Little Hiatus!

Due to unfortunate events, my education (in particular my A Levels), I’m going to have to go on a WordPress break until around mid/end of June. 

I planned a post about two weeks ago on Shamima Begum and how the UK government dealt with her but I never got the chance to actually write it because of how busy I was and that was two weeks ago so there’s no way I’m gonna have time  NOW with less than 2 months until my first exam. So yeah.

I will make that post when I come back even though it will be a little later as no one cares anymore. I’m also going to Barcelona with friends so expect something about that. 😏 


Anyways, while I’m away and you’re obviously missing me, enjoy this picture of my sinful cat and my dead daffodil.



P.S If you have exams soon, good luck!!


I’m Going Through Changes.

My monthly post on The Artistics about ‘Transformation’. Make sure to read everyone else’s as the month goes along.

The Artistics

It’s evident you read the title, whether that be from scrolling through the reader or stumbling across this site.

And no, this isn’t about my story of that god forsaken time in life called puberty. This isn’t some horror story post. But I am going through changes.

This month’s theme on The Artistics is ‘Transformation’. The first thing I thought of was Harry Potter or any magical shapeshifting morphing crazy juju business. That was followed by thoughts of Big Mouth. Again, this post isn’t about puberty. I then considered writing a snappy short story or some form of creative writing. And then it sprung to mind, recently, that I was in fact going through transformation. Technically, we all are. At every second of the day.

However, the transformation I’m talking about is the my mindset and my life and my responsibilities.

I am currently 17 and soon to be 18…

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Quick Little Notice

I’m going to make this pretty quick due to the fact it’s quite late and I have to sleep soon!

I know I haven’t posted in a while (I think) and I’m very sorry if anyone was offended by that…I don’t know why you would be but just in case 😂 I won’t be posting for another week because I’m going on my real Duke of Edinburgh expedition, which will be full of blood, sweat and tears. Mainly tears.

And blood. I’m on my period again.

When I get back, I’ll be sure to post about it as well as other regular posts! However, it also means I won’t be able to reply to comments or read anybody else’s posts so I’m also sorry for that! I’ll catch up when I’m back! 😄

Hope you all have a better week than I will…🙃