Dark Skin.

This is gonna be hard to write.


I have dark skin. Darker than what some people consider beautiful.


I don’t know if I’ve said this before, out loud anyway, but I was once ashamed of my own skin colour. I grew up watching channels like Disney. And all the main characters were white. Except Raven, and you gotta love her! 🙂 But things like this effected me, terribly. I never saw anyone that looked like me and even now, I barely do.


I didn’t get as much racism, growing up. Not as much as some people do and I’m appreciative of that, I really am but it’s still so disgusting to hear what other people say.


And it’s hard talking about it to other people because they’ll never understand. In fact, I did tell some people, who didn’t have dark skin and they laughed. They laughed. I didn’t want to say anything at the time because I don’t like making people feel bad, but now I don’t care. How insensitive and thoughtless to laugh at a racial issue like that.


I wish that there were darker skinned characters in animes, instead of constantly seeing pale skin, which is by far what I have. I hate having to research into skin makeup just to suit my colour, or to even see if they have my colour.

It’s ridiculous.


I heard one white girl say once “Racism doesn’t exist anymore.” But what do she know? Maybe to her, since it’s unlikely she’s experienced much racism in her entire life. If you had darker skin you would understand.

It’s hard to shrug off or make a joke out of it to lighten the mood. It can crush you down, make your day, week even, feel miserable.


In Summer, when we would go on holiday to places like Greece or even places like Butlins, I would feel so awkward, being the minority that had darker skin. I always felt nervous and anxious because I didn’t want dirty looks. And I’m embarrassed to say that. I’m embarrassed because I look at other people, with dark skin and I think they look beautiful. I think the deep colours are a gift but I just can’t accept that on myself.



We weren’t born, hating people for their skin colour, we weren’t born racists. Babies and children play with whoever they want and they don’t choose based on skin colour. So we weren’t born racist.


And I feel so ashamed by how much I hated myself, for other things, but also because of my skin colour.

And I KNOW I’m not the only one.

There are too many ‘skin lightening’ creams and ‘skin bleaching’ creams, mostly made by Asian companies, just to fit in. Because lighter skin is beautiful. Lighter skin will get you further in life. Lighter skin will make you happier, with a better life.


It needs to change.


Everything needs to change. Think about what happened in America recently with the police! White privilege does exist. And even though you’re not a bad person for having it, it’s ignorant to deny it.

I found an analogy about inequality: Imagine sitting at dinner and you notice you have slightly less food on your plate in comparison to your brothers or sisters. You ask your mum for more and she says “I can only give you more if I give everyone else more, because everyone is equal”. Even though the standards are already unequal, you can’t get more unless everyone gets more. There are so many people promoting equality even though some people are clearly more oppressed than others.


The media need to stop portraying white skin as the only type of beautiful or model-worthy skin. Society needs to change. We all need to change.

We need to stop the racism, the absolutely hilarious (sarcasm)  jokes about dark skin, carelessness towards racism and learn to love the diverse skin colour on the Earth. And stop the violence and conflict.


Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by its colour.


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3

25 thoughts on “Dark Skin.

  1. Kitty says:

    I have relatively pale skin, but I’m still Asian. I never really received much racism before but the lack of Asians in media really bothers me. Yes, racism still exists and we need to do something about it. Sure, society is slowly improving, but it isn’t enough.
    Great post. Thanks for writing this. xx

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    • Shay says:

      Yeah! I think there needs to be more diversity in terms of the media, etc. Society is improving, and I’m thankful for that, but at the same time, I feel like it’s also being a bit slow, if that makes sense. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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  2. Ruth says:

    I’ve dark skin and living in the Netherlands, I’m always part of the minority. It used to bother me a little, because people would make stupid jokes or say things without thinking about what they are saying. Now, though, I’m less sensitive for other people’s comments. I just still find it very difficult to understand why this issue is even there. We are born one way or another and that has nothing to do with the person we are. I just really confuses me how some people still don’t get this. Everybody should be proud of the color of their skin whether it’s pale or dark or in between. Lovely post XX

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    • Shay says:

      Yeah, I don’t completely understand the stupid jokes people make either, because firstly it’s not funny so what are they trying to prove. I’m glad that you’re stronger now but at the same time, you didn’t deserve to feel insecure.
      Exactly, skin colour shouldn’t be the cause of violence. It’s stupid and doesn’t make much sense.
      Thank you! x 🙂

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  3. happyalexx says:

    This was so powerful. I am white and live in a very white area, but I’m so aware of my white privilege. People now overlook racism because they think it does not exist, but it does, it really really does and it sucks that a beautiful little girl can’t feel beautiful because of her skin colour. Racism is a primitive idea of fear and an unnecessary and unjustified concept. It needs to stop and people like you talking about your experiences openly is a step towards change. And by the way, I love the quote at the end 🙂

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    • Shay says:

      Thank you! I guess people think racism doesn’t exist anymore because things are more modern now and it seems like we’re improving as a society but yeah, it still does exist, more in some other countries.
      Thank you so much, I thought it was a bit too personal but at least I can prove that it is a thing and does exist!
      And hehe, thanks 🙂

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  4. OY30 says:

    Omg I loved Raven!!! Her show was awesome!!! I also loved the show of her younger brother, I would spend all the time watching it. And you are right, laundry should be the only thing. Great post 🙂

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  5. Teenella says:

    Lately, I’ve been very passionate about this topic. It’s incredibly unfair and immensely barbaric how some people seem to assume that racism has somehow ceased to exist! The media should spend more time exposing the crimes committed towards darker skinned people, revealing the stuggles they are forced to face on a daily basis and the undeniable fact that diversity is something that everyone in the world should be proud of instead of devoting large amounts of time on irrelevant topics. And I love the last sentence…it’s very true 🙂

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    • Shay says:

      Yeah I totally agree! I think most of it definitely comes down to the media and I still don’t understand why no one is changing what is portrayed through the media.
      Exactly, we can go a day without hearing about a celebrity’s new lip fillings, and instead view more things about racism, etc.
      Thank you! 🙂

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  6. Luna says:

    i find it absolutely enraging and ridiculous that some people think racism doesn’t exist any more. i guess they haven’t experienced it themselves but ignorance can be such a huge problem, people have to be educated and aware that racism is still a huge issue and we should be doing all we can to stop it

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  7. Jerrod says:

    This post is so powerful. Racism still does exist, even the tiniest percentage, and this has to be abolished. Racism doesn’t do anything good to the society and skin color isn’t something to make fun of or a reason for someone to be bullied.

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  8. Ariana says:

    My philosophy is that everybody should be treated the same, no matter what their skin color. There should not be stereotypes. So I always try my hardest NOT to stereotype. It is so hard. There are stereotypes for everybody because of the amount of melanin in their skin, and I don’t think it is fair. But sadly, everyone can’t not stereotype.
    I can’t believe what that girl said about racism. Probably because she was white and she didn’t experience it. Racism kills people regularly.
    This was such a meaningful post, and I love the last line. And it is so, so, true.

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    • Shay says:

      That’s a good philosophy to live by! Stereotyping is hard to avoid but at the same time, most of it comes down to the media as the media is what started things like stereotypes.
      The thing is, the girl couldn’t admit she was wrong, no matter how many people kept arguing against her point.
      Thank you! 🙂

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  9. Elm says:

    Racism exists. It ALWAYS will, in every society. People need to realise that equality must be obtained, by helping the groups that have been oppressed, rather than glossing it over. You’re beautiful. Your skin is, but YOU are, regardless of skin colour. Because it should never have to make you feel awful about yourself. It’s like criticising someone for having brown eyes; it’s ridiculous how there’s SUCH an emphasis on whiteness. No. People come in different colours, different personalities, and everybody is different.
    This was the most beautiful and real post I’ve read all year.

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    • Shay says:

      Yeah, exactly! Well put 🙂 Thank you! It really is strange how people define beauty by colour. And it’s even more strange how people constantly criticize people of colour, even though it’s something that can’t be changed.
      Thank you so much, Elm! Your comment really touched my heart 🙂

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  10. dewdrops0213 says:

    I don’t care if there are just light skinned people or feel offense, but I know that racism exists, and it’s just so annoying. It’s such a problem. We should expose racism to all people, not just black. In those cases, I care if it’s fair or not, regardless of skin color while other people notice that the black person was charged guilty and get angry. light skin people TAN THEMSELVES to get darker, dark people make themselves lighter.They say, black people don’t deserve to die. No, they don’t. No one deserves to die. What I care about is if it’s fair or not, if it’s just or not, if they were actually pulling out the gun, if they were guilty or not. But they don’t deserve to die. Too many people these days notice if people have dark skin or light skin and then decide if it’s fair, while saying that other people are bad, while they are doing it too. Just decide if it’s fair…regardless of color. It’s so annoying. But it will always exist. stereotypes exist because there is little truth but to assume things is so wrong. They don’t make things true. Your post is really true. I might have worded things wrong but i’m in a rush lol

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    • Shay says:

      It is really annoying! Exactly, something shouldn’t be based on fairness just because of skin colour. That’s stupid and unreasonable.
      I suppose there is a little truth to stereotypes but to just assume someone is something based on the colour of their skin is ridiculous.
      Thank you! And don’t worry! 🙂

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