The “Autumn Spider”!

As you all know or should know, I have arachnophobia…

Its a hard struggle. Spider are everywhere! I see them more than I see people.

I’m joking! I’m not that anti social.


But anyways, I made a post about Autumn and how I love Autumn. And I do! I do really love Autumn. It’s my favourite season. But there’s a downfall.

Every Autumn, these spiders come out.

These kinds of spiders are the types of spiders I’m scared of the most. (that’s probably an exaggeration but they’re still scary) I’m not even scared of tarantulas as much as the “Autumn spiders”. (that isn’t an exaggeration) I don’t actually know what they’re called. That’s why I’m calling it the “Autumn spider”. If you know what they’re called, please tell me in the comments. 🙂autumnspiders

I’ll put a photo of them on the side so you know what they look like. (They look  scarier in real life).


I was just walking home from school one day, turned my head to the side, where there was this huge bush and literally, like 15 cm away from me was this spider. It give me chills down my back.

It’s disgusting. And like all spiders, moves weirdly. Why can’t spiders look friendly and cute.


I know they aren’t harmful and they’re “more scared of me as I am of it”. If spiders are scared of me, why do they move closer to me for???

I don’t care if they’re not harmful. They look harmful.

A man with a knife looks harmful but he might not be. (Bad example.)


I just hate them. I am not looking forward to seeing them around.



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