran out of water so after setting up camp, we ventured down to the reservoir to get water to purify. It was disgusting. There was this cream foam on the edges of the reservoir. It looked like yeast. We went back up to the campsite and the teachers eventually found us after we continuously tried to contact them to tell them we had no water. You know…one

The Sheep

of the most basic and important human needs. They also let  us off for arriving early that day with a warning.


This was the best day, personally. The campsite was beautiful. There was a reservoir at the bottom of the mountain with forests and at one point, a herd of horses trotted near to our tents. There was also this horned sheep that kept staring at us and stood on this rock, watching over us all like God. There was also this cave, which I sat on top of to watch the sun set as the rest of my group climbed higher up to the very top of the hill/mountain.



Tuesday 17th July

I woke up early in the morning.

When we packed up our tent, my friend got stung on the wrist by a wasp, which was really what she needed to hike for eight hours. I, therefore, took charge of leading the way with the map, which I was scared about doing at first because it meant I had to actually know what I was doing but I ended up managing the role really well. Until the very end. I had to figure out which of two gates, which were next to each other, we had to go through. It was like an episode of Dora the Explorer. If I still had my Lord Farquaard haircut, it really would have been. I chose the wrong gate, which led us to a wall. There was the rope blocking us from going over the wall. I put my ear close to it to check whether it was an electric fence but I heard no buzzing. My friends said it was just a rope fence so a girl, I’ll call Robin (inside joke) tapped it. Nothing happened. She then grabbed it and let go, screaming. Turns out it was electric. My bad for taking the wrong way. I found our way back to the right path and to the campsite.


The walk was easy but double the length of the first day.

We also saw some cows mating. It can’t be unseen.


At one point, we reached waterpoint, where the teachers would fill our bottles with water. As we were leaving the school bus, back to the rest of our group, we encountered a few dogs. There was a car with the boot wide open, where a dog sat. There were two more dogs behind a fence barking and running up and down along the fence. There was also another brown dog behind the gate we had to get through. A boy in my group looked down and walked straight through, as

Second Campsite

fast as possible, stating he “doesn’t f*** with dogs”. I was about to follow him when the dog in the boot jumped out and started running around barking. In that moment, I knew that some serious stuff was gonna go down. It began to run along the fence, biting at the dogs behind it. Robin began to tell it to sit and stay. I strongly believe she’s a dog whisperer. This other girl, I’ll name Diko (also an inside joke), grabbed both my arms and used me as a shield, as she began to scream. The barking dog ran up to us and Diko pushed me towards it. I ran up onto this hill and Robin grabbed the dog’s collar. Diko followed me to the hill and kept screaming. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so chaotic. The boy, who was with us, was long gone. Robin told us to run through the gate as she had the dog by its collar but then it tried to bite her. She let go and the dog ran to the dogs behind the fence again and started barking. It then ran to us and Diko began to scream and cry. Through laughter, I told her it was going to be okay and she started to cry laugh. She bolted to the gate and Robin, Diko and I went through. The brown dog behind the gate was calm and basically watched us get attacked the entire time. I think Diko trying to sacrifice me to the dogs has got to be the highlight of 2018 for me.


We later walked up a hill and this giant matte black helicopter, that looked like a flying submarine, flew over a hill and very close to us. It was about to land on this field and then flew back over the hill.

Rope Swing

Eventually we arrived at the campsite and all the hiking groups were staying there that night (we arrived there first). We actually had a toilet and a tap to fill our water bottles. Robin, Diko and I went exploring and we found this river. There was a rope swing like the one from The Bridge to Terabithia. I kept joking someone was gonna end up like the girl did in the film. I swung on it but I was too short to get down. I managed to get one leg off the wooden bar. I then took off the other, knowing full well that the only thing that would be keeping me up was my hands tight around the rope. I then fell. My back hit a rock and my hat fell into the river and my foot stepped into a little rock pool. I never went on that swing again. Turns out I was the ‘someone’ that would end up like the girl from The Bridge to Terabithia.

In the evening, the whole group went to the rope swing and I sat with Robin on a rock and we watched the river flow down and the flies surround us. We all then walked down a road to this island in the middle of a wide part of the river. We skipped and threw rocks until it was dark.


Wednesday 18th July

The next day was hell. Most of it was uphill and it was a long journey. I’m pretty sure a snake jumped up at me.

About 3/4 of the journey, me and my best friend went insane. We put on Texas accents and played these weird characters and sung really badly to songs blasting out our speaker. We did that for the rest of the journey and the rest of the group got really annoyed but it actually helped

Blurry Image of Me (yellow raincoat) and Some Bones

us to pull through the pain.


We finally got to the “campsite”, which was one of the ones that was relocated for us by our DofE leader. It was a hill, with no flat land. There were giant rocks in the ground. And, here’s the cherry on top: there were at least six full dead sheep rotting with bones and skulls everywhere!

We walked for about twenty minutes into our next day walk so we could find a suitable place to sleep. We chose to sleep near spider dens and a forest. It was the closest flat area. There was a great view too – a lovely fresh cow pat right in front of our tent door.


I couldn’t sleep that night. I think I must have fallen asleep at about midnight.


Thursday 19th July

We ran out of water early that day. We hiked to a public toilet, where we were told that “the tap water is like the drinking water at home”. We filled our water bottles and found it was slightly yellow. Nothing is better than a hint of urine in your water. It’s basically like squash. Everyone poured their bottles out but I, for some reason, decided to use a purifying tablet to clear any bacteria. The water tasted like chlorine. It was worse than pool water and I know that because I’ve downed tons of pool water before. Me and three others walked to a house to ask for water. I heard someone in the house but they didn’t come to the door. We then bumped into a mountain rescuer, who helped us out with our water predicament.


The hike was a hard start and I got tired very early. It was so hot and the SPF I was wearing melted into my eyeballs. I also, stupidly, wore mascara that day (and it was the only day I wore makeup) so I was basically blinded by melting SPF and mascara. My eyes kept tearing up and my nose was running a lot so we ended up sitting at the top of the hill for about an hour. Everyone was tired from the heat.


After all the this, we had to go down the hill. If you remember from my practise expedition post, I told you about this hardcore girl, which led us down a mountain. That girl was Robin and on this day, I ended up being the “hardcore Robin”. Since I chose to be at the front,  I led everyone down the hill of fern and giant rocks. The fern were taller than me so my friend, behind me, had to tell me the direction to aim for. We all travelled down in single file and Diko slipped. We all stopped and turned back to her. She didn’t move for a while and in my head, I thought, well this is it, this is the day I may be responsible for someone’s death. Fortunately, she got up and said her butt hurt.


As we reached water point, we saw a lot of pregnant horses. A lot. They must have had a wild

Some Horses


We made it back to the bunkhouse and we all showered and ate pizza. Me and Diko went a little crazy but that’s another story to tell for another day.

We drove home on Friday.


Although, during the hikes, I hated it, overall, it was an amazing experience. I came back toned and I think my body is used to the extreme amount of exercise we did because my body doesn’t hurt and I’m able to do a lot that would have made me tired quickly, before. I also came back with my skin glowing.

And I realised how mentally strong and positive of a person I can be, which was a nice self discovery.


I hope I didn’t get Lyme Disease though.



My Crazy DofE Adventure | Story Time

If you read my last post, I mentioned I was going to do my DofE Gold Practise Expedition. I had previously done my Bronze Award, which I found hard at the time. However, looking back, I don’t know why the hell I complained. Bronze was a lovely stroll in the park in comparison to gold.

🚨 Spoiler Alert: I Survived 🚨


(Some images I insert will be a little blurry since I took it while walking and they’re screenshots of videos I took.)

As I mentioned before, I was on my period during this trip. I honestly don’t care if that’s too much information because I think it’s important to mention that I was BLEEDING while walking for more than eight hours. Also, it was the second day, so if you’re a girl, you probably know that it was f̶r̶e̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶N̶i̶a̶g̶ar̶a̶ ̶F̶a̶l̶l̶s heavy. 😂

We drove by coach to Brecon Beacons in Wales, which if you google, looks like an amazing and gorgeous place. And it was. But now, I hate it from association with the trip…

Google Image of Brecon Beacons

When we got to the campsite, we set up our tent. There was mould all over the inner bit of the tent. So basically, we slept under lovely fungus. On the plus side, if any of us had a bacterial infection, we could just make some penicillin with the fungus. 🙃

We then planned our route for the next day and mapped out how we were going to get to the next campsite. I worked out the six figure grid reference for each checkpoint and others did the distance calculations and time calculations. We ended up working out that we would only be walking for three hours, when we were supposed to walk for at least eight hours. This made us really happy because it meant we could take long breaks.

We were wrong.


Chilling at the campsite on the first day was actually fun. We played charades and this weird ball game and paranoia. We thought the trip was going to be fun and happy.

Again, we were wrong.


The next day, we set off with our approximately 15 kg bags on our backs, which didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Our group was made up of entirely girls and we were accompanied by this teacher, we decided to call Gertrude. Gertrude told us “we don’t need breaks.” I was just like OMG THAT WAS SO FUNNY HAHA GERTRUDE YOU’RE SO FUNNY AHAHAHSAHSKA.

I didn’t like Gertrude.


The walking was fine. There was a lot of poo and nettles and thorns, which we all precariously tried to avoid. I tried to stay at the front of the group as I found being at the back made you feel more tired since you feel like you need to speed up. And then we reached a freaking mountain.

We knew we would have to climb up something steep due to the close contour lines on our map but I don’t really know why we didn’t think about the mountains that were surrounding us. So we climbed up a freaking mountain. I was so shook at this point that I started playing Shrek in my head to calm myself down from the fact we were climbing a steep mountain that went on for ages with 15 kg bags on our backs. We had a two minute break halfway up the mountain and my friend swapped the tent she was carrying with the stove I was carrying. We carried on climbing with frequent intervals of “Oh my God”s. And then we reached the top. I don’t even remember if we had a break after that. We started walking on the mountain, going a little uphill until we reached the clouds.

We did eventually walk through the clouds and it was very cold and wet but I strangely enjoyed it. We passed forests and reservoirs and it was very pretty but went on for AGES! I walked with one of my friends at the front, which was a good choice because it meant I could have breaks when we waited for others to catch up. Also, our hands got really fat from wind burn. It looked like the hands of a chubby baby. I also noticed that I actually have a lot of endurance and am so much stronger than I thought I was, both mentally and physically.

aND TheN wE hAd a BreAk!


Gertrude, the teacher, left us “to get coffee” and we were left on our own. We sat in the same position for about twenty minutes, which would have probably made Gertrude cry and faint. We looked at our map and decided to rebel against the route Gertrude suggested because we thought we were clever. We were going to take a short cut.


We went down a steep side of the mountain in a zig-zag formation, avoiding burrows, poo, sheep, nettles, thorns, this Prometheus alien like flower and slippery rocks. We were all travelling in single file. At the front, leading the way, was the friend I walked with before and my god, she was so hardcore. Then my best friend was second, who called out what to avoid and was looking at the map. Then it was me, who managed to end up still falling into holes and walking into faeces, even after being told to avoid it and then I would tell others to avoid it and then a friend behind me would pass the message along to the rest of the group. 

We then crossed paths with a skeleton. There was a skull, ribs, spine, limbs, the whole shebang. And there was blood. Everywhere! I guess that’s what happens when you decide to take a different route…(it was a sheep or small horse skeleton though, don’t worry!) Close by, was what looked like a human poo. Maybe someone else saw the skeleton and got a bit too scared…?

(Image of the skeleton to the right)


At first, it was okay. And then it got steeper and we became more impatient. We went further down the mountain, where it was practically vertical. I slipped and grabbed onto a giant clump of crap for dear life. At this point, in the words of Gemma Collins, I realised that actually this is serious stuff. I just thought haha, this is not for me.

This sounds like an exaggeration but we were very close to death.


After ages of slipping and zig-zagging, we made the decision to just head straight down, instead of going across the mountain diagonally. Two people chucked on waterproof trousers and slid down the flipping mountain. I carelessly, grabbed onto thorns and nettles to you know, avoid dying. I just didn’t care anymore. I even let spiders of all colours crawl on me. (I have red spots from it all over my arms, legs and hands, now. 😂)

We trekked down this very very steep path of nettles, which was low down so the mountains were high up on the sides of us. The path slowly faded into a stream, which became more slippery as you went down it. So, without hesitation, we all, one by one, ROCK CLIMBED up, vertically, without a rope, with 15 freaking kg bags, to get on top of the mountain again. We rock climbed! I’m still shocked by it since that’s something I would never have done without a safety rope.

We ran down the rest of the mountain to a path at the bottom and finally had a break on this patch of grass that was in the shape of a sofa.

Arriving at the bottom


And then we went through a gate

into private property.


We didn’t know this at the time until we were about half way through the field. I’ve been told by several people that you can get arrested for trespassing, since it is illegal, and farmers could shoot you if you do. We saw two farmers with dogs at the bottom of the field so we travelled incognito, laying low (with my bright yellow raincoat and giant pink hat) to avoid dying, which seemed very likely during this trip.

We sprinted across onto another field, while this horse that probably belonged to the farmers followed us and watched us. The horse was a little snakey snitch. We dashed over a fence onto a road, where there was a sign saying “Do Not Enter (the field)! Warning of Danger!” I think it would have been a little nice if we saw that before.


We trotted along the road, happily, shooketh to the core at all we just went through, and then a white van passed us. Not that type of van though…

There were a few of our teachers in there. They stopped and one came out, who told us to wait. He went back into the van and as he did, we legged it down the road. I really don’t know why. We literally ran from the teachers and I honestly don’t know why we thought we would succeed because we were so goddamn slow. The teacher ended up following us to the campsite since we were about three hours late. Finally we got to the campsite, where everyone clapped as we got there. It took us twelve hours! So much for taking three hours with loads of long breaks… 😂


The campsite toilets were disgusting though! 😂 There were giant spiders everywhere, dead flies all over the ceiling, either mud of poop smeared on the walls, period blood dripping on one wall of the cubicle, water that smelt like sewage, and “windows” without glass. A giant flying daddy long legs entered one while my friend was on the toilet and she screamed and ran out and we were all running from side to side, screaming, as it followed us.


The next day was a little less exhilarating and a little more painful. We climbed up mountains at least three times (the 3rd time was torture) and a male sheep almost charged at us. So yeah…


How was your weekend?




During my time in year nine and ten, Maths lessons were a time to really and truly reflect on how much of a failure I had become. I used to sit at the back of the class with a diligent friend, let’s call Celestia (inside joke), who sat to my right and a careless boy, H, who sat to my left.

It seemed pretty cool to sit in the middle of them, seeing as though I was already friends with them, right?

No, my friend. You and I both thought wrong.


Celestia and H were like oil and water. They fought all the time. I knew I had to be their emulsifier so I tried once. It was a time when H decided to steal Celestia’s ruler so he stretched over and grabbed it but Celestia snatched it by the end. They were pulling back and forth like tug of war, constantly forcing me to lean back against my chair so I wouldn’t be in the way. It got to a point where I couldn’t lean back anymore and this was no longer a game of Who-Can-Get-Celestia’s-Ruler-To-Themselves-First but it was war and potential death.

They were careless and tugging at this blue poor ruler, moving closer and closer to me, as I tried desperately to not get involved. And it was in that moment that I knew I. Had. Done. Goofed. by leaning back. I tried to grip onto the wall not far behind me and stop myself from falling back but the force between the two fighters were too strong and there I was, lying on my back, the chair’s legs horizontal, my legs vertical.

They both stopped and stared, laughing so hard. What made it worse was the fact that we were so cramped in that corner of the room that I couldn’t even find the space to get back up. I was stuck, possibly flashing people.

At that point, my dignity wasn’t a priority, getting up was.

To this day, however, I believe I was the emulsifier to the oil and water that was Celestia and H so call me Martin Luther King. But, like, don’t actually.


Later on, I migrated to the front of the class, sadly, for the sake of my education, along with H, and another girl, who I had pretty good banter with. There was a girl in front of us, who holy moly, was just wow. Wow not as in I’m-a-lesbian-and-I-think-she-was-hot kid of ‘Wow’. She was pretty but she was ‘Wow’ as in she was so desperate and overly flirtatious that I have nothing else to say but ‘Wow’ that doesn’t sound like I’m slut shaming. I remembered she dropped her pen on the floor behind her and as she picked it up, she did this sort of hair flip as she rose her head back up and made eye contact with H and then me. It was the sort of hair flip in L’Oréal adverts, where the girl says something like “My hair defines me” at the beginning and has this smoky eye thing going on to make her look more intriguing. Yeah, that hair flip.

Right behind me was a boy, the Andy Bernard of our class. He always sang and when Celestia’s new class next door couldn’t hear us laughing or screaming, they could hear him singing.


There were a lot of different personalities, that stood out, in that class. However, all these personalities in one room was nothing compared to Ebenezer Scrooge himself. My maths teacher was literally a tall, less slouched version of the old man from Monster House, except he never softened to us. He actually looked like him too. He was very closed book and had coffee breath and GIANT hands. He was strict and often unfair and a little sexist and racist, but it was all in good humour…(not really, actually. We had to make statements about witnessing his racist comments…)

One day, the teacher was teaching us (that’s what teachers do, Captain Obvious) but us students were so distracted by the buzzing of this fly as we traced it with our eyes, flying around the sadness of the room. We were like those cats, constantly looking back and forth.

Our teacher didn’t really care but then gradually, our eyes started to follow the fly closer and closer to the board and just like that, the fly landed on his freaking head! His shiny bald head! I couldn’t tell whether he knew it landed on his head or not (very close to his forehead, by the way, although I don’t know if his forehead would have an end).

We sat, eyes fixed on him and I swear, even though I know it lasted for about a second, the time we were in utter silence staring at this fly, plopped on his head, lasted forever. The tidal wave of laughter erupted and someone goes, “Sir, there’s a fly on your head.” And he doesn’t even care. He just carries on teaching like an automated robot. We’re too occupied gaining abs from laughing and alerting him that this disgusting, actual faeces eating, flying creature landed on his head, and he doesn’t even care. After a while, it gets to a point where he can’t teach any of us anymore so he decides to wave his hands about to scare the fly off, like you would do anyway when you felt it landing. On. Your. Bare. Head!

Not long after, the fly actually came back again to land on his head. His shiny egg head was like a landing pad for the fly.


Although, even with these stories put together, it’s definitely not as funny as the time he aggressively shoved my friend of a chair, to encage a huge rat, near her foot, in a transparent box, while we were in a maths test…


Please share your own funny class memories in the comments. 😀

And may the forth be with you.



I ALMOST DIED | Story Time

So in my March monthly recap post, I mentioned my traumatic getting lost experience.

Today, I am going to share it! (That sounded really dramatic in my head. Like a car turning into a transformer…idedk)transformers


So I went out with my friends. It was in winter so it got dark early.

We were basically just shopping around, eating crepes, chilling at this park, doing drugs, stuff like that. I’m kidding about the drugs thing, XD I need to stop making drug jokes.

Anyways, it got to the time we had to depart and leave our separate ways.

Me and my friend were actually going the same way. We usually take bus A (It’s not called bus A but I’m calling it that) to get home but there was another bus at the stop, that I’ll call bus B. I had never taken this bus to go home before so I had no idea how far it would stop from my house and how I would get back but because I’m a daredevil (and stupid) I just followed my friend onto the bus and we went on our journey,,,

My friend told me what stop to get off at and where to walk from there and I was pretty confident.

Eventually my friend had to get off onto her stop and I was left alone on the bus. The bus then stopped at the stop my friend told me to get off at but I thought maybe the bus might stop a little closer to my house so I stayed on for a little while.

It was really dark so it was hard to see where the bus was actually going but I felt like I recognized where it was going so I stayed on for a little longer and then it was about ten stops after the bus stop I had to get off at and I realised that I was screwed. I got off, very far from my house. I didn’t know where I was at all and I didn’t recognize anything!

And then my mum called me. I believe I just told her I knew where I was going and I was like twenty minutes away from home.

Boy was I wrong!


When I get lost, I become a man! I don’t admit I’m lost, I act like I know where I’m going and I don’t take directions unless I’m desperate.

I remember passing a tube station on the bus so I decided to walk down this extremely long road towards the station.

However, my mum kept calling me and then she passed the phone to my dad. He kept asking me if I was lost. Being me, I didn’t admit it. He asked me where I was near to so he could pick me up but I didn’t actually know where I was so I just said I would be home soon.

God, I wanna facepalm so hard right now.

He wouldn’t stop asking me questions so I just told him names of roads I was passing. XD And then I saw a bus stop on the other side of the VERY BUSY ROAD!

At this point, I was tearing up because I was scared and my parents were getting annoyed.


Still on the phone, I ran across the road. It was actually a red light (for the cars) but then again, because I was really scared, I wasn’t thinking straight. So as I was crossing the road, a car whizzed right past me. It was literally millimetres from skimming me. I was millimetres from dying or getting injured!!!!! Even as the car passed me, I just continued to cross the road, careless of what just happened. I don’t think it really registered that I was almost hit by a car. A few seconds after I crossed this wide road, it sunk in and I looked back at the road and there were a bunch of people in their cars looking at me shocked. This woman was looking at me in disgust, probably thinking, look at that no good teenage scumbag talking to her thug and high af boyfriend.  I don’t know. XD A lot of people think that about teenagers to be honest.

Well, eventually I reached the tube station and my dad came to pick me up. I was silent and crying the whole journey back because of how terrifying and embarrassing that experience was. XD

My parents did get angry at me but they eventually actually listened to me and agreed it was also because of how dark it was and I shouldn’t be taking buses I don’t know the route of. Then they laughed at me. -_-


But yeah…

So I guess the moral of the story is to….. get off at the stop your friends told you to stop at?


I hope you enjoyed reading the time I almost died. XD Also I really hope you enjoyed it because I actually burnt a pizza whilst writing this. RIP Cheese pizza 😥


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3

Bullying and the Police | Story Time

Back when I was in year four, something crazy happened.

It might not sound crazy, writing it in a post but it was crazy!


It was December and we were all giving each other Christmas cards, like we did every year.

I got loads, just saying. XD

I’m just kidding (well I did get loads). We literally gave EVERYONE a card even if you weren’t friends with that person.


But anyways, this boy went up to the teacher and showed her the card he had. She read it and her face absolutely fell. The message in the card was really horrid. There was something in it insulting that person. I can’t remember it at all now, which is really annoying, but I remember it was really mean.

The teacher then took this card and tried to find out who it was from because this person had not written their name in. Someone else came up to the teacher and showed her their card and it had a horrible message in it as well with the same hand writing. The teacher then asked all of us to check out stack of cards and see if we had a card with the same hand writing so they could find out who it was. Looking back now, I don’t understand why the teacher couldn’t have just checked through our school books, which were literally in a cupboard next to her and see which book matched the handwriting.

The teachers then called the police in!!!


The police were checking fingerprints!!!! It got to the extent of checking our fingerprints!!!!

The teacher called us one by one to go into a separate room to talk to her. Some people took a long time with her, others were pretty quick.

And then…it was my turn.

It was literally like the Hunger Games. I’m pretty sure one of my friends said good luck too.


I went into the room and sat down, trying not to make eye contact. My face was really hot, not because I did it (I would never do something like that) but I just didn’t know what to do with my face. Smiling would make it seem obvious I’m trying to suck up and frowning would make me look upset and guilty and being neutral faced would just make me laugh. It’s like when people sing Happy Birthday to you. What are you supposed to do with your face?

I’m getting side tracked. So as I sat down, all she said was “Did you do it?” And I just said “No.” And she smiled and let me leave. I could get away with murder. I know she only let me off because I was quiet and because I  WAS a goody goody back in the day. XD

I went back to my friends and said, “All she said was did you do it.” And my friends were like “Saaame” And I was like “Oh.”


Eventually, everyone in the class had a ‘talking to’ and the teacher’s had no idea who it was. They were really angry with us because no one of us were confessing and only one person wasn’t at school so it was very unlikely it was them out of 30.

HOWEVER, later that day, this boy, who I believe had an appointment, came in. The teachers asked him if he had written the cards, as they had asked the rest of us, and his face went bright red. Let’s just say, he got in A LOT of trouble.


It turned out I actually did get a card from him but it didn’t say much in it.


So yeah, he was pretty stupid.


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3


His Mum forgot his Underwear? | Story Time

I was watching Jessii Vee’s story time videos, and I came across one, which reminded me of this particular incident that happened when I was in year one.


We were changing in our classroom for PE and because we were young, boys and girls changed in the same room. Mind you, I stayed far from the boys anyways.

So we were changing and someone starts shouting and others began laughing.


This boy, who was really annoying and clingy, from what I remember, was naked from the stomach down. As soon as I looked, I just though what. the. heck. is. that?

I was like six. I wasn’t aware that boys were ‘different’ if you know what I mean.


The teacher went up to him, confused, and asked why he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

His response is probably what makes me remember this story so vividly.

He said, “Oh! My mum forgot to put it on me.”

We were small but we were still thinking of how ridiculous that was. Firstly, how can you not remember to put your underwear on? And secondly, how did you forget you didn’t have it on when taking your trousers off? XD Those school trousers were really uncomfortable, might I add. With the feeling of it, without underwear….I just don’t understand that boy’s logic.

I don’t remember what happened after that, partly because I didn’t want to look that way, but he was reminded of that story for a loooong time.


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3


Crazy Bus People | Story Time

I haven’t done a story time in a long time but last Saturday was certainly….an experience.

At about 4 in the afternoon, we left to go to my aunt’s house for her birthday.

I was travelling with my grandma and sister so that meant walking at about 1 metre per hour.


We got two buses, the first was a quick ride and the second… well, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

It was a longer journey so it meant staying on the bus for longer. (Way to state the obvious)

My grandma sat in the priority seats but she kept telling me to sit in the two empty priority seats. The priority seats are for disabled, old and pregnant people so not for kids, like me, but she kept on telling me to seat. There was this old man, sitting in one of the priority seats and he said to my grandma, “She doesn’t want to sit next to me.” He sort of pouted so I thought he was joking so I half smiled, half laughed. Then he said, “She doesn’t like my skin colour.” I was in utter shock. Like what century was he living in?

Realizing he wasn’t joking, I tried to assure him that that was not the reason why I didn’t want to sit down but apparently none of the old people could read that THEY WERE PRIORITY SEATS! Giving up, I sat down next to the man. He kept calling me and my sister babies…I was creeped out…

Sitting next to him wasn’t as awkward as expected. I could feel him staring at me at some points, but I had my hood on so he probably couldn’t see my terrified face.

Every time the bus would start moving again and told us what the next stop was called, he would mumble about the area. He explained the areas in such detail, I feel like he probably rode this same bus on the same route for ten years. We passed this group of boys playing football and this is what the man said, ” All they do is kick ball. If they drown in the swamp, don’t expect me to come and help. Let them drown. They don’t deserve to live. All they do is kick ball. Those people shouldn’t be alive.”


We then passed a road, he used to live on. He said, “I used to live here. Never going back. It’s a bad area. Bad people.” After passing the group of boys, I really wanted to know what his definition of bad was.

This woman came on and I got up for her to sit but she told me that it was okay and I should sit back down. I wasn’t just trying to be selfless. I did not want to sit down next to this man. The old man then started talking to this woman, who was standing next to us. The woman had a great sense of humour. I aspire to be her when I’m old. XD  When she was about to get off, the man said, “Aww, you’re the best lady on the bus. The only one with a smile on.” Then they started talking about how they should’ve gotten married ages ago.

He then turned around, where my sister and grandma were sitting. He asked my sister if she had a boyfriend, in which she replied no. He asked her what her age was and she said ten. He then said, “At your age, you should already have a boyfriend.” Surprisingly, he didn’t say that to me when I told him I didn’t have one. Maybe it was obvious…. 😥 XD

The rest of the ride was quite silent, apart from this couple swearing at the back of the bus. The man then told me to move and get up because he had to get off.


Then this woman came on. She was looking for a seat, so I asked her if she wanted mine. I asked her twice but she blanked me. It was quite obvious she could hear me so I have no idea why she decided to ignore me. My sister moved next to me after the man left so the woman wanted to sit next to my grandma. My grandma had a shopping trolley with her, which was not blocking the seat AT ALL! The woman looked at her and said in the rudest tone ever, “Move it along!” She then sat down and said, “The seats are for people not shopping trollies.” She was really rude and I was so glad I had to get off a few stops later.


Hate bus experiences. -_-

Everyone seems to lose all sense of logic when they enter it. Seriously! Once there were these two little boys licking the pole, that people hold. The amount of germs. 😡 And their mum didn’t even care.

This is what the world has come to…


Comment any crazy bus experiences you’ve had! I’d love to hear them 🙂


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3



Assuming you read the title, you already know what this post is about.

Yes, my friend. I was indeed attacked by a squirrel.

I kind of think that’s an overstatement actually because in actual fact, I feel like it was just defending itself, thinking I would hurt it.

But I was still attacked.


It was a lovely summer’s day and I was walking out of school, with my two friends. We were walking down the pavement, and might I add that there were A LOT of people around. A squirrel decides to run across the pavement but got scared and clung onto my leg. It was trying to move up my leg, which got me scared, so I was just shaking my leg about. I was scared I would step on its tail. I screamed….like a normal person would but my two friends just stood a good metre away from me, screaming. And then laughed.

After the squirrel jumped off, a lot of teachers around me kept saying, “It was just a squirrel! It won’t hurt you.” REALLY?? How would you like it if it clung onto YOUR leg, huh?

All the way down the road, people kept yelling “Hey, is that the squirrel girl? Oh yeah, she’s the one who got attacked by the squirrel. Lol.”

It was really embarrassing, though. XD And my friends just stood there watching. -_-



I ALMOST DROWNED (kind of) | Story Time

Back when I was in my sixth year, in primary school, we had this whole week of fun activities. We did stuff like going to the West End, going to Chessington (an amusement park) and more cool stuff like that.

As I remember, on the Wednesday of that special week, we went to do water sports. We went to this park place, with a HUGE HUGE and might I mention DEEP lake that we were going to do the water sports on. Canoeing was my favourite since it was just so funny but there was a lot of duck poo so that was disgusting.

It then came to the time of day where we had to do sailing. I had never been sailing so I thought it would be fun and relaxing, etc.

I went on my sail boat with my best friend (We’ll call her Angel) and two other girls, but I don’t actually remember who. Oops! :/


We sailed really far and it was going really good. We had tasks to do like sail over to all the little different coloured floaty things. (I forgot what they’re called).

We had pretty much finished doing that so we just began to sail wherever we wanted. Angel started to tug at the rope, which controlled the direction the boat was going. The harder you tugged, the more it would turn to a side. As I said, Angel kept tugging at it.

Unprepared (mentally) to sink, I was panicking. I just gave her this look and said “Stop pulling it.” Being the awesome friend she was, she said “calm down” and began to tug again. The boat was tipping so I began to get more panicked. I forgot to mention that I was an absolute wimp back then even though I was pretty pro at swimming (I had 5 years of lessons) XD

Angel then let go, which was also a very bad move because we lost control of the rope and most of us were getting whacked by the sail. Since we let go, the boat was tipping the other way.

Everybody began to panic at this point. XD Especially me.

The boat began to sink and pretty much everyone but me jumped on. As for me, being the pussy I was, I sat on the tip of the boat, terrified.

Eventually I jumped in and it was fine! We just bobbed in the water, waiting for the speed boat to come and get us. When it did, we began to swim over to get lifted onto it to get back to the land.

As I was swimming, the rope, that Angel was pulling at, wrapped around my leg. The boat was three quarters under the water so the rope was pulling me down. My first instinct was to hold Angel’s arm but I actually ended up pulling her down with me.

If one goes down, we all go down!

I’m kidding! I didn’t pull her down with me. I had to let go of her arm as soon as I realised it wasn’t helping.

To save myself, I had to go down and actually try and unwrap the rope but the water was so unclear and dirty, it wouldn’t be any use so I had to take off my shoe. That shoe is probably still at the bottom of the lake. Eh, it wasn’t mine anyway! We had to borrow shoes from the place we were at so their loss! XD

I was shaking with fear on that speed boat! And no one understand why! I told them and they were just like “You had a life vest…”

The rope was a lot stronger than the stupid life vest!!!


That’s probably why I’m slightly scared of open water.