Characters I’d Name My Child After!

I saw a post like this on The Loony Teen Writer and I was inspired to make a post like that, myself. So this is characters I would probably name my child after! 🙂


Clary from The Mortal Instruments:character 14
I love Clary, as a character, and I love her name. I think Clary is such a pretty name…probably because it sounds like clarity and I love the word clarity. It just sounds really nice.

Clary means bright, famous and I guess it’s a nice meaning so I think I would name my child (if it was a girl) Clary. 🙂


character 6Isaac fron The Fault In Our Stars:

I think Isaac is a nice name. That or I just think Isaac from The Fault In Our Stars is a nice character.

Either way, I think I would call my child Isaac! I don’t know. I just feel like I would.  😀


Laney from She’s All That:character 4

I think Laney is such a pretty name and the character, Laney, is such a cool character. She may seem like a nobody but she’s funny, artistic and smart!

Laney literally means road, pathway, lane…so not a great meaning but who cares? It’s a cool name!


character 12Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh:

Christopher is a nice name but Robin is a nice name too. So either one or both put together would be a good name. Although, I wouldn’t be that mean to name my child after a Winnie The Pooh character.

Winnie is a nice name too… XD


Beatrice from Divergent:character 5

I’m not a huge fan of the name Beatrice but I like the name Tris. Tris (just Tris) isn’t a common name but I think unique names are cool so what the heck.

Tris, the character, has a cool personality so naming my child after her would be nice. 🙂


character 3Charlie from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:
I’m not going to lie…I preferred the movie than the book. I liked Charlie, the character, in the movie more than in the books. I’m not sure why but I would want to call my child Charlie. I like the name Charlie!

It means ceorl, which means man, so…yeah 🙂


Aria from Pretty Little Liars:character 7

I like the name Aria quite a lot and even though the character, Aria, can be a little annoying at times in Pretty Little Liars, she has a strong, likable personality so I guess there would be a possibility I would name my child after her. 

Aria is also a musical word and usually, I find words that could be names, related to music, are really pretty like Lyric or Melody.


character 8Rhiannon from Every Day:

Every Day is such an amazing book that I have to put a character’s name in this post. Rhiannon is a really nice name, too.

It reminds me of jewels and diamonds.

I know the side image to represent Rhiannon is Emily Rudd but there isn’t a movie of this book, although it would make an amazing film. However, Emily Rudd is featured as Rhiannon in the book trailer. 🙂


Sam from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:character 10

Sam is a cool yet simple name and even though the longer version, Samantha, isn’t a name I’m as fond of, it’s still a nice name.

I’d definitely think that Sam would be on the list of character names for a child because firstly, Sam, from TPOBW, is soooo cool and she, with the rest of the characters, seem so adventurous and classy and infinite. 😉


character 1Tate from America Horror Story:

Tate is such a weird, psychotic, dark, mysterious character, that I just couldn’t leave him out! He’s not loveable but you grow attached to him, if you watch the show. And the name Tate just reminds me of little tea parties with fairy cakes…I don’t know why…it’s really weird, I know. That’s why I like it. XD


Skeeter from The Help:character 9

I know that Emma Stone’s character in The Help isn’t actually called Skeeter and that it’s just a nickname but I like the name Skeeter.

It just sounds really unique and it doesn’t sound girly or tomboyish or geeky or gothic. It has a range of personality and I just really really really like it! 😀


character 2Lyle from The Internship:

The name Lyle isn’t the best boy name ever but I somehow like it. It’s not one of the boy names like Bob or Steve or Bill or Sid. It’s different and is nicer compared to other names.

I’m running out of different words to describe names. XD


Ariadne from Inception:character 13

Inception is one of my favourite movies so I couldn’t leave my favourite character out from it. Ariadne is a really really pretty name, in my opinion! How many times am I going to say pretty!? XD

I’m not a big fan of names like Ariana, even though they are pretty names, too, but Ariadne just has a unique spelling and I like it. 🙂

Also, Ariadne is a cool character, with a great personality and mind and she’s creative so why not put it in the post!


Thanks for reading this long post! Comment a character you would name your child after! 🙂



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