Strong Female Protagonists!

Who are some strong female protagonists?

IMG_2360Lucy Pevensie from Narnia, or Maggie from The Walking Dead, or Ariadne from Inception!

There are so many that this post could go on forever! But I’m not going to name them all so it’s not going to go on forever. 🙂


One thing most, and maybe all, characters usually have are flaws. Characters shouldn’t be flawless and amazing if you want them to be likeable. If they have flaws, they can be relatable and more liked. They would seem more realistic. Most protagonists are stubborn. So are most people in real life, no offence. (I’m being hypocritical because I’m pretty stubborn, too XD ).

So it’s relatable.

I know that Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Clary Fray and some others are quite stubborn! But one thing that most popular protagonists are is strong. Not often physically strong, but mentally strong. Even if it’s a weak, bony, short boy. They can still be strong on the inside.


Another thing, most and maybe all are usually underestimated. Even in Dead Ends by Erin Lange (If you don’t know the book, you probably know the author), Dane is considered strong, brave, fearless, scary. But he’s still underestimated as no one thinks he can be heroic, gentle, kind. You have to read the book to understand. I guess he’s not a female, though.


However, the thing that slightly bugs me is that most people don’t say ‘Strong Male Protagonists’. You call a male character strong and it does make as much of an impact compared to if you called a female strong. I was reading an article about something like this, and she was quite annoyed with this too.

It can be seen as sexist but also motivational. It promotes women, nowadays, to be strong. I guess it’s just the steps to making it more common, right?


What are your favourite book characters, who are strong…like the ones I mentioned?



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