Imagine If…

I thought about this last night and I thought it would make a great post! 🙂


Imagine if…

  • …Time travelling was real, right now. Would life be really messed up?
  • …You were born a day later or earlier. I strongly believe in the butterfly effect so I think things could be different.
  • …You forgot your yesterdays as easily as dreams. So basically, imagine if there was an absence of norepinephrine, which is something that plays a key role in memory, every day! Imagine if our days were blurry and hard to remember, basically.
  • …All the space stuff, that we learn about, isn’t real. Very unlikely but possible. It could all be a lie.
  • …Our generation was actually more prepared for two hours without electricity than a zombie apocalypse.
  • …Benjamin Franklin was never born.
  • …There was no continental drift or the land split differently.
  • …Earth didn’t have a moon. I’m pretty sure we would be dead or wouldn’t even exist.
  • …You could travel to the different planets, on holiday, as easily as travelling to a different country.
  • …WordPress didn’t exist!
  • …People could have natural crazy coloured hair like natural blue or pink or green or purple imaginationhair, etc.
  • …You could just wipe off your spots in the morning, if you have any, like that magical makeup wiping towel thing.
Those are just some things you can think about. 😉
Comment any more you have!
Go on an adventure.
-Shay :3

24 thoughts on “Imagine If…

  1. Jerrod says:

    Sometime I also think that. Time travel is very cool like I’ll go back in time when dinosaurs still exist and it would be scary without WordPress. I would never meet amazing bloggers like you!

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  2. fibit says:

    How would time travel work – if you went back far enough, would you not exist? And would you be able to alter the present day? Does that mean we’re all living in the past and future, but never the present? So many questions that just confuse the crap outta me!!

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  3. happyalexx says:

    I would definitely like to wipe of my spots and have naturally coloured hair. But if we could all remove spots so easily, it wouldn’t become that significant if you had clear skin and then maybe you’d get acne hipsters that didn’t wipe their spots off because they’re not mainstream. And maybe if we kept wiping our spots off our body would evolve so that we would have no spots anyway. I love out of all the questions this is the one that’s really messed me up. Ah, oh well.

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