Bucket List πŸš€

Here’s my bucket list! I’ll definitely be adding more things to it and it would be great if you suggested some:

  • Do something crazy to my hair ( )Β 
  • Go on a road trip ( )Β 
  • Have a bonfire at a beach ( )
  • Stand in two countries at the same time ( )
  • Go scuba diving ( )
  • Go backpacking (βœ”)
  • Swim in Lovers Beach in Mexico ( )
  • Walk through the tunnel of lights in Japan ( )
  • Go skydiving ( )
  • See the whales in Alaska ( )
  • Go through with Camp America ( )
  • Take a photo every day of a year ( )
  • Experience a snowy Christmas ( )
  • Do melted crayon art (βœ”)
  • Leave a note in a library book (βœ”)
  • Visit the Solomon Islands ( )
  • Do a public speech about something I’m passionate about ( )
  • Keep this blog at least until I am twenty five ( )
  • Publish a novel ( )
  • Walk on desert sand (βœ”)
  • Make sketches and little comedy shows/videos ( )
  • Sleep under the stars on a beach ( )
  • Watch the sun go down in a different country (βœ”)
  • Wish on a shooting star (βœ”)
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China ( )
  • Watch the ball drop at Times Square liveΒ ( )
  • Actually see a solar eclipse ( )
  • Have my own personal library ( )
  • Get a cat and name it after my favourite fictional character (βœ”)
  • Send a message in a bottle into the sea ( )
  • Swim with dolphins ( )
  • Do a stand up show ( )
  • Go toΒ six continents ( )
  • See the northern lights ( )
  • Drink from a coconut (βœ”)
  • Own a Polaroid camera (βœ”)
  • Use a fake name in Starbucks ( )
  • Face a fearΒ (βœ”)
  • Go to Dubai and see the current tallest building (βœ”)
  • Go to the premiere of a movie ( )
  • Go to Normandy ( )
  • Go to Switzerland and visit the valleys ( )Β 
  • See the Southern Highlands in Iceland ( )
    Visit British Columbia ( )
  • Finish Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award ( )
  • Try being vegan for at least six months ( )
  • Have no regrets whilst I die ( ) – I probably won’t be able to check this even if it happens XD

28 thoughts on “Bucket List πŸš€

  1. lifeasapotpourri says:

    That’s a cool Bucket List!! πŸ™‚ Melted Crayon Art – i think its a really cool DIY πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and taking pics every single day of a year… thanks for that i had never thought about it and now when i think of it am sure it would be worth seeing how one transforms within a year.
    Happy Blogging!


  2. thinkdigest says:

    Nice blog you’ve got here.
    wow we’ve got few goals in common.
    but except you’ve got a double, how could you stand at the same time in two countries @_@ or do you mean at their borders?
    PS. I’ve completed few of the things on your list yaae!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thinkdigest says:

    Oh well, I’ve done The leave a note in a library book OMG when I read mine after like 4yrs I was like did I write this? -_-#.
    wish on a shooting star,
    have my personal Library,
    drink from the coconut (oh it feels good).
    Ps. the swim with dolphins is gon be awesome can’t wait for when I’ll try it out.

    Liked by 1 person

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