Christmas Favourites!

I thought to make this blog have more festive posts, I would do my favourite Christmas things like movies, songs, etc!


  1. My favourite movies?
    My favourite Christmas movies are :The Nightmare Before Christmas (It’s kind of me XD ), the Polar Express, Christmas with the Coopers, Rudolph the Red-noised Reindeer, The Flight Before Christmas and Home Alone! Yep, there’s a lot 🙂
  2. My favourite songs?
    Fore sure I have to include Carol of the Bells! And I also love Winter Wonderland, All I want for Christmas Is You and a few more, that I can’t remember right now. XD
  3. My favourite books?
    A Christmas Carol has to be one of my favourites but I also love reading (and watching) Harry Potter so I’ll include that! I used to love reading The Night Before Christmas, Narnia and The Little Fir Tree! And I’ll throw in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! XD
  4. My favourite foods?
    Everything, basically. Christmas is an excuse to stuff myself with food so… XD I especially love Hot Chocolate Cake, even though that’s not really Christmassy! This year, we’re replacing Christmas pudding with Hot Chocolate Cake because I made that suggestion! XD
  5. My favourite candles?
    I love the spicy Christmas candles and I can’t pick one but last year I would’ve said Christmas Cookie! It’s a little too sweet but it smells nice!


the nightmare before christmasI don’t know anymore I could say! XD

Comment any of your favourite Christmas films, songs, books, etc!



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