I am truly disgusted at the world.

To have thought that the world was gradually becoming more accepting and better was by far from the truth.

It’s incredible how educated someone claims to be, but is incredibly old fashioned, ignorant and thoughtless.

Banning Muslims from getting into the US? Really?

Oh right, I forget, they’re all terrorists. The same way all women are weak and unable to protect themselves. Same way all teenagers deserve discipline and lessons on manners.

Did you know that only 2 Americans are killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants annually. Compare this to 21 Americans getting killed annually by ARMED TODDLERS. Or even 11,737 Americans being shot by another American. Approximately 5 Americans are killed annually due to far right-winged terrorists. An average of 5! This is an average of 26 less deaths in comparison to death by lightning (31 deaths a year) to Americans.

And I am astonished that of all things, Trump must blame all Muslims, who are all humans. Muslims, who are terrified of living on the Earth that we all belong on. Muslims, who are being accused of horrible things and being shamed on.

And to just think that people voted for this man. People were for the idea of building a wall to stop Mexicans from coming in. People were agreeing with a man, who thinks that global warming is a hoax, who thinks that all Muslims cause terrorism.

I mean if this so called educated man wants to stop such conflict, why is he causing so much himself.

Just when we thought that the world was getting back, we have to take a step back to a time when people were torturing Jews.

Trump, a sexist, racist, discriminative, ignorant man. And even though Hilary Clinton did win the popular vote with 43 percent but Trump still maintained 46.7 per cent. That should not have happened.

My support goes out to everyone who are scared right now. Be strong, not everyone is on Trump’s side and there will be people fighting against him, protesting and supporting one another. We need to have hope.



7 thoughts on “Trump.

  1. Evie says:

    I am so scared. So so scared. This man is spreading fear like wild fire. He is making up lies and going against even the simplest things America stands for. I am still in complete and utter shocked that he was even considered to be president nonetheless that it actually happened. It is going to be a rocky road but I believe we will make it. The thing is he is trying to fight by dividing people. What good is an army if
    no one is willing to stand together. But we are fighting by holding hands, all together. You see the difference? And as history shows love always wins 🙂

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    • Shay says:

      I’m scared for so many people’s lives. I am also in utter shock that people considered voting for him and support his decisions. And you’re right, he may be trying to divide people but his ignorance and aggression is actually brining people together, closer and stronger.

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