Avengers: Infinity War HAD ME SHOOK!

Last year, I was standing in the rain, with a work colleague (long story). We geeked out a bit about our love for superheroes and he told me about his excitement for Infinity War and, presuming he already read the comics, he described the superheroes in it and how it was a two part film and boy, I was bouncing off my feet. I couldn’t wait for it! Every time I watched the trailer, I grew more and more impatient. And that’s why as soon as I heard it had come out, I made instant plans with a friend to go see it, the day after it came out.


And it. had. me. shooketh.


The film was great and surprisingly very funny, much more than it has been in previous Avengers films (but that’s just my opinion) which I came to the conclusion was probably due to the fact that it was dealing with a serious, intricate plot, which would both bore non-fans and annoy a lot of people (if you know, you know). It also had me emotionally invested.

I recommend going to see it, even if you aren’t a big comic book fan, and just a small suggestion, wait until even after the credits roll.




For anyone, who has already seen it in cinemas, you already know what I’m going to be talking about.


Infinity War, to sum it up, is about the avengers (Hulk, Iron Man, our latest addition, Spider-Man, etc), including other heroes e.g the guardians of the galaxy and Doctor Strange, who join forces to fight and prevent Thanos, an incredibly powerful villain (in fact their most powerful one yet) from obtaining all six infinity stones and basically ruining the world and the universe and existence.

It’s pretty deep.


And my poor baby Loki died (for the second time) right at the very beginning of the film, before I properly even settled down in my seat. 😦


The Ending?

At the very end of the film, Thanos does manage to obtain the six stones, which seemed inevitable, especially as there was only one out of millions of outcomes where the superheroes were going to win, according to Doctor Strange, who also gave up his Time stone to Thanos. In addition, upon Strange’s “death” (along with many other superheroes, such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, etc, and other people “vanishing-to-dirt-and-dust deaths”) he states ‘this was the only way’. I found it particularly shocking for Doctor Strange to just give up the stone so easily and let’s be real, he’s a smart guy. AND so, I think that maybe his act of giving up the stone may have seemed like a failure but in the long-run, may propel the storyline into victory. Also there’s a part two, which will be the final Avenger’s film, so I’m presuming there is some sort of success and “closure”.


When people started dissolving into dust, I noticed that it wasn’t random. Yes, well loved characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nick Fury and Black Pather died but who was left to potentially salvage our beloved characters?

Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor.

And what does that mean…?

They’re all basically the OGs of the avengers, which implies that they will unite, like the very first Avengers team up, and together defeat the evil alien, Thanos. To support this, Infinity War is based roughly on Infinity Gauntlet, written by Jim Starlin in 1991, in which at the end of issue one, Thanos kills a vast amount of the universe and its existence with the snap of his fingers, similarly to the film. And that’s just issue one. After this, well known heroes team up to fight back, which is also very similar to our OGs surviving at the end of Infinity Way, hinting they will reunite and attack back. It also means there’s a lot of pressure being enforced on them.


Future Films and The Logo at the End!

At the very end of the film, like the very very end, after the credits that seemed to go on forever, Nick Fury and Maria Hill make an appearance, where they too dissolve but just as Nick Fury crumbles away, he drops a small, old fashioned device where the camera shows something being sent and then a small logo. And that logo was in fact the Captain Marvel logo.



So what about Avengers 4?
I don’t have much of a theory. I think that Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk will be the ones depended on to save the entire universe and most importantly, saving Groot. I also believe that Bruce Banner will Hulk out and turn green since he did not in the first film and had a bit of trouble doing so.
I also think that Tony Stark will have a major role to play, not that he doesn’t already. As I said before, Doctor Strange is a smart man and even said that he would without hesitation sacrifice the lives of Peter and Tony if it means saving the universe. But he ends up saving Tony and giving up the stone to Thanos, which could indicate that Tony needs to be alive for things to proceed into victory for them.
I also think there will be a lot of time travel or at least, a lot of time related stuff.


Also, Peter Parker looked like he was discovering his spider sense, which also may be a hint into something, even if it’s not about the next Avengers film.


Although I strongly believe the characters who “died” will be back, I also think that there will be ones that remain dead: Loki, Gamora and Vision. RIP.


 And…umm…shoutout to all the people who weren’t in the epic crossover…


What did you think of the film and what are your theories?



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