A Very Blogger Christmas!

Firstly I want to give a VERY big thank you to ateenagediaryonline, who nominated me for this! 😀 She made this tag herself but was inspired a bit by Zoella’s vlog, A Very YouTube Christmas (which you should watch)! Go give her a follow! Right now! I’m waiting….



  • Answer all the questions.
  • Change a question you don’t like
  • Nominate 5 people
  • Let them know you nominated them



  • Who would take the best photos?
    The person, who would take the best photos would be DiaryOfATraveller! He takes the most amazing photos from all his travels! 😀 Or Theo. Photography. He’s AMZING!!!
  • Who would look the most glam?
    She hasn’t started anything on her blog yet but I know her in real life so I have to nominate dancer422 since she knows how to dress for an occasion like this. 🙂
  • Who would keep everybody awake and happy?
    I think Miss Book Thief would be the best at keeping everybody awake and happy. She’s just crazy and easy to talk to and I just feel like she would keep everybody full of joy! 🙂
  • Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?
    I have a feeling this would be me. I actually make the most TERRIBLE Christmas jokes, leaving everyone in an awkward silence or a giggle because it was so bad. XD For instance…what do you get when you eat Christmas decorations? Tinselitis.
  • Who would be the last one dancing?
    I have a feeling Arielle would be the last on dancing. She loves music and concerts and she’s awesomely crazy so why not?! 😉
  • Who would be in charge of Christmas music?
    Obviously Good Music Speaks!
  • Who would make the best snowman?
    I feel like Blackcat345 would make the best snowman…I’m  not sure why but hey, it’s a good thing! 🙂 I just have this feeling that she would make the best snowman…
  • Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?
    I’m going to say TheAmbivert because 1)I wanted to put you down for one of these and 2)I can somehow see you doing that XD









Less than 10 hours until Christmas!!! Eeek!!



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