Astral Travelling.

If you don’t know already, astral travelling is an interpretation of an OBE (Out of Body Experience.) And it’s also said to be a type of lucid dream.

One of my ‘lucid dreaming goals’ is to astral travel and I’m pretty sure it’s a lot easier than I keep imagining it to be.

With the amount of times I have tried to astral travel, you’d think I would have achieved it once but the truth is, I’m slightly scared. XD

Since it’s separating from your physical body, I always think that there’s a possibility that I’ll never get back to my physical body because I might freak out, which is hard to control.

astral travel

I want to try it because even though I’ve heard tons of stories and seen loads of proof that shows it’s possible, I want to actually experience it to believe it. But also, if astral travelling is actually your soul separating from your physical body for a while, doesn’t that mean that the soul can live on after death? There’s said to be a ‘silver chord’ that makes sure that your soul and body are attached so you can come back to it but when you die, that ‘silver chord’ might detach and your soul is forever out in the astral plane, which can also be a reason ghosts could exist.

I also thought that maybe that’s why there’s such thing as malevolent ghosts. (I believe in ghosts, quite obviously, so if you don’t, the rest of what I’m writing is probably BS to you. XD ) Who would want to be just a soul/spirit/ghost forever, unable to interact with people like you would  if you were alive? These ghosts would want a body to live through, right? So that’s why maybe ghosts sometimes ‘haunt’ people, just so they can possess them. I don’t know! XD

That’s also a reason why some people are afraid to astral travel! Bad spirits and ghosts might want to possess a body while the soul is separated from it. But I’m not sure I believe that, myself.


Do you believe in ghosts or anything I just said?


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3


I’m guessing you read the title of this post so for starters, when I say ‘Dreams’, I don’t mean what I want to be when I’m older or what my ambitions are. I’m talking about dreams as in day dreams and dreams at night.


I’m a huge daydreamer. Something I do way too often. In fact, it’s almost a habit sometimes. Sometimes my Maths teacher is trailing off into an abyss if algebra and I’m staring, blankly, at him, looking like I know what he’s saying and by the end of it, I have no idea what to do. I feel sorry for my friend, who we can code as “Sword Girl” (because she’s obsessed with swords (an anime thing, I’m pretty sure)), because she has to explain what we have to do to me. Although she’s super smart, she’s not a great explainer…but that’s my fault…kind of.


Back to the point! Basically, dreams are a big part of me and to be honest, my dreams can be a lot better than the real world.

I didn’t want to talk about any of the dreams I had but then this post wouldn’t be interesting. I don’t know whether it’s just me but I really don’t like talking about my dreams. It’s like my own world,  just mine. No one else’s but what the heck! I’ll share just a few.

I remember when I was younger, only a few years ago, whenever I was ill (and only when I was ill)IMG_2783 I would have this same dream. I was in this colourful world. It almost looked like everything was made out of colourful plastic blocks. I remember this one man, who I think was like the mayor of the land and he welcomed me to the town. Every time I had the same dream. And I had these friends. I know there was a girl and a boy but they weren’t human. Maybe they were but they looked slightly different. Almost uncanny. I remember by the end of the dream, me and the “friends” had to save somebody. But that person was also bad. It felt weird and I remembered that that bad person was stuck somewhere and they couldn’t escape and if I made one wrong move, the person would perish. It was like trying to save a friend, after finding out they’re a secret serial killer. Outside of the dream, I always felt tense and scared and my heart would pound in my chest. And every time in that dream, that bad person I was saving had my mum’s face. My mum isn’t a bad person but it was like I had to save her even though she was the town villain. Almost every time, when I had that dream, I would end up opening my eyes to see my mum in front of me and I was crying. Apparently, I ran down, crying, saying things. And my mum would explain in the morning. It was strange, I know. I don’t get them anymore but it was a dream I had quite often. And I know it wasn’t a dream in one night because sometimes a dream can feel like it happened before but it didn’t.

Have you ever had a dream like that?
Another dream I have a lot are ones in this little world I think totally reflects my personality. It’s not the same dream but sometimes I notice a small glimpse of a part of it. I’m not going to get into too much of a description but yeah… XD (I’m a bad explainer too)
Dreams are handy too because without them, I would’ve never started to write books. And that’s not only me, dreams have helped to generate ideas for people such as Larry Page. He had a dream and came up with the idea for Google. And so did Dimitri Mendeleyev, who came up with the periodic table! Not only that, dreams sometimes give us a look in on our futures. I know what dêja vu is and I know for sure, a dream I had was not that. I’ve had a dream that came true before. The situation could’ve ended up badly but it didn’t because I remembered my dream and made a different move, that wouldn’t result in a bad ending. That sounded stupid but everything in that moment was the exact same in the dream. It’s not a false thing, people like Abraham Lincoln have also had dreams like that. He dreamed of his assassination.


Did you know that people who were born blind do dream too. They don’t see anything but they use all their other senses. Cool, huh? I thought it was. I also found out that 12% of people dream in black and white and only 40% remember their dreams. I thought it would be more.
I think the greatest thing about dreams, excluding all the other awesome things about dreams, is that you can’t be bad at dreaming and can’t be good at it either and you can’t dream more than another person, unless you don’t sleep or daydream, because everybody has dreams at night. You could have more than twenty dreams at night, which seem to last forever but only last seconds and you only remember one. Crazy.


I have so much to say about dreams that I might make a part two but only if you actually want to read me ramble on into the deep thoughts of dreams.


We were born to be real, not to be perfect.