Japanese Psychology Game!


That’s hello in Italian by the way. XD


I have returned from my wo-man cave, aka my room!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy…..

That sounds like a legit excuse, right?!


Anyway, recently I came across this Japanese psychology game. But you already knew that, I’m guessing, unless you’re a weirdo and skipped the title. And if you did, weird isn’t a bad thing! (Please don’t kill me.)


This game is supposed to reveal aspects of your personality, even bits you might not have known. Also, it’s not actually a game. More of a quiz.

I’m going to write out the quiz below and then tell you what my answers (what I pictured) were when I first did it.


Imagine you’re walking through a desert…and you see a cube. How big is this cube? What material is it made out of? And how far is the cube from the ground?

Somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder. Where is it in relation to the cube? And what is the ladder made of?

Picture a horse next to the cube and ladder. Is it wearing anything? (Reins, saddle, etc.) Now what is the horse doing?

Now imagine  flowers somewhere in the scene. How many are there? And how far away are they from the cube?

Lastly, there’s a storm starting. How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse, and flowers? And are you scared of it?

Now remember all of that!


My answers:

The cube I saw was slightly bigger than an ordinary rubix cube and was made of glass. It was sitting in the sand.

The ladder was standing slightly behind the right of the cube and was made of metal.

The horse wasn’t wearing anything and it was standing right next to the ladder and at one point I imagine it’s hoof on the bottom step.

So this is what I found funny. XD I imagined tons of flowers behind the cube, ladder and horse. They weren’t too far, they were just in the background.

The storm was very near it all and I think I was more concerned than scared.


What it all means!

The size of the cube is the size of your ego. XD I’m glad I imagined quite a small cube. The transparency of the cube represents how open you are with people. Mine was completely transparent so apparently I’m EXTREMELY open with people. The closer it is to the ground, the more grounded you are. So I guess I’m a pretty grounded peson. 😉

The distance between the ladder and cube shows how close you are with your friends. So I’m pretty close with my friends. If the ladder is leaning on the cube it means your friends can lean on you for support. The sturdier the material of the ladder, the stronger your bonds are with people.

If the horse was tied up or saddled, you like more control in relationships. And the wilder the horse, the wilder you like your relationships. I’m a bit of a wild one, then.

Here’s the best bit. XD The more flowers you pictured, the more children you want. I imagined the whole background of the scene with flowers! I told you I was a wild one. 😉 XD The closer the flowers are with the cube, the more you’re thinking about kids.

The storm represents stress. The closer and more threatening it is, the more stressed you currently are.


So do you think that was accurate?

Tell me what you imagined in the comments! 😀


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3

Imagine If…

I thought about this last night and I thought it would make a great post! 🙂


Imagine if…

  • …Time travelling was real, right now. Would life be really messed up?
  • …You were born a day later or earlier. I strongly believe in the butterfly effect so I think things could be different.
  • …You forgot your yesterdays as easily as dreams. So basically, imagine if there was an absence of norepinephrine, which is something that plays a key role in memory, every day! Imagine if our days were blurry and hard to remember, basically.
  • …All the space stuff, that we learn about, isn’t real. Very unlikely but possible. It could all be a lie.
  • …Our generation was actually more prepared for two hours without electricity than a zombie apocalypse.
  • …Benjamin Franklin was never born.
  • …There was no continental drift or the land split differently.
  • …Earth didn’t have a moon. I’m pretty sure we would be dead or wouldn’t even exist.
  • …You could travel to the different planets, on holiday, as easily as travelling to a different country.
  • …WordPress didn’t exist!
  • …People could have natural crazy coloured hair like natural blue or pink or green or purple imaginationhair, etc.
  • …You could just wipe off your spots in the morning, if you have any, like that magical makeup wiping towel thing.
Those are just some things you can think about. 😉
Comment any more you have!
Go on an adventure.
-Shay :3

Lucid Dreaming…

We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. So that’s about 1/3 of our lives unconscious.

1/3 of my life right now would be five years. Within five years, I could’ve achieved so much.


About a year and a half ago, I became aware of this statistic and I found it astonishing how I could actually make use of that time, even if I am sleeping.

Lucid dreaming.


Lucid dreaming isn’t just being conscious during your REM sleep periods. You have the ability to control it and explore into your mind with no limits. Literally, you could do anything from revising for a test to flying.

You can even become fitter, but I’m not going to get too into that because it require a long explanation so I’ll leave you to research that, if you want to find out more.


This post isn’t really a guide on how to lucid dreaming because it takes A LOT more than words to help you do that. And it take A LOT more than ten minutes of your time.


So yeah, I’ve been on the ‘path’ to lucid dreaming for about a year and a half now. Sometimes it takes as much as fifteen years of practise to becoming lucid in your dreams frequently (everyday, maybe) so it does require a lot of determination and patience.

I have become lucid in my dreams before, of course, but even people, who don’t set an intention to lucid dream have probably done it too. In fact, the majority of you reading this have probably been in one too but most of the time, you won’t remember it and it was probably just a semi-lucid dream. For me, most of the time I’m usually in a semi-lucid state but I’ve also been in a witnessing state and very very few fully lucid. And by very few I mean like three in my lifetime. XD

I remember one fully lucid dream I had was when I decided I wanted to fly. (Typical.) It wasn’t in the sky, it was just in the house. I’m not really sure why but it felt so real. I remember thinking that I was in reality but there was this weird feeling I had. It felt like I was really light and had so much freedom. It’s hard to explain. 🙂

The rest of the dreams I have, I usually know I’m in a dream but I don’t do anything about it. So I don’t try to control it.


Techniques I use:

I use the MILD technique during school days and the Wake, Back to Bed technique for weekends and holidays. These techniques actually disrupt your sleep but it works quite well, as long as you keep at it for a while.

The MILD technique is waking up two hours earlier, during your REM sleep period. You have to make sure you’re in the waking state but not absolutely awake, that you can’t go back to sleep. You set your intention to lucid dream. So you can say “I will lucid dream when I fall back to sleep” or something along the lines of that and it stays within your sub conscious. You might think this is some sort of placebo to your brain but it does work.

The Wake, Back to Bed technique is when you wake up two hours before you’re supposed to wake up, like the MILD technique, but this time you stay awake for about an hour. Your body will still be full of sleep hormones at this time. You fall back to sleep, after about an hour is up, and your chances of being lucid in your dreams will increase.

Other techniques, which are actually essential, are noticing dream signs, doing frequent reality checks in the waking state, and becoming aware of when your lucid dreams occur.


But what’s the point?

Lucid dreaming can open you up to possibilities, you can’t even experience in the waking state. You can fly, explore the ocean, experience your first kiss, dance with a tiger, talk to the moon. You can literally do anything.

But being adventurous isn’t the only thing you can do. Lucid dreaming involves your sub conscious. You sub conscious holds your fears, too.

itsneverjustadreamYou can actually speak to projections of your sub conscious to overcome fears. There’s a man, who was a ten year nicotine addict. During his lucid dream, he told a projection of his sub conscious to help him stop and to distract him whenever he thought about smoking. He no longer smokes! This is actually called self-inception. You can basically implant an idea into your own sub conscious to set an intention to achieve something. You can implant the idea of overcoming your fear of spiders, maybe.


Lucid dreams are like normal dreams. They’re easy to forget, which is why keeping a dream journal is significant to lucid dreaming. I’ve only had mine for half the time I’ve been lucid dreaming because I wasn’t actually aware that it was required. Dream journals help to notice dream signs, which is one of the key elements to spotting that you’re lucid in your dreams. A dream sign I have is that I always seem to be in huge buildings, with many floors and I’m always running.

Your dreams are symbolic. Nightmares are just a part of your sub conscious trying to tell you to give attention to that part of your mind. Nightmares are dreams reflecting on your life. So a traumatic experience you’ve had can be the reason you get a lot of nightmares. A woman used lucid dream to get over her abuser. She faced him in the dream, which made her face him in real life. Instead of running from something like a demon, that it chasing you, turn around and hug it. This is facing your nightmares. Facing them will dissolve it and the trauma in the waking state.


So lucid dreaming is a lot more than just being conscious within your dreams.

I didn’t mention everything I could’ve about lucid dreaming because this post would be very long but if you do want to know more, I’ll be happy to make a second post about it! 🙂



Within our Universe!

So we live on Earth. You already knew that… I hope.

Earth is within the Solar System.

The Solar System is in the Milky Way, which is the name of our galaxy.

Our solar system is literally a dot in comparison to how big our galaxy is.


There are galaxies that make the Milky Way look like a dot, such as IC 1011, which is the name of another galaxy, which is 6,000,000 light years wide! Considering that our galaxy is already huge, imagine what could be inside IC 1011!

And I cannot believe for a second that in our whole universe, with all these huge galaxies, all these solar systems, and all these planets and stars, that we are the only living creatures inside it all.


There is actually proof that there are parallel universes. So as I am writing this post and as you are reading it, there are many versions of ourselves doing the exact same thing but in the parallel universe. It would take me too long to go through the scientific evidence and mainstream theories of parallel universes but you can click here to look at an article about it.

In addition to this, there are a lot of conspiracy theories that state parallel universes exist. For example, the Berenstein bears. Or should I say Berenstain bears. There are so many people who remembered it with an E in not an A. Some believe that a parallel universe travelled through our own universe and there was a slight glitch, I guess you could say, and it changed the spelling. It’s a crazy idea, I know. XD This is actually called the Mandela Effect. It strangely makes sense, though, and there is a huge amount of people, who agree with this.

Black holes could be like tunnels into the different universes.


To what extent do you agree with this idea/theory?


I know I used to post a lot of deep sided posts and scientific, extravagant ideas like this and then I kind of stopped because my head is so full of them, that it’s just so hard to put into words. But, I think I might start doing that again because I love reading things like that and I know for sure I am not to only one! 🙂




Solar Eclipse.

Let’s get one thing straight before I start: a solar eclipse is pretty rare because it only happens around every fifteen years, I believe.

Since I am a millennium baby and was born in 2000, I’ve never lived through a solar eclipse before.

Unfortunately living in London, it is always cloudy and the sky is literally always a pure white or dull grey.

So at 9:10 am, our physics teacher took us out onto the fields to watch the solar eclipse happen.CAh4jfcWgAAXhuc Lots of people were saying that it’s too cloudy and we’ll only see a small glimpse of it. I had hope, though. I thought that I would see it enough to take a good picture of it. But living in London, the only thing we felt from the solar eclipse happening was the drop in temperature. The sky was still pure white and we saw nothing. NOTHING! The sky was absolutely covered in clouds.

Totally worth it.

In fact the most interesting thing that happened in that thirty minutes of waiting and staring at the sky was a long worm, with half of its body in the ground and the rest outside.

It was quite disappointing but at least I was there at the time it happened.

It might have just been the area we were in so I’m just speaking from where we were.

It wasn’t a total waste of our time. Some good came out of it…like we got to take our phones out without any of the teachers confiscating it or yelling at us and we also got to miss what would’ve been a Physics revision lesson on the birth and death of a star.

I’ll just have to wait another fifteen years for the next one.

Of course, I’ll try not to be in London the next time. XD

Apart from the disappointment from that, it’s now Spring! Even Google is celebrating it…and they’re also celebrating the solar eclipse but let’s not talk much more about that…

Did any of you see the solar eclipse?



More Theories!

More theories….


So it’s Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th Birthday today!!! When I was about ten and all the kids were watching Adventure Time and Disney Channel, I was playing it old school and was watching Little House On The Prairie! Yeah…I was a weird kid. Eventually I got back into reality and became obsessed with Disney Channel so that’s where my life got messed up! XD

Anyways, I have another theory!
I was in my physics lesson, yesterday and my teacher was talking about how we’ll never be able to find the centre of the universe because it’s expanding and it all looks the same. She demonstrated with the room and said imagine there is an ant walking around the room. The ant will see all the tables and will go around it, like with planets. Because it’s so small, it won’t know where the centre of the room is, even if we know, because to him (yes, the ant will be a boy) it looks the same.

That got me thinking! image

What if there is something bigger than us, a whole other species watching over us? Like we were with the ant. What if they know where the centre of the universe is? There’s not much logic but it could be slightly possible. Maybe. Maybe the universe is like a sea. It’s just a small section of the other specie’s world. To them, we could be sea creatures. Of course, they would probably call it something else. We could even be their bacteria! Maybe we’re that small!

I have so many theories floating around in my head and I just don’t know which one to express in this post right now!!! Argh!!!

What if a black hole sucked in the whole universe? What would be left?

Just black?

Why do I have deep thoughts all the time?

I’m sorry! You’re either really bored or really intrigued or really annoyed because I might sound stupid…

But it can’t be that stupid because they’re just theories! 🙂

You can re-blog this if you want and write in your own thoughts because I really love hearing people’s theories!!! Like, I seriously do!




Since a few of the past posts have been slightly scientific, psychological and philosophical, I thought…why shove that vibe out the way, when we can write another post like the others! And because of how geeky I can be, I’m OBSESSED with Space and planets and I thought this post might be quite interesting to some of you, maybe enough for you to post your own opinion so I can see what your thoughts are towards this subject!

Warning: The following content may explode your mind with thoughts or kill you from boredom. Read at your own risk.

You thought our sun – The Sun – was big (not the newspaper), well rethink that. Firstly, however, before I hop into anything, I’m going to state the facts:

The Sun is a mighty 1.4 million km across (870,000 miles). The Sun accounts for 99.9% of all the matter in our Solar System. In fact, you could fit one million planet Earths inside the Sun.

Yeah, well…

VY Canis Majoris (it means greater dog in Latin) is actually the largest star known to man kind, in the Universe!

This red hypergiant star is by far the largest known. It has an estimated radius between 1800 and 2100 times the radius of our Sun. With this size it would reach nearly to the orbit of Saturn if placed in our solar system. The star is located roughly 4,900 light-years from Earth in the constellation Canis Majoris, where Sirius, the brightest star known, is situated.

Imagine if it exploded, which will happen.

That would cause such a HUGE devastation to Earth.

Sounds cool now until it actually happens and there’s absolutely no escape…

Another thing that I thought was quite cool was that there are at least a billion galaxies in the Universe, which includes ours. You might not agree with me on this because it isn’t factual but I just find it really cool and mysterious! Out of all the galaxies, a whole billion of them (plus) might I add, there has to be at least one other galaxy with a planet that contains life. We can’t be the only planet with life on it! Say Kepler, the planet they just discovered that holds water and resouces that could contain life. There’s hope there, right? But what I find weird is, what if the life on the planet doesn’t need water to live. What if it’s only us. We’re talking about a whole other planet’s life form, not an Earth’s animal species. But I wouldn’t know…maybe I’m just being stupid…

But still… 🙂

And did you know that tides only occur because the magnetic field around earth and the moon tug?

I’m getting way to excited with this!

I need to stop…

Have you ever had thoughts like these? Have you ever seen a shooting star or an eclipse?

By the way, the next solar eclipse, which will be a Total Eclipse, is on March 20th 2015, visible in Iceland, Europe, North Africa and Northern Asia so keep an eye out for it!!!



Brain Power Response

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

So, the average human only uses 10% (so they say) of their brain and even before this post, a few years ago, I kept thinking about the other 90%!!!

I actually wrote a speech/essay that was never heard by anyone else but me and I think it’s kind of time to let it out.

Say the supernatural was a common thing. Everyone calls it supernatural…but why? I understand that they think it’s more than natural, that it’s more powerful but imagine humans used the whole 100% of their brains. That would mean we would be a lot more intelligent, our brains could function in a way to make our reflexes better, to make our awareness, strength, speed, etc, more overpowered. Would the “supernatural” be supernatural then?

lost_in_my_thoughtsSome people don’t believe in psychics and to be honest, I’m not sure if I do or not, but what if they’re just people who use a bit more or even a lot more of their brain than the average human does. Maybe they use  40% of their brain or maybe even 50% or 60%. Maybe people who get déjà vu a lot are actually using a bit more than just 10% of their brain.

Or I could just be talking nonsense and should shut up anytime soon.

But if humans used 100% of their brains, would it be harder to get a job?. Would their be less hope? Would our world be suffering global warming? So much could change if we did use 100% of our brains. Think about it.

What do you think?


Fear and the Psychology of it!

Think of it this way, without fear, our world would be screwed up.

I used to want to be fearless, maybe because I was obsessed with Divergent but I know now, it makes you who you are. It also allows us to stand here today, without having insane and deadly ideas. That’s also the reason why I said our world would be screwed without it.

Fear also makes us vulnerable.

I’m scared of spiders, and arachnophobia is pretty common along with others I might mention…

You’re not scared of heights, you’re scared of falling.

You’re not scared of Rollercoasters, you’re scared of having no control.

You’re not scared of dying, you’re scared of leaving everything, even if it’s the smallest corner of brightness.

You’re not scared of clowns and masks, you’re scared of not knowing who they are and what they’re really feeling/thinking.

There’s always psychology to fear.

I think this year, I’m going to try and face my fears. I didn’t put it on my resolutions because fear is hard to face. And since I saidtumblr_n7ppz6DKTv1qfqg3uo1_500 at the beginning of this blog and as it’s tagline that I’m going to be truthful, I’m going to tell you some of my fears, not in order though.

I’m scared of spiders, first of all. I don’t really know why, to be honest. I’m not scared of any other insects or creepy crawly, it’s just spiders. I find it gross when they walk and how they have webs, even though I find that part kind of cool. The thought of them on my shoulder or hair or anywhere really freaks me out.

I’m scared of being in open water because I don’t know what’s under me and what could happen any second and even though I can swim and used to love to swim, I’ve developed this fear from when I was around ten. Let’s just blame it on the movies where they always kill characters off by drowning them.

Ghosts. I do believe in ghosts and when I was in year seven to around year eight, I had a case of paranoia and whenever I was in darkness and I couldn’t see a thing, I almost felt like screaming. I actually had a dream last night and I was by myself, in the corner of my living room, and all I could hear were screams and the lights kept turning off and on and I kept seeing things. I only remember one of them but it was this transparent women who had her hair in a old fashioned bun, and her clothes were ripped and tattered, and an axe was over her shoulders. I was tempted to ask my sister if she heard me screaming or whimpering at night, since we share the same room, but I guess she would ask me why after and I don’t really like talking about things like that. I think ghosts are my biggest fear. You can’t really escape them, judging from media.

I’m kind of scared of small spaces…it’s not severe though. I know this girl who is really claustrophobic but she exaggerates a lot so I don’t really know if it’s true or not. Anyways, she was really shaky when we had to climb through this tunnel into a ‘home made’ tent thing which was supposed to fill in as a cave. (We were learning about caving! I know it sounds like a seven year olds’ ideal PE lesson.) She couldn’t even get through the tunnel because she was scared. In the end she didn’t go in at all. Basically, my claustrophobia isn’t that bad.

I have a fear of being embarrassed and judged. Let’s just say I’m a very embarrassing person and I’m also very clumsy, which could be a whole post in itself. I mess up things easily, especially in drama. I’m not into acting and performing in front of loads of people, I just get too shy and self conscious. I remember before the Christmas holiday, we had to perform a scene from Hamlet to another class of our year and can I just say that they were so judgmental. Anyways, I said the wrong word when I was meant to say, “Farewell!” Every time I look back, I cringe because I also missed a whole paragraph of dialog, which I never learnt (I was filling in for someone and I was only told that day.) I’m cringing now.

Those aren’t all my fears but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long post if I put them all in here.

Do you have any fears you’d like to comment on? Do you have the same as me?