Fictional Bucket List!

I’ve seen loads of little posts on Instagram from tumblr and pinterest about things people would want to do with their favourite characters – the fictional bucket list.

I then came across InAMessyWorld ‘s blog post on her fictional bucket list so I got a bit inspired so credit to her for my inspirations 😀 (And I guess credit to Tomes with Tea, for inspiring her.)


My Fictional Bucket List:

Play wizard’s chess with Hermione Granger


Play hide and seek with Coraline in the other world (and we can twin cause I always wear a yellow coat)


Prank Dwight with Jim


Visit the Hundred Acre Woods (I’ve actually been to the place that inspired the fictional version)


Swing around NY with Spider Man (Tom Holland version obviously… XD )


Go to one of Gatsby’s parties


Go on an adventure in a shared dream with Cobb and Ariadne


Be mischievous with Gumball and Darwin


Travel across the multiverse with Team Flash (and meet my doppelgangers)


Go to one of Ross’ weddings


Solve a crime with Scooby Doo and the gang


Go crazy and let loose with Harley Quinn


Shoot some walkers with Carl Grimes (R.I.P Never Forgotten ❤ )


Reach the highest level of SAO with Kirito and Asuna


Make fetch happen with Gretchen


Fly around with Baymax


Explore Wonderland and have a tea party with the Mad Hatter



Stare at Dylan O’Brien inside the Glade the whole time


What would be on your fictional bucket list?



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