Astral Travelling.

If you don’t know already, astral travelling is an interpretation of an OBE (Out of Body Experience.) And it’s also said to be a type of lucid dream.

One of my ‘lucid dreaming goals’ is to astral travel and I’m pretty sure it’s a lot easier than I keep imagining it to be.

With the amount of times I have tried to astral travel, you’d think I would have achieved it once but the truth is, I’m slightly scared. XD

Since it’s separating from your physical body, I always think that there’s a possibility that I’ll never get back to my physical body because I might freak out, which is hard to control.

astral travel

I want to try it because even though I’ve heard tons of stories and seen loads of proof that shows it’s possible, I want to actually experience it to believe it. But also, if astral travelling is actually your soul separating from your physical body for a while, doesn’t that mean that the soul can live on after death? There’s said to be a ‘silver chord’ that makes sure that your soul and body are attached so you can come back to it but when you die, that ‘silver chord’ might detach and your soul is forever out in the astral plane, which can also be a reason ghosts could exist.

I also thought that maybe that’s why there’s such thing as malevolent ghosts. (I believe in ghosts, quite obviously, so if you don’t, the rest of what I’m writing is probably BS to you. XD ) Who would want to be just a soul/spirit/ghost forever, unable to interact with people like you would  if you were alive? These ghosts would want a body to live through, right? So that’s why maybe ghosts sometimes ‘haunt’ people, just so they can possess them. I don’t know! XD

That’s also a reason why some people are afraid to astral travel! Bad spirits and ghosts might want to possess a body while the soul is separated from it. But I’m not sure I believe that, myself.


Do you believe in ghosts or anything I just said?


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3