Can’t Control The Feels!

One word to explain this post: fangirls.

Fangirls are almost a whole other group in the species of humans. An emotional group, to be more specific.

Fangirls become attached, obsessed and almost have a strong connection to things, usually fandoms.

But there are different types of fangirls. Like there are different types of dogs and cats. So basically, there are different breeds. XD


  • Firstly, you have the emotional, defensive fangirl that will protect their fandoms no matter what. *cough* One Direction *cough* I find that most of the fangirls like this will take anythingtumblr_mo2b552v1p1rj1vhdo1_500 as an insult even if it’s just critical. It can get annoying sometimes as you have to be really careful about what you say, especially on social media. They will hurt you. So they say anyway…I’m not kidding! Some Justin Beiber fans (Beliebers) threatened Selena Gomez, when they were going out for the first time saying: Rose are red, violets are blue, If you hurt Justin Beiber, I’ll kill you. 
  • One that is the common one is the emotional, feelspolsion one! That didn’t make sense but just go with it! 🙂 I’m not going to lie, I used to be like this. So fangirls like this get super tumblr_mmo7s5PRwk1rib295o1_400emotional over a book or movie or TV show or whatever, mostly after it has finished. And then…it makes us want to sit in the corner of a room all day, thinking about what we could do with our lives other than cry over dead characters and stuff. When Daredevil was over, I was literally so upset for about a week. What is my life?
  • The other fangirl is the freakishly obsessed one. So there are some fangirls, who will do whatever they can to catch the attention of a celebrity. And grow to become attached to someone.
    • Then their is the productive fangirls. They’re not that productive…they just do more Feelswith their lives, I guess. So these are the people who create art and fanfiction! Oh dear lord, the fanfiction, though! Some fanfiction is just terrible. Being raped by Harry Styles. Really? They also #ship a lot. I’m putting the shipper in this category because I can’t be bothered to make another point. Sorry! I ship people. I know, I’m guilty. The truth is the truth. I ship #Phan and #Jamily (it’s probably not a real hashtag. Who cares?) Don’t judge! It’s rude. :p

Am I going overboard on the gifs. Probably. And Danisnotonfire is just too funny to not add in a post like this!

So those are fangirls.



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