My Favourite Horror Films for Halloween!

It’s Spooky Season, guys, which means PREPARE. TO. POOP. YOURSELF!

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to suggest some of my favourite horror films ever, which you can immerse yourself into this week. I’ve been told I have a great taste in films so I hope I am able to prove that today…


It & It Chapter Two

It follows a group of loser kids (literally, they’re called the Losers’ Club) encountering and trying to defeat this demonic dancing clown, Pennywise, who eats children and projects each child’s worst fear. Sounds horrible, I know.

When I first watched It, I didn’t really like it since I thought it was very creepy and it sort of made me feel uncomfortable, especially having in mind what the actual book by Stephen King is like (it’s very sexual). However, after watching the second film and then re-watching the first, I have grown an appreciation towards both the films. The films have very 3D, interesting, unique characters, all with their own issues and struggles and I think the dynamic between each character is very in depth, which is explored more in the second film. The character development is also very good. The casting of the adult actors to represent the kid versions of the characters was spot on – they look the same! The storyline is pretty generic for a horror film – some form of malicious creature enters and a group of usually young people have to try and stop it – but I liked how Pennywise reflects on each of the kids’ phobias, which makes it a tad bit more unique and scarier. I think the second film was actually better than the first but I may be bias since it was the first horror movie ever that made me genuinely connected and attached to the characters and made me cry. However, it’s not a very scary film, in my opinion (my friend who held onto my arm most of It 2 would disagree).

If you’re into Stranger Things, Super 8, and films like that, It is a good pick for you!


Insidious & Insidious Chapter Two

Insidious and Insidious Chapter Two is basically one big film since you have to watch the second one right after the first. YOU JUST HAVE TO, OKAY?!

Insidious is basically about a family, who move into a new house that they come to believe is haunted. One of the young sons falls into a coma but appears to be possessed by some demon. However, there’s much more to the story than just that, which the parents, along with some psychic woman, come to realise and investigate.

Insidious is a very unique horror film, starting off as a usual horror film but trailing off into something unpredictable and very intriguing. It incorporates concepts like time, the astral plane and demons (of course), which brings you to the edge of your seat and not just because you’re scared. I think Insidious is scary, from what I remember, as it has quite a few jumpscares, but it really makes you think too.

This is probably in my top three horror films because of how unique I think it is. It’s hard to compare it to another film like it but if you’re into strange concepts like dreams and the astral plane as well as ghosts and demons, this is for you.


Incident in a Ghost Land

Incident in a Ghost Land seems like one of those small, low budget, crappy horror films at first but boy are you in for a rollercoaster.

A mum and her two daughters move into a house, they inherited, literally in the middle of nowhere. During the first day of moving, there’s a break in, where they are assaulted but seem to overcome and escape the situation. The film then jumps to years and years later where one of the daughters, who was really into horror writing, is a famous published author, retelling the events that happened when they first moved into that house. However, not everything is as it seems.

This film is one heck of a psychological horror film. It has so many twists and is very unpredictable. It’s rare to find a horror film like this, especially with how well they executed it. At times, it is a little creepy and uncomfortable, but to be honest, it only adds to the intensity and thrill. The whole film, beginning to end, is amazing. It’s a shame that not many people have seen this, let alone even heard of it, because it is a really good film. Highly recommend!


The Sixth Sense

Oooh this is a classic one. But because it is such a classic, I feel like everyone knows how this film pans out even if you haven’t seen it.

The Sixth Sense follows a psychologist (Bruce Willis) trying to help a young boy, who can see dead people. No one, of course, believes the young boy, which is why the psychologist is there to figure out how to treat him. Over time, the psychologist realises the little boy is telling the truth. And some other things too… (I know, I’m great at explaining)

This film, as you may or may not know, has a big twist at the end, which makes you want to watch the whole film again. I watched this one when I was very young so the twist was very unpredictable to me but as an adult, (ew I’m an adult now) I’m not sure if it is unpredictable or not. Anyway, I’ve said too much.

Give this one a go if you’re into big twists or you’ve liked films like The Others.


The Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring Universe consists of:

  1. The Conjuring
  2. Annabelle
  3. The Conjuring 2
  4. Annabelle: Creation
  5. The Nun
  6. The Curse of La Llorona
  7. Annabelle Comes Home
  8. The Conjuring 3 (out in 2020)
  9. The Crooked Man (hasn’t come out yet)
  10. A second The Nun film (hasn’t come out yet)

Although you don’t really need to watch in order (you can actually watch them in chronological order based on the timeline in the story) or you don’t really need to watch all of them, it’s fun to delve into every film and piece all the references and Easter eggs together. There are very very few horror films that scare me but The Conjuring Universe can definitely make me scream. It’s even scarier to think that it’s all based on true stories.

If you actually want to be scared this Halloween, I would suggest one of these.


Horror that Plays with your Senses

I’ve become a big fan of films that play with your senses such as:

  • A Quiet Place (the characters live in a world where these monsters are attracted to sounds so they can’t speak)
  • Hush (a deaf woman is harassed and attacked by a killer)
  • Birdbox (the characters commit suicide if they look at these creatures out in the world so they basically have to cover their eyes most of the time)
  • Don’t Breathe (a few people break into a blind veteran’s house but find that he is CRAAAZY so they have to be super quiet)

The great thing about these types of films is that it makes you think and consider situations without one of your senses, which is actually quite scary. All the films I listed above are very different from each other but are all very good. A Quiet Place is very well done, from the casting to the storyline, it doesn’t disappoint. Hush is an interesting one but a little predictable. Birdbox is very different but also quite predictable. I also don’t think Birdbox is that scary. Don’t Breathe is a really intense one and had me on the edge of my seat. It’s pretty scary and I think it’s unpredictable due to the ending.



Split is about a man, with dissociative identity disorder (or multiple personality disorder), who kidnaps three teenage girls. His persoanlity alters a lot, from a serious man with OCD to a young boy named Hedwig, there are many different identities that are contained within him and are explored. This film is very deep. It explores what dissociative identity disorder is, which I think was so interesting. I’ve never really watched a film that explores the disorder like that. James McAvoy, who plays the main character, did an amazing job. Good on him.

This film, I think, is a hit or miss for people. I know lots of people who really liked this film and some who didn’t. I, personally, think it’s a really good film. The acting is amazing, the storyline, concepts and themes are amazing. The ending is great too because it leads into the film, Glass (I haven’t seen it yet but I’m sure it’s even better).


Cabin in the Woods

This film require some patience and a sense of humour. It starts off as the most convential, generic horror film ever, with a group of young adults staying in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, doing stupid things that you shouldn’t do in horror films like going out into the woods in the middle of the night. This can be very annoying to

begin with but as you keep watching the film, you begin to realise why the filmmakers wanted it to be conventional because let me tell you, the ending is definitely not conventional. It’s almost funny. I loved this film for its ending. It may seem silly but I think it’s quite clever.

If you’ve watched many horror films, particularly the classics like Scream, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc, this is a good one for you to watch. I can’t say why because it will spoil it but just as a little hint, it kind of makes fun of convential horror films. BUT it’s nothing like the Scary Movie franchise, where it deliberately points out specific films and makes fun of them. It’s not that scary either.

And…if none of what I said can make you watch Cabin in the Woods, Chris Hemsworth is in it.


I hope you add any of these to your ‘Must Watch’ lists, whether or not you celebrate Halloween.

I’ll be back soon with a spooky but not scary list of films you can watch this Halloween.


Have you seen any of these films already? Please reccomend me any of your own horror films you think I would like.



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