I’m A Teenager!

When you hear the word ‘teenager’, what is the first thing that comes to mind, to you? You can even comment the answer before you read the rest of the post.


Most people think ‘rebels, drugs, bad, dangerous, lazy,  violence, crime’. And that’s because of stereotypes. People don’t care enough to really think into it and notice that it’s just a small part of the ‘teenage society’ that are ‘bad’ and ‘criminals’ and because the fact that this is more exciting, interesting and appears in the media a lot more than anything else, nobody bothers to think about the rest of our ‘society’ because it’s not as interesting.


Example of Teenager Stereotypes

At the end of the day, everybody is a part of a group, with a bad side to it.


Even if teenagers are a lot more troubling than any other age group, we have big achievements, too.

We can be funny, exciting and we’re the next generation, so what’s the point in shaming us when you can smile and feel great about what is yet to come!?

You were all teenagers once!


Also, as teenagers, we are at the stage of life, where we have to make decisions and choices.

I’m a very indecisive person. Sometimes I change my mind and I quit doing things that I don’t feel passionate about anymore. And that’s okay because whatever I do now will affect me as a person in the future. If I carry on doing something I don’t feel into anymore, I’ll be bored for the rest of my life. So it’s okay that I’m indecisive. I’m a teenager.

I’ve written over ten original stories, of which only one has ever been completed. I’ve set goals for myself to complete before a time limit, and most of the time, I never reach the goal or finished what I set myself to do. And before, I would be upset by that. I would be upset that I’ve failed things I’ve wanted to achieve but I’ve only lived 15 years of my life. There is loads of time to be able to complete set goals and ambitions.


Because I’m a teenager.


Following what I said right at the beginning, about stereotypes and teenagers being ‘rebels’ and ‘bad’, I can honestly say that at the back of my mind, I think that too. But that’s okay, so long as you know the huge advantages that come with the word. It’s exactly the same as when somebody says ‘adult’, I think instantly ‘suits, briefcases, work, mature, sophisticated, neat, bossy’. But in actual fact, that’s a small part of the ‘adult’ society. There’s so much more that comes to mind, too, after that.


I hope that I gave you more of a perspective to us, teenagers. Because there is so much more to us, than what the media says there is.




5 thoughts on “I’m A Teenager!

  1. ateenagediaryonline says:

    This was great but you know what other sterotype I hate? Music like for example you listen to band or emo music you are instantly a satin worshipper

    Liked by 1 person

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