Misrepresentations in the Media | Coloured Women (pt 1)

In this modern day and age, technology and media are blooming and growing, which in turn, shapes our lives, perspectives and beliefs. It constantly surrounds us, making it inevitable to not encounter in our everyday lives. This is why it’s so important and socially sensitive.

The media is there to make money, yes, but what is shown on it can be, in the long-term, harmful.


Women tend to be portrayed in the media as domestic and passive, the “side-kick” to the man. They are sexualized, and represented as quiet and soft. 


Generally, coloured women in the media are sub-plots and are rarely the love interest or the extremely successful ones. They are there to be the “sassy black girl” for drama and humour or there for other purposes other than being the beautiful, successful, overall well liked characters.

A good example of this is the Disney Channel sitcom The Proud Family. Penny Proud, a light skinned girl, is perceived as this adorable, pretty, likeable character whereas other darker skinned characters, for example Dijonay Jones, are perceived as stupid and unlikeable characters.

An article I found, Pride and Prejudice: Pervasiveness of Colorism and the Animated Series Proud Family,  written by Catherine Steele couldn’t have said it any better:

“Attributes of wealth, beauty, and intelligence are applied to characters with Eurocentric phenotypic characteristics while deviance, stupidity, poverty and unattractiveness typify characters with more Afrocentric facial features.”

The Gross Sisters, bullies who tend to be violent, are blue. Yes, they are blue. Why? In The Proud Family, these characters are made to work on the weekends by the parents, with the hot sun beating down on the them. They supposedly cannot afford lotion and that is why they are blue. The show emphasises they are “ashy blue” because of their dark skin. Collectively, the dark skinned characters in this show are associated with stupidity, aggression and poverty.

This was a kids show. A show in which kids will watch and go away, their minds imprinted with the idea that being dark skinned is ugly.


You don’t need to have fair/light skin, freckles or a thin nose to be pretty or beautiful. You can embrace “ethnic” qualities like dark skin, bigger lips, wider noses, etc, and be beautiful and smart and likeable because white women aren’t the only type of women that can be successful. Race shouldn’t define success.


Since The Proud Family, which ran between 2001-2005, there have been more occurrences of colourism in the media. However, there have also been shows which fight this misrepresentation and broaden the branches of feminism from just white feminism. Examples include the women in Black Panther, Orange is the New Black, Iris West in the Flash (yes, she did start off mainly as a sub-plot), Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder. And we need more of this!

All we really ask is for dark skinned women not to be defined beautiful by European standards and to be portrayed in the media, not as their stereotypes but as developed and dynamic characters!

“…little black girls of any skin tone won’t ever have to question their looks. Society will learn to tell them they are beautiful, and they can respond confidently by saying, ‘I know’.” 

-Iman Hassan




International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women! That being said, that doesn’t imply that the 8th of March is the only designated day for women to be treated and celebrated as equals. Everyday should be a day for equal treatment amongst all types of people but today is the day as a celebration.

The reason I say this is because during the course of today, I’ve realised a few things:

  1. People still don’t completely understand the concept of feminism.
  2. A lot of males get offended by celebrating the achievements and strength of women.
  3. Someone I know and am close to is sexist.


It’s not an unknown fact that with aging comes experiencing and that means that as you grow older, you learn a lot and you adapt and change your opinions and ways of thinking.

As a kid in year seven and eight, I was completely for the idea of equality, having gone through the process of dealing and combatting racism, sexism, ageism, etc. However, even so, I wasn’t fully educated on these subjects, not as much as I am today and so I was a little ignorant. Like a lot of people, the term “feminism” felt like discrimination against men and upraising women, which I felt was unfair and hypocritical. I felt that peace amongst all sexes as well as the harmony amongst women was more important because there are so many issues with that, especially in the media. Although, my little mind didn’t realise what I felt was important was in fact a part of feminism. The word “feminism”, to me wasn’t what feminism actually is; it was bashing males and only focusing on the problems of women. That is entirely untrue.

Feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ Let me repeat: ‘the equality of sexes.’

Having learnt this when I was young, I educated myself further, adapted and now I can say that I am a feminist. And, it’s never too late to educate yourself, too, as ignorance is no longer an excuse in this modern day and age.When called a white feminist, Emma Watson took it upon herself to educate and also adapted her own beliefs and opinions to fit feminism, holistically. Do not be ashamed to get a better understanding of something so important.


There was a particular person, today, who had said something that made me inspired to write this post. I’m not mentioning who or any names for the sake of privacy but their exact words were:

‘There’s never going to be equality..’ -I thought, okay, I guess that’s partly true but cynical.

‘…Women can’t do all jobs.” -Excusez-moi, vous petite chienne!?

Following this comment, I had a discussion with my friend. She stated that women can do all sorts of things but biologically wise, men tend to have more muscle mass. However, there are “weaker” males and “stronger” women, in terms of muscle mass. We also talked about how employers might find women “unreliable” in terms of maternity leave. An employer cannot refuse a pregnant women because of her pregnant state or condition or whatever it is related to her pregnancy, even though this does unfortunately happen. That being said, the supposed “unreliability” of women is discrimination by employers and not a god judgement of how well a women can perform at work. We then went on to talk about how Winnie the Pooh is actually a girl (fun fact!).

Women can do everything a man can do while bleeding.

And that’s not me making it seem like women are better and have a harder life than men. I understand that men have difficulties too and get faced with sexism too and that will be elaborated on in another post.


Feminism is equality and balance and as Emma Watson once said “If you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you.”



The Flash 3×22 | Did Iris Die?

It’s no secret that I love The Flash. But Season 3, Episode 22 was crazy! And I don’t have very long before I need to start revising again so here’s my theory on what happened! If you also watch The Flash, please leave ideas what on you think happened. There are also spoilers!


Ever since around the beginning of the season, or at least a few episodes after finding out Iris was going to die and coming to the conclusion they needed to alter the course of the future, Barry was very sure that Kid Flash, Wally, was going to be the one to save Iris. That might not have meant directly saving her by running towards Savitar as he stabbed her.


HR unintentionally leaked to Savitar, who he thought was Barry, that Iris was currently on Earth 2 with Harry and Joe. Obviously, he felt extremely guilty and bad and after his conversation with Cisco about being useless to the group and never giving back even after all the good things they did for him, he says “’til next time”. Could this imply that HR decided he was going to sacrifice himself to finally feel like he was contributing to Team Flash? Right after he says this, he looks over to Savitar’s blade, which was previously used by Jesse Quick to locate Savitar.


But how could HR have sacrificed himself? Early on in the season. HR uses a device that altered his appearance to make him look like someone else. Earlier on in the 22nd episode, Barry unnecessarily used the same device to appear as Lyla but it became useless to them just minutes after so what was the point of putting it in the episode? Maybe to plant the seed that the device is going to be key?


In the final minutes until Iris’ death, Barry uses Tracy’s bazooka to try and put Savitar in the speed force, which distracts us from what’s going on with Iris, tossed to the side. I thought it was a little unnecessary too for Savitar to be racing from one place to another, even though he knew the Philosopher’s Stone he was holding would prevent him from being trapped in the speed force. Could this have solely been used as a distraction and to hide what was going on? Maybe Wally, Kid Flash, could’ve ended up speeding to Iris and doing a switch between HR, using the device, and the real Iris. Seconds before Iris, or possibly HR, does die, she only says “Barry” whereas in the vibe, earlier on in the season, Barry and Cisco witness her saying “Barry, I love you.” On the rooftop, Joe is also replaced by HR, who was initially there on the rooftop in the vibe.


On top of that, although I’m not completely sure if this is true (although I won’t know if any of the theory is true until the finale), HR proposes that Tracy should join Team Flash. With very very similar personalities, it would be hard to keep both characters on and still have them having things to do on the show without their characters focusing on different things since each character on the show are different and have different goals and morals, etc. Also, there has been three seasons with three different Harrison Wells so it wouldn’t be crazy if another fourth longterm one were to appear. I’m not very sure with that but it’s possible.

I also feel like Gypsy and maybe maybe Julian had some sort of part in it or will as they are both important, useful characters, that weren’t involved in the recent episodes…

And in addition, did everything happen in that season really happen for no reason because it was all for the sake of saving Iris, mostly!


But on the other hand, Iris really did set a sad tone for her death so it’s possible she really did die AND hasn’t had much of a role to drive the show anymore since she is with Barry so there isn’t any drama revolving around their love situation (which was her starting position as Barry’s love interest) and she has no science background, if that makes sense.


I just don’t think and also don’t want to think that Iris could really die. XD





During my time in year nine and ten, Maths lessons were a time to really and truly reflect on how much of a failure I had become. I used to sit at the back of the class with a diligent friend, let’s call Celestia (inside joke), who sat to my right and a careless boy, H, who sat to my left.

It seemed pretty cool to sit in the middle of them, seeing as though I was already friends with them, right?

No, my friend. You and I both thought wrong.


Celestia and H were like oil and water. They fought all the time. I knew I had to be their emulsifier so I tried once. It was a time when H decided to steal Celestia’s ruler so he stretched over and grabbed it but Celestia snatched it by the end. They were pulling back and forth like tug of war, constantly forcing me to lean back against my chair so I wouldn’t be in the way. It got to a point where I couldn’t lean back anymore and this was no longer a game of Who-Can-Get-Celestia’s-Ruler-To-Themselves-First but it was war and potential death.

They were careless and tugging at this blue poor ruler, moving closer and closer to me, as I tried desperately to not get involved. And it was in that moment that I knew I. Had. Done. Goofed. by leaning back. I tried to grip onto the wall not far behind me and stop myself from falling back but the force between the two fighters were too strong and there I was, lying on my back, the chair’s legs horizontal, my legs vertical.

They both stopped and stared, laughing so hard. What made it worse was the fact that we were so cramped in that corner of the room that I couldn’t even find the space to get back up. I was stuck, possibly flashing people.

At that point, my dignity wasn’t a priority, getting up was.

To this day, however, I believe I was the emulsifier to the oil and water that was Celestia and H so call me Martin Luther King. But, like, don’t actually.


Later on, I migrated to the front of the class, sadly, for the sake of my education, along with H, and another girl, who I had pretty good banter with. There was a girl in front of us, who holy moly, was just wow. Wow not as in I’m-a-lesbian-and-I-think-she-was-hot kid of ‘Wow’. She was pretty but she was ‘Wow’ as in she was so desperate and overly flirtatious that I have nothing else to say but ‘Wow’ that doesn’t sound like I’m slut shaming. I remembered she dropped her pen on the floor behind her and as she picked it up, she did this sort of hair flip as she rose her head back up and made eye contact with H and then me. It was the sort of hair flip in L’Oréal adverts, where the girl says something like “My hair defines me” at the beginning and has this smoky eye thing going on to make her look more intriguing. Yeah, that hair flip.

Right behind me was a boy, the Andy Bernard of our class. He always sang and when Celestia’s new class next door couldn’t hear us laughing or screaming, they could hear him singing.


There were a lot of different personalities, that stood out, in that class. However, all these personalities in one room was nothing compared to Ebenezer Scrooge himself. My maths teacher was literally a tall, less slouched version of the old man from Monster House, except he never softened to us. He actually looked like him too. He was very closed book and had coffee breath and GIANT hands. He was strict and often unfair and a little sexist and racist, but it was all in good humour…(not really, actually. We had to make statements about witnessing his racist comments…)

One day, the teacher was teaching us (that’s what teachers do, Captain Obvious) but us students were so distracted by the buzzing of this fly as we traced it with our eyes, flying around the sadness of the room. We were like those cats, constantly looking back and forth.

Our teacher didn’t really care but then gradually, our eyes started to follow the fly closer and closer to the board and just like that, the fly landed on his freaking head! His shiny bald head! I couldn’t tell whether he knew it landed on his head or not (very close to his forehead, by the way, although I don’t know if his forehead would have an end).

We sat, eyes fixed on him and I swear, even though I know it lasted for about a second, the time we were in utter silence staring at this fly, plopped on his head, lasted forever. The tidal wave of laughter erupted and someone goes, “Sir, there’s a fly on your head.” And he doesn’t even care. He just carries on teaching like an automated robot. We’re too occupied gaining abs from laughing and alerting him that this disgusting, actual faeces eating, flying creature landed on his head, and he doesn’t even care. After a while, it gets to a point where he can’t teach any of us anymore so he decides to wave his hands about to scare the fly off, like you would do anyway when you felt it landing. On. Your. Bare. Head!

Not long after, the fly actually came back again to land on his head. His shiny egg head was like a landing pad for the fly.


Although, even with these stories put together, it’s definitely not as funny as the time he aggressively shoved my friend of a chair, to encage a huge rat, near her foot, in a transparent box, while we were in a maths test…


Please share your own funny class memories in the comments. 😀

And may the forth be with you.





Women are disgusting.

Seriously. To even think that some of them have the NERVE to discuss the red fluids that leak out of them every month…oh my god. Two words for them. Get help.

Don’t even get me started on “equal pays”. What does that even mean? If you didn’t know, women have these things called boobs. I mean some barely have any and they should be shamed and laughed at for that, to be honest, but the ones that do are actually 20% slower than men. That’s not even including the lack of muscles females have. Therefore, being slower, women can’t get as much done as men, so inevitably, men should get paid more right? Makes sense.

And then there’s pregnancy. Like okay, we get it, we need to reproduce the future generation but come on, it’s the 21st Century, you can work with a baby growing inside of you. As a developing society, you’d think that women would at least try and act stronger. After all that preaching that they’re just as strong, at least practise what your preach, am I right?

Another issue, linking in with the whole pregnancy fiasco is breastfeeding. We get that you need to feed your children, yada yada yada. But do it in a private place, where we can’t see. People could literally be eating. I’d like to keep my food inside me. #FreeTheNip? #ConcealIt. Come on, don’t be selfish, think about others around you.

Feminism – whoever came up with it had a good sense of humour.




What Colour are Mirrors?

What colour are mirrors? Think.

Now you might say silver because most mirrors are made out materials that we associate to the colour silver like aluminium but obviously, when you put different coloured things in front of a mirror, it will show that colour. Just stating the obvious here.

But that just means that mirrors are reflecting white light, right? White light contains all colours after all.


However, if you put a mirror in front of a mirror, you would be able to see a tunnel of mirrors. The intensity of light starts to decrease and you eventually see a more greener colour at the end of the tunnel.

A lot of people say that mirrors are actually smart kinds of white, which is actually technically true.

A perfect mirror reflects back all the colours – white light, so the mirror is actually also white. Although in reality, real mirrors are not perfect, and their surface atoms give all reflections a very slight green tinge, since the atoms in the glass reflect back green light waves more strongly than any other colour.


Short post, but I thought it was quite interesting. 🙂





I am truly disgusted at the world.

To have thought that the world was gradually becoming more accepting and better was by far from the truth.

It’s incredible how educated someone claims to be, but is incredibly old fashioned, ignorant and thoughtless.

Banning Muslims from getting into the US? Really?

Oh right, I forget, they’re all terrorists. The same way all women are weak and unable to protect themselves. Same way all teenagers deserve discipline and lessons on manners.

Did you know that only 2 Americans are killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants annually. Compare this to 21 Americans getting killed annually by ARMED TODDLERS. Or even 11,737 Americans being shot by another American. Approximately 5 Americans are killed annually due to far right-winged terrorists. An average of 5! This is an average of 26 less deaths in comparison to death by lightning (31 deaths a year) to Americans.

And I am astonished that of all things, Trump must blame all Muslims, who are all humans. Muslims, who are terrified of living on the Earth that we all belong on. Muslims, who are being accused of horrible things and being shamed on.

And to just think that people voted for this man. People were for the idea of building a wall to stop Mexicans from coming in. People were agreeing with a man, who thinks that global warming is a hoax, who thinks that all Muslims cause terrorism.

I mean if this so called educated man wants to stop such conflict, why is he causing so much himself.

Just when we thought that the world was getting back, we have to take a step back to a time when people were torturing Jews.

Trump, a sexist, racist, discriminative, ignorant man. And even though Hilary Clinton did win the popular vote with 43 percent but Trump still maintained 46.7 per cent. That should not have happened.

My support goes out to everyone who are scared right now. Be strong, not everyone is on Trump’s side and there will be people fighting against him, protesting and supporting one another. We need to have hope.