One Lovely Blog Award!



I was nominated for this award by the inventive, creative and relatable ateenagediaryonline! Her blog is basically about her life in general but she talks about YouTube, music, school, etc, and her entertaining sense of writing is really interesting so you should go check her blog out! Also, wish her all the best for her ear infection…



  1. Share 7 facts about you!
  2. Nominate bloggers!



  • My initials are SOS! Like Save Our Souls!
  • My favourite number is 4 because for a whole year, the number four kept popping up everywhere for me! I would wake up at 4 every night for about a month and little things like that. I found out that the number 4 represents angels watching over you so yeah.. 🙂
  • My favourite colour used to be green because my mum’s, cousin’s and a few friends of mine liked that colour so I thought I had to join in. XD
  • A year or two ago, in the summer season, I would go on the roof of the extended part of our house and just sit there listening to music and reading, almost every day.
  • My first album, I ever owned, was the Now That’s What I Call Music 77 album.
  • Two little goals I want to achieve are whistling and cartwheeling.
  • I once saw the Queen, but she was a few metres away and the idiots in my class kept pushing me so I only saw glimpses of her.




Miss Book Thief

Arielle Iridessa

Tosin Mercy


So yeah…



I can’t wait to see the facts of the people I nominated! 😀



9 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. ateenagediaryonline says:

    Thank you so much that is so nice what you said! I enjoyed your facts and I never knew numbers represented something I will have to check what my favourite number means?

    Liked by 1 person

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