Stereotypes are people’s assumptions about things or other people, who they actually don’t know much about.
I wanted to make this post because it’s something that I know bugs a lot of people, including me.

So…what are some stereotypes?

That all geeks have glasses and braces and only loners play Minecraft. Or all blonde females are dumb and red heads are sluts and women can’t play sports or punch. Or racial ones like Asians can’t drive and Africans live in mud huts or Russians are violent and Muslims are terrorists and Irish people are alcoholics. Or even that all librarians are old women who wear glasses and have tight buns and long skirts. Or young adults are irresponsible, teenagers are rebellious and people with colourful hair are emos and teenagers wearing “goth” clothes are depressed and drug addicts. And there are even stereotypes that say children don’t like healthy foods, boys are messy and unclean and Christians are homophobic.

The list can go on for ages.

There are too many.

Some people were brought up that way and just assume that everyone is what they are according to people’s accusations.

I remember people calling me ‘nerd’ when I used to go on the computer a lot in Year six to Year seven and someone calling me a ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ when I was on the verge of getting glasses.

Underestimating and overestimating is also quite like stereotypes. People assume you’re something because of the way you look or seem. Like how people think I’m really weak and vulnerable because I’m quite small and short so they decide to do something stupid. They don’t realise it until I actually punch them.

However, stereotypes can sometimes be true but it’s usually just because of that person. If was someone, who was really dumb, and they so happened to be blonde, that doesn’t effect it. If they dyed their hair brown, doesn’t mean they automatically become super intelligent. I would say it’s a coincidence but it’s more of a common coincidence that doesn’t quite have a word. Basically, stereotypes are usually just a bunch of lies. Maybe in a past generation it was true and that’s how it all started but now…It’s just silly.

Thank goodness making comments including something containing references to stereotypes is considered slightly rude and offensive or it would be spreading like wild fire.



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