Being a Little Elf Human Gnome!

I’m sure your read the title and you’re probably thinking what the heck is she on??

This post is about the life of a short person. 🙂 The life of little elf human gnomes. 🙂


Every month I go through this phase (not my period) of absolutely hating my height and googling ways to increase it. I’m 5’2 by the way.

Even though I haven’t stopped growing, it really sucks to be short sometimes.

It’s really not fun to get called cute you know. That may seem like a compliment but it’s annoying. It’s not fun to be underestimated or for people to call you midget all the time.


However, since I have passed that ‘phase’ this month XD I decided to make a list of the perks of being short because I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels self conscious about being short.


Perks of being Short!

First off, we’re like ninjas. We can walk through crowds so easily. You won’t even see us coming. We’re like the freaking sandman, just getting place to place hidden.


I hate this but it’s also a perk. People underestimate short people so they’ll ‘do work’ for us. Like getting something from a high place or putting up a tent. I’m lazy so it can be handy.


I can get on the train for free. XD People assume that I’m ten, probably because I have the body of  ten year old boy so I can travel, without losing a penny. 🙂

However, people also don’t believe me when I’m getting tickets for a 12 or above rated movie because they think I’m really young.


I can go on kids’ stuff. Like I can go on the slides at playgrounds, without looking like an idiot. And I can go on a bouncy castle without all the kids staring at me. It’s a good childish life. 😀


I can fit in a suitcase.


And a cat flap.


I’m just kidding! I can’t fit in a cat flap. I said I was short not skinny. XD

But I can wear kids clothes! 😀 And that means saving money 😉


I have leg room. I hate sitting down on planes and buses for a long amount of time so it’s good that I’ll have more leg room to stretch. I can also cross my legs easily. 🙂


Bu yeah. I literally cannot think of anymore perks. 😥shortpeople


There are some really cool short celebrities though! Like Chloe Mortez, Lady Gaga, Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts, Nicki Minaj, Alyssa Milano, Shakira, Kourtney Kardasian, Anna Kendrick, Vanessa Hudgens, Ellen Page, Carrie Underwood…the list goes on…

And to get some YouTube names in there, Emma Blackery, Gabriella Lindlay, Liza Koshy, LDShadowLady, Lisa Schwartz, yammy xox are all pretty short..


SO to all those people, who are short, let’s embrace the shortness! 😀


Also I thought the image above was really funny. XD


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3




13 thoughts on “Being a Little Elf Human Gnome!

  1. Annabeth says:

    I’m only 4’11. I don’t hate being short, I just hate when everyone literally looks down on me and makes fun of, and compares themselves to, my shortness. To be honest, being short isn’t the problem, it’s just the way people treat it. ._.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. parisianpages says:

    I don’t hate being short anymore because I realized that my size is cute as fuck, I’m fun sized haha . And we do save more shopping in kid aisle lol.
    Just like there’s downsides of being short like being mistaking for a child ,there’s also downsides to being tall .
    My case manager was telling he kept hitting things with his head at home and it was the funniest thing because he’s like a giant so that made me feel better about my height.
    PS. I shop at the children aisle too ! and I love it .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shay says:

      Hahaha yeah! We prefer the term fun sized 😉 Yeah, there’s this really tall teacher who always bangs his head when he walked out the door. I guess that could make me feel better about my height but I was never aspiring to be a giant anyway. Just a few inches taller. 🙂
      The children aisle is great! XD

      Liked by 1 person

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