Crazy Bus People | Story Time

I haven’t done a story time in a long time but last Saturday was certainly….an experience.

At about 4 in the afternoon, we left to go to my aunt’s house for her birthday.

I was travelling with my grandma and sister so that meant walking at about 1 metre per hour.


We got two buses, the first was a quick ride and the second… well, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

It was a longer journey so it meant staying on the bus for longer. (Way to state the obvious)

My grandma sat in the priority seats but she kept telling me to sit in the two empty priority seats. The priority seats are for disabled, old and pregnant people so not for kids, like me, but she kept on telling me to seat. There was this old man, sitting in one of the priority seats and he said to my grandma, “She doesn’t want to sit next to me.” He sort of pouted so I thought he was joking so I half smiled, half laughed. Then he said, “She doesn’t like my skin colour.” I was in utter shock. Like what century was he living in?

Realizing he wasn’t joking, I tried to assure him that that was not the reason why I didn’t want to sit down but apparently none of the old people could read that THEY WERE PRIORITY SEATS! Giving up, I sat down next to the man. He kept calling me and my sister babies…I was creeped out…

Sitting next to him wasn’t as awkward as expected. I could feel him staring at me at some points, but I had my hood on so he probably couldn’t see my terrified face.

Every time the bus would start moving again and told us what the next stop was called, he would mumble about the area. He explained the areas in such detail, I feel like he probably rode this same bus on the same route for ten years. We passed this group of boys playing football and this is what the man said, ” All they do is kick ball. If they drown in the swamp, don’t expect me to come and help. Let them drown. They don’t deserve to live. All they do is kick ball. Those people shouldn’t be alive.”


We then passed a road, he used to live on. He said, “I used to live here. Never going back. It’s a bad area. Bad people.” After passing the group of boys, I really wanted to know what his definition of bad was.

This woman came on and I got up for her to sit but she told me that it was okay and I should sit back down. I wasn’t just trying to be selfless. I did not want to sit down next to this man. The old man then started talking to this woman, who was standing next to us. The woman had a great sense of humour. I aspire to be her when I’m old. XD  When she was about to get off, the man said, “Aww, you’re the best lady on the bus. The only one with a smile on.” Then they started talking about how they should’ve gotten married ages ago.

He then turned around, where my sister and grandma were sitting. He asked my sister if she had a boyfriend, in which she replied no. He asked her what her age was and she said ten. He then said, “At your age, you should already have a boyfriend.” Surprisingly, he didn’t say that to me when I told him I didn’t have one. Maybe it was obvious…. 😥 XD

The rest of the ride was quite silent, apart from this couple swearing at the back of the bus. The man then told me to move and get up because he had to get off.


Then this woman came on. She was looking for a seat, so I asked her if she wanted mine. I asked her twice but she blanked me. It was quite obvious she could hear me so I have no idea why she decided to ignore me. My sister moved next to me after the man left so the woman wanted to sit next to my grandma. My grandma had a shopping trolley with her, which was not blocking the seat AT ALL! The woman looked at her and said in the rudest tone ever, “Move it along!” She then sat down and said, “The seats are for people not shopping trollies.” She was really rude and I was so glad I had to get off a few stops later.


Hate bus experiences. -_-

Everyone seems to lose all sense of logic when they enter it. Seriously! Once there were these two little boys licking the pole, that people hold. The amount of germs. 😡 And their mum didn’t even care.

This is what the world has come to…


Comment any crazy bus experiences you’ve had! I’d love to hear them 🙂


Go on an adventure.

-Shay :3


18 thoughts on “Crazy Bus People | Story Time

  1. Elm says:

    BLOODY HELL, she sounds rude, and he just sounds… Ugh. Oh man. We never have anything like this round our area, except for that guy on the train platform who said he was going to stab any West Ham supporters… Yup.

    Liked by 1 person

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