Who Came Up With The Idea…?

I went out the other day with my dad and sister and we went to this really cute waffle place for lunch. My dad had ordered a breakfast waffle, despite the time of day, and I sat in my seat, daydreaming off into space, as I do, and once I had been brought back to reality, I found myself staring at an egg. Just an egg frying.

And I wondered. Who decided it would be a good idea to get this white oval thing, that came out of a chicken’s butt, crack it and eat it?

So I did my research and realised that back in the day, humans used to hunt for their food and tasted everything that didn’t smell disgusting or dangerous. And the discovery that eggs were edible probably emerged very early on in the timeline of human existence. As well as this, other mammals ate eggs too (and of course, still do).


It got me thinking about the other origin of ideas that seem very strange or very smart and so I’m going to compile a list of them without doing any research on it (for now):


Initially Strange Ideas:

  • The initial idea to pull crackers on Christmas (I know there’s usually a little note with info on it but I honestly forgot what it says.)
  • The decision to keep and look after animals in your own house
  • First suggestion to make a wish on a shooting star
  • First person to burn leaves and smoke it
  • The decision to use fungus to make alcoholic drinks from grains and fruits
  • The beginning of the myth the moon is made of cheese
  • The decision to use paper as an exchange for items and products
  • The idea that ribbed flared trousers look good XD
  • The realisation of death (I know this sounds stupid but I mean like realising they’re not asleep, etc. Makes sense in my head.)
  • The concept that ties make you look sophisticated
  • The initial idea that an extremely skinny waist is attractive and desired
  • Crocs
  • The idea that dark colours are ‘depressing’
  • The idea that white symbolizes ‘purity’ and ‘innocence’
  • The idea of phones and communication via satellites (I feel like I’ve already learnt this at school…)
  • Idea of slime
  • The idea that black skin and darker skins, generally, were inferior to light skin even though continents like Africa had more resources
  • The idea women were inferior to men even though women literally shoot out other humans
  • Beginning of modern oral languages
  • The first ever religion
  • First idea to shave hair off our bodies
  • My sister says: Idea of the shape of a love heart (I actually know this one but thought it might be something other people might question)
  • Who came up with the actual concept of time
  • The initial idea of memes and the first ever meme
  • First person to decide/create ‘bad/forbidden words’
  • The initial idea of the tooth fairy

Feel free to answer any of them, even if some of them are obvious and just me being stupid. XD

Also, comment your own initially strange ideas like the eating eggs one and I could make a part two.



15 thoughts on “Who Came Up With The Idea…?

  1. faraztunezhaidr says:

    First ever religions are the ones that dont exist anymore. Examples include that of the ancient Iraqis and Egyptians (who have mainly converted to Islam). The earliest existing religion now is Hinduism, which is primarily in India

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  2. TheUnknownWiki says:

    This is so weirdly interesting. I’m also thinking:
    why do we have to wear clothes and why it’s “shameful” if we don’t
    Why we sit on chairs
    Why we need mirrors to see ourselves, or why we need to see ourselves in the first place
    Why we have to write from left to right

    This are probably just stupid and super obvious because I’m just looking around my room…

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