Three Day Quote Challenge #1 – Day One

I was nominated by TheAmbivert! She writes great poems, that you should check out and perhaps if you like them as much as I do (which, of course you will) you should follow her!! 😀

So I have to post a quote every day until day three, I assume, and I have to nominate three other people every day!



“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

This quote is clearly from Inception.

Have I ever mentioned that it’s my favourite movie? XD

The quote is a lot more than to dream bigger. You literally have to think on the obvious side of it. It literally means dream bigger within your dreams so that you don’t have limits.

And if you noticed, I used it for my little tagline thing! 😉

I nominate Miss Book Theif, FitzBants and ateenagediaryonline to do this challenge!

Can’t wait to see your quotes, if you do do it! 🙂




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